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doc É Stage Daughter ☆ Sheryl Sorrentino Ifetime role of single mother Alone and forsaken by her family Sonya tries to keep her dream alive through her “stage daughter” Razia now a precocious pre teen enrolled in a competitive performing arts school But Raz prefers drawing to drama and has no problem defying her mom to get what she wants be it piercing her own ears doing a dumb dare or hunting down her biological father Aziz While Sonya struggles to keep a tenuous hold over rebellious Raz she stubbornly sets her sights on transforming her mom? I really loved Stage Daughter Being that Razzi’s mom was trying to live vicariously through her? That’s one of my favorite dilemmas in YA – because it’s all too real Razzi is enrolled in a performing arts school but would much rather focus her time on Drawing Then you throw in 911 and the fact that Razzi is the daughter of a Muslim Man who has recently popped into her life and is making strides to convert Razzi to IslamThis book is full of emotion I laughed I teared up and I was cheering Razzi along all the way It did take me about 50 pages to get into but once I was? I couldn’t put it down and had to find out how it endedSheryl Sorrentino definitely is not afraid to stare conflict in the face I loved her approach to Islam I was much older than Razzi when 911 occurred geez I feel so old now but one of my closest friends is Muslim and I remember his reactions and the insanity that ensued I remember the way he was treated after despite that he’d lived his whole life in the Mid West And I have to say I applaud her for the way she handled the aftermath of this event she hit it head onI cannot recommend Stage Daughter enough It’s such a fantastic read that will have you riding an emotional roller coaster and falling in love with the characters

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Stage Daughter kindle Å eBook 9781484173220 ☆ dcmdirect ½ ➽ [Download] ✤ Stage Daughter By Sheryl Sorrentino ➲ – “Cultures clash in this engaging heartfelt novel about a single mother forced to face unresolved feelings from the past when her 12 year old daughter in ?s “sperm donor” into a doting dad Meanwhile Aziz the father of two in an arranged marriage follows a script all his own trying to convert his newfound daughter to Islam Can this troubled threesome improvise a successful “second run” despite deep rooted animosities and seemingly insurmountable barriers? Or will bitterness and bigotry forever steal center stage? A daughter's determination a mother's mistrust and a father's faith collide in this witty and powerful story of healing forgiveness and famil Sonya Schoenberg dreamed of becoming an actress until a one time tryst with a Muslim man led to an unplanned pregnancy Sonya was forced to put her dream on hold to raise biracial daughter Razzi Pre teen Razzi is enrolled in a performing arts school and going through a rebellious stage It starts off with Razzi piercing her own ears failing math then leads to her finding her father Aziz without Sonya's consent Never mind that he is a father of two in an arranged marriage and had no idea Razzi even existed OO Sonya is playing the lifetime role of mother; Aziz is trying to convert newfound stage daughter to Islam All the while Razzi is determined to make this family a modern day successAmerica changed after the unfortunate events of 911 It is the sad reality that people of certain cultures are viewed differently and judged This is one of the few books I have read that approaches this subject in a fiction mannerI first had the pleasure of reading a book written by Sheryl Sorrentino this past March The Floater Sheryl is a practicing attorney by day and still finds time to write Now that is dedication I am glad she stepped out on a limb with the characters in her fourth novel Stage Daughter It was necessary especially with current real life events to bring light to issues such as religious and ethnic prejudice What prompted Sheryl Sorrentino to write a book with such a powerful message? She explains While Stage Daughter is compelling in its lively depiction of this troubled threesome most near and dear to me are the issues of religious and ethnic prejudice and promotion of diversity that are at its core In fact I have come to discover that my true purpose and penchant as a writer is to give life to these topics Nearly fifty years after Dr Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech we still have significant chasms to bridge when it comes to racial euality and cultural acceptance Stage Daughter releases today I encourage my bookhearts to read it for the good meaningful story diverse cast and the underlying message Central themes such as healing forgiveness unplanned pregnancy single parenthood religion rebellion sexuality racism and bigotry are explored within the 300 pages This is a very good pick for a diverse book club complete with 21 discussion uestions that will definitely spark positive discussion amongst readers Literary Marie of Precision Reviews

