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The Blue Coyote Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries #2 Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren Sabet and Joe camping with them But at Bluffs State Park Frannie finds herself worrying than usual about their safety and when another young girl disappear First things first I need to mention I received this book from Goodreads giveawaysFrannie and Larry Shoemaker a retired couple went camping with their grandchildren and their friends The trip started with them takings a wrong turn which took them to a dirt road dead ending in a junkyard where they had to turn around in an RV no less From that point on their rest was interrupted by all sorts of annoyances which finally culminated in a crime with Larry being blamed for it and I would be the first one to admit that Larry was somewhat a jerk and this led to the problem As usual it is up to Frannie to clear up the mystery This is a good book with interesting mystery The knowledge of the first one is not necessary; the book also does not spoil the mystery of the first one My minor complaint was the end of the book where our Scooby Doo gang rushes into bag guys' lair without any regards for their own and a victim's safety Larry is a former cop he should know better The book also made me sad with the state of our society today it is impossible for a guy to have any interaction with kids without being accused of pedophilia as Larry experienced in the book first hand The final rating is 4 stars This book made me want to read the first one in the series I own it

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S from the campground in broad daylight her fears increase The fun of a bike ride a flea market marshmallow guns and a storyteller is uickly overshadowed Accusations against Larry and her add to the cloud over their Frannie and Larry Shoemaker were heading to their camping site at Bluffs State Park with their two grandchildren Sarabeth and Joe when they became lost A carelessly placed detour sign had them heading down a pot hole ridden dirt road which ended at a junk yard for old and abandoned vehicles The turning in the gateway proved difficult but eventually they found themselves back on the correct road and shortly arriving at their destinationSarabeth was called Sabet and had been since younger brother Joe could only pronounce her name as Sabet – the shortened version had stuck They were being picked up by their father on Sunday morning but in the meantime they had fun to attend to There was entertainment in the evening – a storyteller for the children with his magic and mysteries; there was the campsite to investigate; trails to ride on – the excitement was endlessLarry was finding himself irritated by a young girl riding her bike up and back on the path in front of their camper; she had training wheels which sueaked terribly and he was getting and irate The rest of their group knew what he was like and tried to calm him down but eventually he stood on the track and spoke to the young girl When she disappeared a few hours later problems suddenly mounted – Larry was accused and Frannie tried her best to defend him When the police began their investigation Frannie realized she needed to clear her husband as well as find the young girl – hopefully before it was too late She was frantic about her grandchildren and wouldn't let them out of her sight But who could be responsible? There were strange events occurring with danger escalating for the friends then another person disappeared? What was happening?I enjoyed this mystery the second in the Frannie Shoemaker series The characters were very likeable and down to earth plus the plot flowed well and the conclusion was satisfying I have no hesitation in recommending this to all cosy mystery lovers

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mobi º doc The Blue Coyote Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries #2 ñ ➺ [Download] ➶ The Blue Coyote (Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries #2) By Karen Musser Nortman ➻ – Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren Sabet and Joe camping with them Heads Frannie begins to puzzle out the mystery Are the itinerant road workers as much of a threat as Frannie thinks? What about the lone woman camper who also disappears? Or is the girl's deadbeat dad behind it all The hills rolled out in front of them alternating dead brown stubble in the harvested fields and emerging vibrant color in the tree rows muted by a fine dust in the airFrannie and Larry Shoemaker are headed out in their thirty foot travel trailer with grandkids Sabet SaraBeth and Joe They meet up at Bluffs State Park with Larry's sister Jane Ann and her husband Mickey Good friends Nancy and Ben are also along for the adventure Soon after set up a young girl rides in continuous circles near the campsites on a bicycle with training wheels This annoying sound puts Larry on edge and he attempts to speak with the little girl about removing them She of course goes into Stranger Danger mode and reports him Larry becomes a prime suspect when the little girl goes missing the next dayI enjoy catching up with Frannie and company on their excursions I somehow skipped over this book and I'm glad I came back to it The story is well told and introduces new characters with ease I'm always fascinated by the sense of community in the camping worldThe plot with the storyteller is very good I feel that I am actually watching the shows with the children and adults Frannie's daily activities make me feel like I am with her on her bike rides or visits to the nearby small townHaving the grandchildren along brings up a lot of good points about watching after children in a world that has become far too dangerous I would want grandparents like Frannie and Larry that know how to have fun even with rules and restrictionsI had a pretty good idea who the kidnappers were fairly early on but it in no way distracted from the story These books flow well and give great tips about camping I look forward to following Frannie through adventures35 stars