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REVIEW í Hellhound Born Kasadya #3 ´ ❮Read❯ ➹ Hellhound Born Kasadya #3 ➼ Author Karen Swart – Kasadya Hellhound Born Book #3 of the Kasadya SeriesIn a world filled with evil the Fallen prepare for the ultimate battle against the demon worldKasadya is ordered to unleash her crazed born transfor KaThat her born will be uncontrollable and she will be destroyed There is just one person that can save her her charm her destined mate Left without a choice she must surrender and place her life in his hands In a race against time the Fallen must stand together and fight the ev. Karen Swart does it again I swear her books get better and better This book is the third in the series and is the best book yet When I received this ARC I was ecstatic Seriously I locked myself in my room for hours to read it Can't wait for the last book to come out My Review No Spoilers This book picks up directly after the second book In this book Kasadya is ordered to unleash her hellhound born transformation to complete her divinity The problem No one knows if she can control the change and if she can't she knows she has to be destroyed The only person who has any chance of saving her is her charm Too bad Kasadya has no idea who her charm is But when that is revealed she must surrender herself over to her charm her destined mate if she wants any chance of surviving the transformation But when visions of an upcoming battle where the Fallen and demons must face off Kasadya has things to worry about The Fallen must stand together now than ever if they have and hope of defeating their enemies Finally Kasadya destiny will be revealed and she must ask herself is she willing to sacrifice everything for the ones she loves Love this book Kasadya and Chax are without a doubt my favorite characters Something cool about this book is that we get to see inside Chax's head in s few scenes I loved his character if that is even possible when I see the world through his eyes Kasadya is awesome She can totally kick demon butt when she needs to She knows she makes mistakes but she decides to learn from them rather than run away from them Her mistakes make her a better person at the end because they show her what she needs to work on and fix There's a lot of fighting and action in this book I loved how descriptive the fighting scenes are because I can almost see picture the scenes like a movie in my head This book is so good My favorite part was when Kasadya found out her destiny I was as shocked as her when I found out what is was I never saw that coming This book made me laugh and it made me cry a lot I'm a huge fan of the author and will always be I cannot wait until the next book Even if I'm sad that it will be the last book in the series I recommend this book to everyone Some of my favorite uotes “I watched you from afar my beautiful Kasadya and wanted you to find me on your own” “If you frown so much it’s going to become permanent You don't want to look like an old man now do you” I teased him His mouth was hanging open and then his head snapped backwards “Fix her” he said to someoneBy the time we finished breakfast Chax Max Nanini and I were blushing from head to toe Chax even threw a cup at Caim We stormed out trying to escape the gang


Kasadya Hellhound Born Book of the Kasadya SeriesIn a world filled with evil the Fallen prepare for the ultimate battle against the demon worldKasadya is ordered to unleash her crazed born Hellhound Born eBook #180 transformation to complete her divinity But there is a chance. 45 Stars I assume that if you are reading this review is because you have read the previous books if not ¿what are you waiting for And most important don't read further You can get some unwanted spoilers because this is the third book in a series and must be read in orderI was waiting for months for the release of this book and I have to say that it totally fulfilled my expectations When I read Kasadya Hellhound Awakened I must say that I was a bit reluctant to read another book about angels and demons I love the subject but I was dissapointed by another books Has been a long time since I don't enjoy reading paranormal stories so I just avoid them At the beginning I thought that the plot was very original and well written but I didn't like the main character I thought that Kasadya was another silly teenage girl irresponsible interested in all the boys around than in saving the world But as I keep reading I saw how this character our heroine grows into a mature young woman and it surprise me how much this book could be so gripping By the end of the second book Hellhound Twisted I was dying to know what happened nextAs I say Hellhound Born was just what I expected I read the book in a few hours once I started I could not stop I needed to know for sure if Chax was Kasadya's charm it was pretty obvious but who knows and I needed to know about him In the previous books he is a mistery The serious guy an ancient soul sometimes in the background but always present You know that he is very fond of Kasadya you feel that she is important for him than she thinks but he is always so cold So this book is like a gift for Chax's fans we get to know him better to understand him even there are a couple of moments where we could read his point of view I really hope we can get or this in the fourth book because I loved it And Kasadya once again show us that she is commited to accomplish her fate She make some mistakes that had led the world to a war between angels and demons but she will not rest until she correct her errors We see a stronger woman decided than ever well balanced ready to save the world no matter how So in this book you are gonna find misteries resolved hard decissions to be made a war between heaven and hell betrayals and new allies and above all of this love This is not the last book of the series We will have to wait for a fourth book Hellhound Defined but I am sure it will be worth the waiting Of course there is a cliffhanger at the end of Hellhound Born and maybe you could think that with a different turn in the last chapter the series could be ended here but for me that would be dissapointing I really think that we need a fourth book because there is a lot that can be written about Kasadya and Chax We had to read three books to see them together this just can't end yet And Kasadya has not reach her highest potential as a Hellhound she can achieve much and I want to read about itI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI am not a native English speaker so I want to apologize for any mistake I could made while writing this review

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Hellhound Born Kasadya #3Il threatening to invade earth If her divinity was in reach victory would be theirs That is until she starts having visions of the final battle and her true destiny is revealed She just found her love and place in the Fallen world will she be able and willing to sacrifice it a. Holy Shit Talk about an emotional roller coasterIn this book Kasadya also known as Kas is all over the place on the emotional front Her whole life as she knew it has already began to rock in the last book but unfortunately for her that was only the beginning Who is ever really ready to hear that the fate of the world rest in their hands OH SHIT right To add to the boiling pot of nerves Kas is about to meet her mate Where is this charm I looked beyond them still nothing Hell is he late or something Well there went his first impressions; he couldn't even be on time for my turning Now there was a way to impress a girl Clearly we were off to a very bad startEven with the new added pressure and the awkwardness of finding her charm Kas must push through to destroy evil and save mankind She will not be doing it alone though she has the help of entire Exsilium as well as the humans on EarthWhy is everyone helping me after I messed up so badly I asked when we turned into the street We will always stand together Kasadya; we all want to protect the world He answered I didn't have a reply handy instead I mulled over his words True we all have the same cause but I am sure that not everyone had jumped at the occasionHer love life was finally taking toll too Everyone around her seemed so in love Would she ever have that with her charm He walked over to me and I prepared myself for a surprise move from him What surprised me was his hand reaching for my face and cupping it We looked at each other for a moment and just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger he leaned down and kissed me His lips softly caressed mine his scent enveloped me sending my own senses into a frenzyBack on the war stand front Kas realized that dreams she was having were like visions Finally she realized in order to defeat evil she would have to study her dream and perfect her team Will this be enough Will the wall be breached and the devil himself let loose to wreak havoc over mankind Most of all who will be there for her mate if something were to happen to herKaren Swart just keeps blowing me away with each book I can honestly say I cried like a damn baby I couldn't get control as much as Kas was having trouble controlling her emotions Lucky for her she had her sexy mate Lucky Bitch Hellhound born is written from both Kasadya and Chax's point of view mainly Kasadya's though Just when you think this series cannot get any better Karen slaps you with amazing action to take in Now I am just sad I have to wait for the next Kasadya book Must readFor as long as I have walked this earth her touch was like a sun rising within me There weren't long days any The days were too short with her I begged them to never end