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PDF Ú A Pledge of Silence Á Flora J. Solomon D tunnel hospital on the heavily fortified island of CorregidorUltimately captured she is interned at Santo Tomas a Japanese prison camp in Manila For three years she doubts her survival in the harsh environment where she faces escalating danger starvation and loss When American planes appear in the sky she excitedly waves and calls “We’re here We’re here” The liberation forces however bring with them a threat dangerous than the Japanese guards ensuring she will never truly be free of this evil place and all that has happened A fictional account of real events I went into this with high hopes for an engrossing read but came away sadly disappointed The author needs to spend time showing and less time telling the story The dialog was underwhelming and at time amateurish Very few books are written on nurses in the WW2 theater I wish this had been something worth reviewing Skimmed the last 40% due to boredom15 stars

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PDF ´ BOOK A Pledge of Silence õ FLORA J. SOLOMON õ ❰Download❯ ➾ A Pledge of Silence Author Flora J. Solomon – Dcmdirect.co.uk A World War II novel based on the plight of American military nurses serving in the Philippines Follow a young woman whose life changes forever when she is captured a A World War II novel based on the plight of American military nurses serving in the Philippines Follow a young woman whose life changes forever when she is captured and held prisoner of war by enemy forcesJanuary of 1941 Margie Bauer is called to active duty in the Army Nurse Corps of the United States Army Reserves She delights in her assignment to Manila the Pearl of the Orient She falls in love with the beauty of the island and a carefree social whirl of bridge games pool parties and dancing under twinkle light stars with handsome This is an amazing book one of those Why didn't I learn this in history class type of booksThe story follows Margie a nurse stationed in the Philippines during WWII From enchanting Manila to the jungle hospitals to the Malinta Tunnel to the POW camp to Margie trying to get back to a normal life after the war the plot kept me captivated The characters are well rounded and multi dimensionalIt is always a pleasure to find a book that is well edited uick paced and an interesting story A Pledge of Silence is one of those rare findsThis book is a wonderful tribute to the nurses who served in the Philippines in WWII Their story should not be forgotten

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A Pledge of Silence Young doctors Though rumors of war circulate she feels safe the island is fortified the airbases are ample and the Filipino troops are training intensively December 8 1941 her dream world shatters Japanese bombers roar into the Philippines turning everything in their paths to smoldering piles of rubble Racing to stay ahead of the enemy the US Army evacuates all personnel to the jungles of Bataan where Margie tends to wounded sick and dying soldiers in open air field hospitals With the Nips at her heels she withdraws to an undergroun The author clearly did her research on nurses being in the Philippines before and during WWIII wish research would have been dedicated to the rest of the book If it had I could have easily given it 4 or possibly 5 starsThings that are mentioned before their inventions or events before their time are prochronisms This ruined the book for me It's the little things that drive you nuts Only a few of the prochronisms Mid 1940s in a string of Christmas lights one loose or missing bulb did not make the entire string not work They were not wired like that And the whole pregnancy thing? Hiding it for six months and no one suspected? How could a registered nurse not know something wasn't right? The whole thing was pretty unbelievable and bizarre The pièce de ré·sis·tance was the food pantry in the early 1950s and writing grants for it? I did a minimal amount of research and the concept and FIRST food pantry came into existence in 1967 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Margie's daughter did her post graduate schooling I'm guessing in the 1960s and they studied PTSD? PTSD did not enter officially into the DSM IV until 1980 when it was given the name of PTSDThe whole time period from the mid '40s to the early '50s just had too much of a modern spin on it The dialog and interaction of people just didn't ring true to that time periodIf the author would have just stuck with WWII what she had done her research on it would have been betterRead something better