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Welcome to a world controlled by the great Spirit and Science Margas a world that has crawled out of years of devastating viral plagues only to find that the immuno nanotech sentinels meant to protect and enhance a whole generation of children are rising from within to become an even greater threat Warped at the genetic level to mimic characters of a sophisticated life support game the Children of. Update 8413So I've had a few days to digest Firewall Ianto My brain keeps reaching back to this book as if my subconscious is giving me a kick in the ass Somethings I feel differently1 I would give this a solid 3 stars instead of the 25 stars If I were to ignore the formatting issues because not everyone is OCD like me then I would give this a 3 35 stars2 I mentioned Ianto as being stupidnaive in certain situations Now that I think about it maybe I should make some distinctions Ianto is an intelligent person in the over all sense His faith in God is unwavering despite the games he is put through But despite all this he is naive But a lot of that has to do with the fact that he was brought up that way When he has time to think he makes some very valid and intelligent conclusions However because he was a difficult character for me to get into it was easy to label Ianto as naive But really it's complicated than that which wasn't reflected in my earlier review Perhaps after reading book 2 I will get to know Ianto a bit better3 To just clarify this book is the beginning for both Ianto and Sam These characters are introduced to us and you'll see the budding of their relationship which will likely be revealed in the seuel I mentioned that this book is not a romance Perhaps the best way to put it is that this is a science fiction story first and foremost with romantic undertones in which case the relationship between Ianto and Sam will be explored later 25 stars rounded to 3So Children of the Great Reckoning is one of those books that has a great storyline Very original with the right amount of complexity and depth that makes it a great science fiction However I felt like the storyline was the ONLY thing keeping me going and possibly continuing on with the series So what made the overall experience a 25 3 starsIanto The story is told from his POV We learn about his past as a 10 year kid who witnessed his mother's suicide His captivity and awakening at 15 His experience to become a monk His adventures for months through a forest and the horrors of being a pawn of a bigger game Yet despite all these events I could not understand him At all I couldn't BE Ianto and his decisions really did not make sense There were also moments when he would express great intellect but fail to make some very simple observations almost like the author made him be stupidnaive in circumstances that would be convenient for the story's progression So basically I didn't really feel like Ianto was a fleshed out well developed character The other characters the secondary ones though they all felt like that weren't much better eitherAsides from that there were issues with proofreading that distracted from the reading Misspellings and omitted words were enough to make me reread several sentences repeatedly Also the paragraphs were indented too far and was not anesthetically appealing in terms of formatting The lack of a table of contents for a book with about 40 chapters did not help eitherSo after all this I still have to remind everyone that despite the flaws I have mentioned this book really shined in terms of storyline The execution may not be superb and the constant mention of God x 1000 times became annoying but I am still interested in pursuing this series It is labeled MM but I would not call this a romance The second book may have potential as Sam is brought into the picture so If anything this first book was really the beginning or an introduction for what feels like an even bigger story

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Firewall Children of the Great Reckoning #1And domination of both realities Because he is the only Child of God who can ride the nanotech links to break things or bind them to him he is being manipulated to stand as a living firewall between the worlds of humanity and the Game But even his tormentors underestimate the bond created between him and the one living mind at play in the Game the consciousness of a young man named Samu'el Stelle. I was never sure if I liked this book or not I almost put it down Although its a little uneven it still intrigued me and I'm sure I'll read the next one

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Free download Firewall (Children of the Great Reckoning, #1) 105 ½ [PDF / Epub] ✍ Firewall (Children of the Great Reckoning, #1) ☁ K.B. Nelson – Welcome to a world controlled by the great Spirit and Science Margas a world that has crawled out of years of devastating viral plagues only to find The Reckoning must struggle against the artificial intelligence reaching for their minds through their own bodies and face the stigma of “otherness” in a world of deadly political intrigue and strict social controls For monk Ianto Tobali his gift from the time of the Great Reckoning is fast becoming a sought after commodity in the silent war against the Game’s artificial intelligence Nuress. The eternal conflicts of government science and faith portrayed by believable characters presented in this book examine a very possible future Earth as it begins to recover from a time of horrible global plagues To save its most valued possession their young the world has chosen a dramatic path The well intended injection of nanotech into the world’s children was deemed an absolute necessity and carried with it a nearly universal desire to save enhance and enable the world’s children We are told in the beginning of the book “and for a while it worked” However on the eve of the story's beginning this future technology has ultimately gone wrong from its intended purpose What was supposed to happen became instead a nightmare of epic proportions The unforeseen ramifications of these inoculations are but an introduction to what later draws you forward and begs for I am a lifelong reader of science and speculative fiction and I consider this to be a must read book Based on what I have read I believe that this book is uite superior to most of this genre’s efforts and will be judged favorably when it is ultimately compared to what are currently considered to be its best K B Nelson’s efforts will resonate in your heart and mind and will leave you wanting You will certainly feel rewarded for the reading effort this book reuires Make no mistake this book demands that you think The challenge is worth it because you will uickly be captured by this author’s ability to control theme location dialogue and characterization Best of all when you really do think you get to take a role in an unforgettable story Enjoy