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Sing the Midnight Stars (Rift, #1) Read µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï ❆ Sing the Midnight Stars (Rift, #1) kindle Epub ❤ Author C.M.J. Wallace – A cold blooded killer lusts for others’ magic A drug addicted detective vows to thwart him Dragged into a dangerous homicide investigationS own unimaginable sorcery growing powerful and treacherous with each successive murderWhile Andrin struggles to expose the murderer and his search for the killer turns into a fight for his life lies and duplicity threaten to rip his only friend from him and she’s keeping a secret that could be the key to solving the murders Andrin is forced to choose between his friend and his duty and ultimately between his king and a betrayal that will save his country from a ruthless conueror’s invasi. Sing the Midnight Stars by CMJ Wallace is an amazingly well crafted fantasy It grabs the reader by the throat with murder by unknown magic committed by the victim's trusted friend And that's just the first two pagesAndrin Sethuel the head of the kingdom's investigative service uses both magical and non magical tools to help him solve crimes After his horrendous childhood which resulted in the loss of his parents and a dark drug addiction Andrin must investigate and solve the murdersThe book is very well written If I didn't know it was fantasy I would think the Torvian kingdom was real and CMJ Wallace its celebrated historian Ms Wallace has done an excellent job in bringing the kingdom and its colorful characters to lifeI highly recommend the book I can't wait to read the next one Flight of the Shadows

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A cold blooded killer lusts for others’ magic A drug addicted detective vows to thwart him Dragged into a dangerous homicide investigation Andrin Sethuel alone stands between the killer’s murderous Sing the Epubdesires and his future victims’ salvation a kingdom’s freedom and its enslavementAndrin has survived a childhood that should have destroyed him Slavers brutally murdered his parents in front of him ripped him away from everything he knew and addicted him to drugs The aftermath. One of the best Fantasy books I've ever read CMJ Wallace has created an intriguing mysterious magical world of incredible depth with a complicated deeply entwined plot Sing The Midnight Stars is Book 1 of her incredible Rift series She weaves her story with beautiful writing giving birth to believable yet mysterious magic filled characters who live in this magnificent world of magic suspense murder deceit and betrayal Andrin Sethuel is head of the Torvian Kingdom Criminal Investigation unit He is racing against time to discover the identity of a killer who is stealing the magic from his victims augmenting his own magic to unprecedented levels Adding to the mayhem is a mad crazy King and an impending invasion and takeover of Carvel by an evil Emperor of another land With a vivid imagination CMJ Wallace has created a world where an extensive cast of magical characters live and die by both magic and sword I wasn't sure I would like this book I'm happy to say I loved it although there are several loose ends left to be tied up in the following books of the series

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Sing the Midnight Stars Rift #1Leaves him warring against hostility prejudice and suspicion on every front And it leaves him entrenched in self loathing Yet despite the odds he becomes head of the Torvian kingdom’s criminal investigative forcesAndrin speculates that the killer scythes magic from his victims to reap power and augment his burgeoning might but such a capability is unthinkable And wielding spells without a catalyst should be impossible Yet irrefutably the killer is wrenching his victims’ craft away with hi. Sing the Midnight Stars Rift by CMJ Wallace is the start of an epic fantasy featuring Andrin Sethuel a police chief for the royal city his capable second in command Cloelle Banderal plus townspeople royals assorted toadies and an on its way invading armyOne of the best parts of the story were the lyrical fantasy names Workers' titles feudal nobility even the city librarian had lovely honorifics that rolled off the tongue A well planned political and social hierarchy made for a rich and immersive world The tight prose of the bardelains police officers was great I heard their brisk footfalls and the no nonsense rhythm of their speechMixed in was the very personal anguish of Andrin's forced drug addiction by slavers when he was a child Some passages made me feel his sweat desperation and defiance of this unconuerable personal demon Well doneThere were many other delicious elements in the story a mad king roots of a rebellion and a much stronger magical foe The story also had a deadly matchmaker ueen a femme fatale and a hero who was clueless about the yearnings of his heartAt times some parts pulled me out of the story The viewpoint in some scenes switched between characters without warning sometimes jumping to the narrator instead of staying inside the character who had established the scene A few redundant descriptors on dialogue tags would allude to a speaker's emotion which was obvious from the words in the preceding speechIn summary Sing the Midnight Stars Rift is an inventive fantasy world filled with characters to care about I look forward to reading the next book in the series