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review Oxygen author Donald E. Canfield Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç [Reading] ➸ Oxygen By Donald E. Canfield – The air we breathe is twenty one percent oxygen an amount higher than on any other known world While we may take our air for granted Earth was not always an oxygenated planet How did Ontent of the Earth increased dramatically and Canfield examines how oxygenation created a favorable environment for the evolution of large animals He guides readers through the various lines of scientific evidence considers some of the wrong turns and dead ends along the way and highlights the scientists and researchers who have made key discoveries in the fieldShowing how Earth's atmosphere developed over time Oxygen takes readers on a remarkable journey through the history of the oxygenation of our planet. Although this is a popular science book written for a general audience there are a few technical spots Canfield does a superb job describing the great oxygen event and the subseuent reducing atmosphere that caused the great rusting or oxidizing event Banded iron formations are evidence of this The rise in oxygen brought an increase in biodiversity Canfield does an excellent job of detailing the history of oxygen on Earth

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An accessible and colorful first person narrative he draws from a variety of fields including geology paleontology geochemistry biochemistry animal physiology and microbiology to explain why our oxygenated Earth became the ideal place for lifeDescribing which processes both biological and geological act to control oxygen levels in the atmosphere Canfield traces the records of oxygen concentrations through time Readers learn about the great oxidation event the tipping point billion years ago when the oxygen c. In Oxygen A Four Billion Year History ecology professor Donald E Canfield recounts the history of Earth's atmosphere focusing on one of the most important elements of life oxygen The author describes scientific theories around the oxygenation of our planet and their evolution precisely and in a very detailed manner This book is a bit technical than your typical popular science book which I enjoy but it might not be everyone's cup of tea Nevertheless it is a very informative book about a fascinating subject

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Oxygen author Donald E. CanfieThe air we breathe is twenty one percent oxygen an amount higher than on any other known world While we may take our air for granted Earth was not always an oxygenated planet How did it become this way Oxygen is the most current account of the history of atmospheric oxygen on Earth Donald Canfield one of the world's leading authorities on geochemistry earth history and the early oceans covers this vast history emphasizing its relationship to the evolution of life and the evolving chemistry of the Earth With. I often complain about popular science books written by journalists and how they often elide over many of the technical details which is where the mystery and the beauty lie This book is kind of the opposite a working scientist who writes moderately well but gets a little too lost in the details Which in the end it makes me wonder who the intended audience is The subject how did the Earth's atmosphere get to have so much free oxygen is massive and inspiring and there seem to be few people that are ualified to write this book than Canfield It is uite interesting but I found myself far too often bogged down in the details losing sight of the big picture he was trying to convey As such it was of a slog than a delight I cannot help but compare with the bio chemistry books written by Nick Lane and wonder what makes the difference; one was delightful and I have eagerly sought out subseuent work the other is interesting but something I probably won't pursue any further