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The Birr Elixir kindle ´ Paperback Ç [BOOKS] ✯ The Birr Elixir Author Jo Sparkes – ISBNs moved to this editionWhen a young apprentice makes a mysterious elixir from a recipe in an old book she's suddenly the talisman for a daring Gamesman and the weapon in the conspiracy against a p ISBNs moved to this editionWhen Ingredient And after drinking it the Hand of Victory defeated a Skullan team something no one had done before Now Drail walked the path his grandsire had walked and Marra was offered a place as Brista his potions mistress Full of self doubt she took the chance to escape her slave like existenceWhen she found a way to wake the mysterious sleeper Marra The Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes 196 pages Oscar Press May 31st 2013 Genre Young AdultFantasyAdventureSword and Sorcery Warning May Contain Spoilers The Birr Elixir is a Young Adult Fantasy novella that has wider appeal Jo Sparkes masterfully draws together elements of action adventure sports fantasy and sorcery in a likeable exotic world The Birr Elixir is the first installment in “The Legend of the Gamesmen” series It is the winner of the Silver Ippy award and the BRAG Medallion Marra’s mentor recently passed away leaving her a book containing potion recipes When the sportsman Drail spies the recipe for the Birr Elixir in the book he must have it Marra makes a batch for Drail and his team They win the Comet game against the Skullan team a feat which has never been accomplished The team takes Marra with them and they head to the main tournament at the port city Marra awakens a stranger Tryst from an enchanted slumber He too is anxious to get to the port city As a master of the sport Comet Tryst mentors the team It will take than magical elixirs to win the tournament they’ll need skill too However evil men offer Marra a rare herb she needs to make the Birr Elixir In exchange she must give another sleeping potion to Tryst and allow the men to recapture him If she fails they promise to harm her What will Marra choose? Jo Sparkes weaves timeless themes into this magical tale such as good versus evil the importance of loyalty and refusing temptation for the greater good My favorite character was Marra She is uiet keeping her thoughts and opinions to herself Marra has lived a rough life yet secretly dreams of being so much Marra feels affection for Drail; she regards him as the man who redeemed her from a life of near slavery under a cruel shopkeeper She is a genuinely good person at heart I enjoyed reading The Birr Elixir I was whisked away to a land that was at once both imaginative and believable The characters were interesting and uniue The plot is well designed and unfolds uickly while creating an atmosphere of suspense The fictional sport Comet is dynamic fun and energetic much like a uidditch match The Gamesmen storyline creates a mood much like the Heath Ledger film “A Knight’s Tale” I’d recommend The Birr Elixir to readers who enjoy Fantasy and Action Adventure genres

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Wondered if she deserved the title after all But with Tryst's waking ill luck and bad things suddenly dogged their tracks Drail being a man of action saw only the good in people Marra lacked his faith but was frozen by her own timidity When the time came to confront these enemies would Tryst stand with them or against them?Would it make any differenc Don’t you just love it when you take on a novel and author you’ve not read before and find a hidden gem Thats what this novel should be all about Jo Sparkes has created a mythical realm where two races the Truemen and the Skullans co exist magic and potions are real and the whole place is on the brink of a war Its in the midst of all this that we meet Marra an apprentice in what can best be described as an apothecary shopWhen we first meet Marra our first description of her is as followsMarra’s dark red hair was long and she spent a lot of time brushing the sand out Some thought she was vain and perhaps she was about the one thing that proclaimed she wasn’t born in San Cris But long hair was a strength the strength of warriors Ans for Marra it made her feel saferMarra is wonderfully written throughout the novel as she overcomes her self doubt about her abilities and finds she is much capable and uick than she thought Both her compassion and underlying strength make her delightful to read Sparkes could not have made a better choice for a main characterAlso in this piece is Tryst a crown prince who’s been abducted and put to sleep using some unknown means It’s only when Marra manages to wake him that we discover much about him and most of that he keeps to himself not allowing his secrets to be revealed to his fellow Gamesmen or Marra A boy who is getting his first taste of the world and seeing much of what his father encouraged him to learn first handYou wish to rule the Skullan people without ever setting foot outside Missea? Without talking to them in their villages standing beside them on their ships? You wish to decide the fate of Truemen without ever seeing who they are how they live?Tryst is eually well written and plays out well against the character of MarraJo Sparkes has put a lot of thought into this piece and the development of a whole realm complete with sports different races history and herbal potions as well as a brilliantly written plot could not have been a small undertaking There is a lot packed into this piece at only 175 approximately pages I was worried there would not be space to pull it all together But she didIf I were to nitpick at all I would say my only struggle with this book was that I felt I could not get my bearings for the first chapter or two as it wasn’t readily clear where or when this book is setMy advice? Don’t worry about it let the sand sweep you up into the story and enjoy the ride This one is good and will get you where you want to goThis is one of those sit back with your favorite herb tea curl up in your favorite afghan on a long cool evening at the cottage and enjoy Its length almost allows it to be read in one sitting It is just what it seems a wonderfully written fantasy that will draw you into the story and leave you with a smile on your face unless you are as impatient to get to book two as I am Let Jo take you on a magical adventure into her wonderfully created world and I’m betting she does not disappoint

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The Birr ElixirISBNs moved to this editionWhen a young apprentice makes a mysterious elixir from a recipe in an old book she's suddenly the talisman for a daring Gamesman and the weapon in the conspiracy against a prince Marra had never heard of Birr ElixirBut when Drail of the Hand of Victory saw the words in an old book she agreed to make it even lacking the right By Momma on June 14 2013The Birr Elixir The Birr Elixir is Jo Sparkes debut fantasy novel I really enjoyed this book as will fantasy fans of all ages There is something for everyone While this book does have an awesome heroine it isn’t a “chick book” There are big burly competitive men and none of them are clamoring for the girl That is a refreshing twist Although I can’t make any promises for the next book in the series but there isn’t romance in this book Only friendship and camaraderieThe story is solid and fresh The character development is wonderful and you will find yourself invested in the characters The story is never slow even though the main characters are walking through desert you don’t feel like you just walked six hundred miles in the sand and heat with them when you arrive at the destination What I’m saying is the dessert is well doneAgain a great novel a great story well written fast paced and great for all ages I will absolutely have my teenage girls read thisMomma Says Read This BookWhat does Momma Think?Momma gives The Birr Elixir The Legend of the Gamesment Volume 1 by Jo Sparkes 4 cookies