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Dark TonguesHe first recorded jargons date to the time of the Renaissance when writers across Europe noted that obscure languages had suddenly come into use A varied cast of characters lawyers grammarians and theologians denounced these new forms of speech arguing that they were tools of crime plotted in tongues that honest people could not understand Before the emergence of these modern jargons however the artificial twisting of languages served a different purpose In epochs and regions as diverse as archaic Greece and Rome and medieval Provence and Scandinavia singers and scribes also invented opaue varieties of speech T Although the individual cases of secret languages that Heller Roazen studies are interesting there isn't a thesis here that joins them The secret languages he discusses include such things as jargon particular to criminal activities that allow these activities to be discusses openly without their contents being understood by uninitiated outsiders But apart from the statement that secret languages exist there apparently are not overarching principles that unite them Fine In addition to that but which is nowhere explicitly stated either in the introduction or in the table of contents Heller Roazen sets out to discuss two types of secret languages real secret languages and languages that to some researchers Saussure Jakobson Tzara contain secrets but really don't Unfortunately Heller Roazen doesn't first explicate specific modes by which coded languages are created provide examples demonstrating his point followed by examples demonstrating the point at which that methodology no longer applies I like theories but I also like finding out where they break down what the limits are of what they can explain Here however Heller Roazen leaves us only with studies of various coded and purportedly coded speech patterns

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Dark Tongues constitutes a sustained exploration of a perplexing fact that has never received the attention it deserves Wherever human beings share a language they also strive to make from it something new a cryptic idiom built from the grammar that they know which will allow them to communicate in secrecy Such hidden languages come in many shapes They may be playful or serious children's games or adults' work They may be as impenetrable as foreign tongues or slightly different from the idioms from which they spring or barely perceptible their existence being the subject of uncertain even unlikely suppositionsT Fascinating in parts it felt disjointed overall I wondered if it was building to some grand synthesis at he end but then it just ended Still a wonderfully interesting read if the content grabs you as it did me

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READER é DOC Dark Tongues FREE ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Dark Tongues Author Daniel Heller-Roazen – Dark Tongues constitutes a sustained exploration of a perplexing fact that has never received the attention it deserves Wherever human beings share a language they also strive to make from it somethin Dark Tongues conHey did so not to defraud but to reveal and record a divine thing the language of the gods which poets and priests alone were said to master Dark Tongues moves among these various artificial and hermetic tongues From criminal jargons to sacred idioms from Saussure's work on anagrams to Jakobson's theory of subliminal patterns in poetry from the arcane arts of the Druids and Biblical copyists to the secret procedure that Tristan Tzara founder of Dada believed he had uncovered in Villon's songs and ballads Dark Tongues explores the common crafts of rogues and riddlers which play sound and sense against each other There were a couple chapters I really truly enjoyed French thieves' language Old Norse poetry and the chapter on riddles Those were all very interesting I'd have to say though that the rest fell flat This is in part my fault for not realizing the book is really about poetry and not about actual secret languages This is in part the author's fault for writing in the purplest prose you ever did see and obscuring his message a lot