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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Play Hive like a champion ´ [Read] ➫ Play Hive like a champion By Randy Ingersoll – Have you played the exciting board game Hive Would you like to become a better playerLearn from the 2011 Online Champion Randy Ingersoll Over 300 diagrammed positions from than 100 actual games played Have yoAdvanced chapters Hive like a Kindle #211 including The Shutout The Sueeze Counting Bugs and Counting TempoIt even includes chapters on the popular expansion bugs Concluding with Beginners' mistakes Hive openings and Unofficial Expansion Bugs this book has something for everyon. It is said that there are books about chess than any other sport Part of the reason for this is that there is a notation system that allows players to replay games from the past and follow the annotations of stronger players Randy Ingersoll's book gives Hive players a notation system while at the same time the strategy and tactics to to make use of it Excellent analysis is presented throughout and the instruction is tailored to take a beginner up to a top level player Highly recommended

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Have you played the like a PDF #199 exciting board game Hive Would you like to become a better playerLearn from the Online Champion Randy Ingersoll Over diagrammed positions from than actual games played online between Hive Masters average players and complete newbies Written f. Hive is a relatively recent game first published in 2001 but it's become uite popular among abstract game fans with a number of places to play it online It's freuently called bug chess there is no board just satisfyingly solid bakelite pieces you can lay down on any surface It's the ideal travel game as you can play it at bars on the beach even underwater if you were so inclinedIt's not uite as complex as chess making it much gentler for new players to get into but it's still a deeply strategic game and while casual players love it you can uickly see a skill curve that separates the unskilled the skilled and the mastersSo I started playing it mostly on BoardGameArena I've become moderately skilled rated Strong on BGA but still get stomped by experts Making it a similar experience to chess or go Play Hive Like a Champion is a thick softcover volume by a former online world Hive champion Randy Ingersoll It has many chapters covering basic tactics and principles that every beginning player should learnIt's a great book and highly recommended for anyone who likes Hive and wants to step up their game The problem for me is that Hive as I said isn't actually that complex a game so 90% of Ingersoll's lessons were things I'd already learned through playing Anyone who plays seriously enough to get than a dozen games in will start to understand concepts like pinning pin replacements pockets bug counting and so on Had I read this book when I first started playing it might have helped me learn a few things faster but I think any serious player will pick up everything in this book from observation and experience pretty uicklyThere were a few sections that were helpful to me particularly Opening Theory which is all the way at the end And reading about all the variant bugs people have proposed to add to the game is interesting However this is very much a beginner's Hive strategy book Ingersoll tries to cover ever conceivable topic discussing each bug in detail and leaves nothing out but I would love to see an expert level Hive strategy book aimed at people who've already learned the lessons in this book Where I stumble is in looking ahead in choosing which bugs to place based on current board configuration and anticipating combos based on the bugs in place


Play Hive like a championOr Play Hive PDFEPUBplayers of all skill levels this book starts with the very basics Hive rules Bugs Notation and Common Hive Formations The book continues with a chapter on Strategy four chapters covering elementary tactics like The Pin and The Cover and follows with sixteen. A relevant book about Hive and it seems the only one so far The text is uite dry but the information would save the reader hundreds of hours of spent on lost gamesOn a second thought the writing is atrocious Page 31 The majority of games end in the midgame But sometimes neither player can force victory in the midgame and the game transitions into an endgame Throughout the midgame it is important to plan ahead for the possibility of an endgame Keeping the proper bugs available for late game placement is vital Don’t bring in a new bug unless one can be assured thatit will perform a useful purposeWordy What's wrong with The majority of games end in the midgame But sometimes the game transitions into an endgame Don’t bring in a new bug unless it will be useful Even when keeping all the diagrams the book would have easily fit 150 pages Never mind the logic lost when translating from other games Because if there is no endgame can you still call the midgame a midgame when it is the final partAnd by half time it becomes uite annoying to have all this Leninist talk proper bugs What are the proper bugs Bugs that one might need according to the given situation Meaning the only use of that phrase is to give the speaker the higher moral ground and entitle him to free told you sos Ditto for the unless one can be assured Bad move You weren't properly assured Random lucky piece placementStill this is the most important book on the game partly because it is the only one