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Imengerti ia membongkar kejahatan jaringan internasional atas upaya Pemiskinan negara negara dunia ketiga Sebut saja Tibet Kongo Lebanon Venezuela Irak dan lainnya The Secret PDFEPUBDitambah perusahaan besar yang kerjanya memeras keringat pegawainya Mence. John Perkins's globe trotting adventures as a self described Economic Hit Man EHM in The Secret History of the American Empire is a one of a kind history lesson in US international affairs and economics over the last 40 years Perkins sheds light on the discomforting close knit relationship between the US government and corporate America and shakes off any naive preconceived assumptions Americans may have that their government officials are out to spread democracy abroad for purely the noblest of intentionsPerkins's job as an EHM was to secure loans for developing nations in Asia Latin America The Middle East and Africa in order to pay for large infrastructure projects ex hydroelectric dam The loans financed through the IMF or World Bank were intended to supply a developing nation’s citizenry with energy in order to upgrade their lives and improve the country’s economy In Perkins's experiences however the poor never benefited from the project The money went to a few wealthy individuals and to large Western corporations that oversaw the construction and operation of the projects The corporations saw the projects as cash cows funneling profits back to their headuarters located outside the developing nation Also the loans were provided knowing full well that the nation would not be able pay them back think sub prime mortgages during the housing bubble It produced a debtor nation one subservient to the country that provided the loan The foreign government that supplied the cash would then ask for resources at a reduced rate as payment resources such as oil and minerals that a foreign corporation would then extract with little regard to the local people or environment The EHM would sell the loan to government officials by any means necessary including bribery If an EHM failed to convince a national leader of his need for the loan jackals paid assassins were then sent in to remove that person from powerThe stories initially sound far fetched to those of us not privy to the discussions in the halls of congress or in the boardrooms of corporate America but historical examples of US meddling in foreign affairs provides credence to Perkins's stories For example Iran Contra during Reagan's administration; the US sponsored coup to overthrow Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh; US backing of Saddam Hussein on his rise to power and during the Ira Iran border war only later to be removed from power by US armed forces; CIA leading the overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende in a military coup that brought to power Gen Augusto Pinochet; The PR campaign United Fruit launched to convince the Eisenhower administration to depose the democratically elected government led by Col Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in GuatamalaPerkins does an excellent job sharing some of America's ulterior motives for overthrowing governments and deposing foreign leaders ulterior motives that have less to do with communism and unjust rulers then oil and corporate influence In most cases the people of the nation under siege would have been better off if America had stayed outPerkins spends most of The Secret History bringing us low supplying us with philosophical ammunition to wrack our brains with But over the final few chapters he provides inspiration and a path to lasting change He saysAt times like these it is important to be philosophical and to investigate the ethical implications of what we do; however it is essential that we also apply ourselves in down to earth ways ones that will result in concrete and lasting changeThe first thing that comes to mind to secure change is to vote for intelligent forward thinking politicians Politicians that support responsible corporate practices smart environmental policies and are voices for human rights domestic and abroad can be valuable agents of change in the government But perhaps the most important thing we can do is spend our money wisely because how and where we spend our dollars is a vote we can cast every single day for lasting change It provides the biggest punch for the least amount of effort It is important to buy local think sustainable and support fair trade products It's a simple effort that will force corporate America to take notice and change their policies of human and resource exploitationPerkins finishes up his book with a To Do list for those of us that need things spelled out before we'll jump on boardTo DoWhen tempted to engage in “retail therapy” instead jog meditate read or find some other solutionShop consciously if there is something you must have; purchase items whose packaging ingredients and methods of production are sustainable and support lifeMake everything you own last as long as possiblePurchase at consignment and thrift stores where everything is recycledProtest against “free” trade agreements and sweatshopsWrite letters telling Monsanto De Beers ExxonMobil Adidas Ford GE Coca Cola Wal Mart and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers why you refuse to purchase from themWrite letters praising Home Depot Kinko’s Citicorp Starbucks Whole Foods and other companies that cooperate with RAN Amnesty International and other NGOsNonGovernmental OrganizationsCut back on oil and gas consumptionDownsize your car home wardrobe everything in your lifeSend money to nonprofits radio stations and other organizations that promote just causesVolunteer your time and energy to such organizationsSupport local merchantsEncourage stores to buy from local growers producers and suppliersShop at