Free download Siren Song Watchtower #5 ì PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download Siren Song Watchtower #5

Free download Siren Song Watchtower #5 ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü ❰Read❯ ➵ Siren Song Watchtower #5 Author Anna Marie May – Legend says sirens will lead you to your death with a smile Myths also claim dragons are nothing but figments of imagination Who could'vErything Rafe has ever known in tatters Still reeling from the loss of his former lover Rafe embarks on a journey of self discovery which will not only shake his beliefs to the core but also change the worl. 3 stars Still enjoying this series but I feel like the last two books should of been a bit longer to flesh things out a bit At some points it felt like I was scrambling to keep up with the pacing of the plot While the romance was nice it definitely took a backseat to the action in this one

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Restore the Watchtowers to their full power would also carry within it the seeds of destruction A chance meeting between Raphael first knight to King James and Darren related to the King of Muria leaves ev. 35 StarsLoved this series The author made an interesting world and very likeable characters Even the secondary characters were adorable Belze Aidan's cat is my fave even though she was rarely in this book There were areas where the pacing was just right but there were also points where there was too much info in so little time There where parts I had to slow down to get my facts right so I wouldn't be lost when there's another info dump ahead The plot was full of action and twists like the other previous books much to my delight since its the best part of this series This instalment left me sad because of the shadow of Vivian's sacrifice Rafe and Darren were very similar in attitude and they were amusing when they are arguing It took Rafe a loooong time to take a step to accepting Darren With all the things going on in their world there wasn't much relationship building and their lovelife took a backseat to the much bigger story of saving the KingdomOverall this was an exciting read Full of action adventure and hidden twists I enjoyed the journey

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Siren Song Watchtower #5Legend says sirens will lead you to your death with a smile Myths Siren Song PDF also claim dragons are nothing but figments of imagination Who could've possibly known that the last missing piece reuired to. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscomThis story is part of a series and must be read in order After his beloved Vivian was encased in ice to save their world Rafe decided to stay close and has been living in the Icelands since Saving a mysterious man from an icy death begins him on the journey of re joining the world outside but what he discovers nearly brings destruction to Dinas Darren is on a journey to the focal point when he slips beneath the ice and is rescued by a man who is his mate but things become strange when the shadows come to life and legends of old return to the worldThis story continues not long after Icelands ended it picks up the story with Rafe and his happy ending Rafe is still suffering from the loss of his beloved Vivian but when he meets Darren he feels conflicted over the feelings that Darren evokes returning to his home island he confronts the past but when Darren turns up with strange stories of shadows they begin to investigate the mystery Darren knows he has to be patient if he wants his mate delving into the mystery that seems to surround Rafe leads to them to discovering Dinas and their world may be in danger can they save their world before it is too late And will Rafe ever be able to accept Darren as his loverI really enjoyed the conclusion to the Watchtower series everything that has been hinted at and uestions left unanswered in the previous books are all answered in Siren Song we see Rafe work his way through his grief for Vivian and discover if he can accept love again Darren is a wonderful addition to the cast although we saw him briefly in Out of the Werewolf Closet we get to know him a whole lot better in this story I liked the new twists and loved how they all linked together the previous stories and Rafe and Darren make an excellent team I really do hope that Anna Marie May will revisit this world again we will just have to keep our fingers crossed I recommend this to those that love fantasy worlds a great storyline surprise twists great characters and a very happily ever after