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Stage Daughter “Cultures clash in this engaging heartfelt novel about a single mother forced to face unresolved feelings from the past when her 12 year old daughter insists on connecting with the father she’s never known” Stephanie Lehmann author of Astor Place VintageEvery unmarried woman fears unwanted pregnancy just as every married man dreads discovering he fathered an unknown child Sonya Schoenberg dreamed of someday becoming a famous actress but instead a hapless one time tryst with a Muslim man lands her the l Sonya Schoenberg is the adopted half black daughter of a rich Jewish couple who soon after taking the girl of unknown parentage in had their own child a boy Beautiful but entitled and resentful prone to milking her parents for money rather than take a loving interest in them as people Sonya dreamed of making it big on the stage or screen but never managed it instead she had a one night stand with a Kuwaiti man called Aziz and ended up with a fatherless daughter of her own Razia Sonya loves her daughter but she's determined that Razia will succeed where she failed and insists on Razia attending a private arts school in San Francisco with a focus on acting even though Razia prefers to drawRazia now twelve wants to find out about her father Sonya has never spoken well of him but Razia has learnt that he owns several yoga studios and it's not hard for her to track him down Meeting him brings both Sonya and Aziz together but not in a friendly or peaceful way Sonya wants nothing to do with him and feels threatened by him while Aziz makes sly comments about Sonya's parenting and the prospect of getting lawyers involved and wants to convert Razia to Islam though he hasn't yet told his wife or two children about her yetIn the months leading up to the attack on New York's twin towers in September 2001 tensions rise prejudices and assumptions are cast and everyone in this family drama starts to look a bit ugly well meaning at heart but blinded by bitterness and bigotry Can they work things out and get along or will the abrasive clashes continue with Razia caught in the middle?This is the second book by Sorrentino that I've read after enjoying The Floater a year ago; it's a very different story but told with the same skill in depicting realistic earthy and interesting characters and complex emotional issues In some ways I enjoyed it it explores issues that have always interested me namely religious ethnic and cultural differences and how people get along together or don't as well as parenting and coming of age for Sonya as well as Razia but I did weary of Sonya's bitter stringent ranting as true to her character as it was I couldn't help but agree with some of the other characters she really needed to get laidThere are some really insightful passages in the novel astute glimpses into what it's like living as an ethnic religious or cultural minority or all three really in contemporary United States Sonya epitomises the ignorant citizen who's picked up some laughable stereotypes and is too arrogant to bother checking their veracity But she does at least apologise and seems open to being corrected It's not just Sonya's flaws that are sure to get you emotionally and intellectually engaged Aziz too is going to push your buttons Many of Sonya's criticisms of him are right on the mark though she doesn't care about seeing things from his perspective He is high handed and a bit pompous and Sorrentino does a deft and convincing job of presenting a man born to a very different way of living trying to find a middle ground in America where he can stay true to the values he upholds and believes inRazia is the most sympathetic character if you don't count the boy at her school who likes her enough to help her find her father but later becomes a scapegoat for Razia's inability to tell the truth over which of her peers tried to strangle her at school apparently this is the new thing in attempting a high She doesn't make it easy to like her being in that delicate vulnerable troubled cusp age but her yearning for a father her need for a father for a man to fill that role of authority guidance and love is a very human and necessary one and since she is the child in the situation the blameless one in Sonya and Aziz's cock up she got my sympathy uite easily And like with many young teens her mistakes are overblown until no one can see her good ualities or the nice things she does or just how vulnerable and yearning she really isThere's no doubt that Sorrentino succeeded admirably in her aims with Stage Daughter bringing to life a clash of cultures and the prejudices of modern America and we didn't even go into class or socio economic issues among other things that are also explored here in subtle ways with realism honesty and respect Sorrentino isn't interested in reenforcing the divisions she sees in her own society maintaining that black and white dichotomy America is so well known for; she's interested in giving troubled characters the chance to tell their story warts and all It's a story told with empathy affection humour and an appreciation for the things that make us different and uniue It's a coming of age story that delves into the heart of contemporary issues from what makes a family a family to the perception of foreign religion as a threat A fine achievement My thanks to the author for a copy of this book