your local farmer’s marketDrink tap water get the water company to do a better job if necessary but avoid buying bottled waterVote for enlightened school boards commissions ordinances and politiciansRun for officeInsist that those who use your money – banks pensions mutual funds companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investmentsSpeak out whenever forums present themselvesVolunteer to talk at your local school about your favorite subject beekeeping weaving tennis anything and use it to challenge students to wake them upDiscuss externalities the costs of pollution poor working conditions public subsidies corporate exemptions and other environmental social and political factors that should be included in the prices we pay for goods and services but are not discussed in Chapter 54; let people know that when we do not pay for these very real expenses we rob future generations Encourage “taxes” on externalities – higher prices for gas clothes electricity etc as long as the difference pays to right social and environmental wrongsOffer study groups at local libraries bookstores churches and clubsExpand this list and share it with everyone you knowThere It's that easy Small things that when done collectively can make a big impact on the local economy the global economy change corporate America improve the lives of the impoverished and stop laying waste to the environmentHey I'm trying to uphold my end of the deal So whose got next

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The Secret History of the American EmpireNgangkan Indonesia sendiri dijarah kekayaannya dihisap habis potensinya dilemahkan posisi tawarnya di hadapan lembaga internasional menjadi tak berharga rakyatnya dimiskinkan dan hanya menguntungkan segelintir orang yang menjadi perantara jaringan hitam i. John has a writer spirit it's very clear at his descriptionlisting of plots contradictory feelings and facts His plots forPanama's occupation Ecuador Iran Saudia laundry affair are all nice plots of the book Moreover you get some eagle eye insight about the international organizations that are used to cover up the corporatocracy the sweet marriage of politicsmediamoney about MR Cheney Halliburton and Bush United Fruits relations etc I would strongly recommend the book for others

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FREE DOWNLOAD ¸ The Secret History of the American Empire Ë [Reading] ➸ The Secret History of the American Empire Author John Perkins – Peredaran buku ini dibatasi dan penulisnya diancam dibunuhBelum ada sebelumnya seorang mantan bandit yang bicara blak blakan tentang sebuah kejahatan global sepPeredaran buku ini dibatasi dan penulisnya History of eBook #10003 diancam dibunuhBelum ada sebelumnya seorang mantan bandit yang bicara blak blakan tentang sebuah kejahatan global seperti John Perkins Melalui alur tulisan yang tak membosankan dan mudah d. Even if John Perkins addressed this book to Americans I found it worth every minute of my timeUsing first person narration Perkins recounts his experiences as an American economic hit man EHM By definition EHMs are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars They funnel money from the World Bank USAID and other foreign aid organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources Their tools included fraudulent financial reports rigged elections payoffs extortion sex and murder They play a game as old as empire but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization Perkin’s theory is that huge corporations form the bases of what he calls a corporatocracy which is a system of government that serves the interest of and may be run by huge corporations and involves ties between government and business Where corporations conglomerates andor government entities with private components control the direction and governance of a country including carrying out economic planning notwithstanding the 'free market' labelThe bulk of the book talks about the different countries Perkin went as an economic hit man It started in Indonesia Nepal Bhutan Ira Kuwait etc in Asia then to countries in Latin American and ended in Africa Some of these like the assassination of political leaders and controversies are not new to my ears However you would feel that Perkins is not taking you for a ride because of the details that he incorporated in these confessionsWhat I really liked about the book is that despite his supposedly controversial exposes as a whistleblower gloom and doom are not the main focus of the book Towards the end he recalls one of his speaking engagements where a lady asks him what she could do as an individual to change this corporatoracy Perkins explained that all of us can do our share by not making these huge corporations to be socially aware and responsible especially on the flights of the people in the developing third world countries As I said above Perkins written this book with the American people as target readers He explained that America is an empire because 1 the country is only 5% of the total world population yet it consumes 20% of earth’s natural resources; 2 it has the most powerful military in the world; 3 its culture and language are not only influencing other countries’ but to some extent are adapted by some; 4 its money the US Dollar has been the base currency of all the other world currencies since the end of World War II and 5 as an empire it is governed by an emperor but this emperor is not a single individual but a corporatocracy composed of the government huge corporations and media This book calls for the American people to be proactive and socially aware of what is happening in the world and not be contented with their comfortable lives As Perkin stressed in one of his talks “our children future will not be bright if the children of other less fortunate countries will not be bright too”