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Free read ¼ Danse de la Folie 108 ´ ➝ Danse de la Folie free download ➢ Author Sherwood Smith – This light hearted Regency folly stars Miss Clarissa Harlowe who wants a uiet life—but falls in love with a smuggler the maruess of St Tarval Tarval's sister Lady Kitty is determined to write a dram This light hearD to write a dramatic Gothic to save her brother’s mortgaged estate if she can reach London Clarissa's much pursued cousin Mr Philip Devereaux is inexplicably intrigued by Lady Ki. For once I don't need to inwardly cringe as I tag this novel regency I can't tell you how nice it feels to read about characters who behave with decorum and don't go around waltzing or making love in uncomfortable places This is an author who did her research and while the strains of Austen and Heyer poke through it never distracts This is Smith's regency world not theirs The story follows two heroines the mature and steady Miss Clarissa Harlowe and her guest vivacious wannabe novelist Lady Kitty Two charming gentleman appear along with a host of delightful side characters including the prereuisite younger siblings and villainous villains Of course the path of true love never did run smooth so plenty of impediments keep our couples apart And none of those impediments include stupid misunderstandings another reason to give this book 5 stars It is not always the most polished novel I ran across one passage referring to Kitty as Katie a name she is never referred to before or after but I was still uite pleasantly surprised with how skillfully the author handled several scenes In particular the soiree from the Lucretia's POV as it reveals the growing affections of the characters without bashing the reader over the head with it Subtle but brilliant If looking for something romantic and clean with enough absurd antics to keep things entertaining I highly recommend checking this delightful novel out It is definitely one I am glad I purchased because I think it is going to get an annual re read

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This light hearted Regency folly stars Miss Clarissa Harlowe who wants a uiet life but falls in love with a smuggler the maruess of St Tarval Tarval's sister Lady Kitty is determine. This is a solid and entertaining regency romance The dialogue is sharp and very funny and the two heroines who are much older than the normal regency debutantes are good foils for each other This is also a book that is firmly set in the regency era with all of the strictures that entails and fun details that show the research the author put into the book In fact the only thing that hindered my enjoyment of this otherwise excellent book was the villain who was a bit too cartoonish and one note to be uite real view spoilerThis carries all the way through to the end The last scene of the book is about the villain rather than either of our romantic pairings which just shows the villain's primacy in the text hide spoiler

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Danse de la FolieTty who is doing her best to encourage the match between him and Clarissa except that Clarissa is now betrothed to Lord Wilburfolde And so the mad change partners in the dance of lo. A lovely Regency romance Clarissa is a conflict averse heiress trying to avoid a boring suitor By chance Clarissa makes the acuaintance of the poor and infamous Decourcey family and rapidly becomes fast friends with Lady Kitty Together the two young ladies embark upon a Season in London each with their own romantic entanglements I loved the friendship between them and the slow realizations each of them have about the other's character But what I most enjoyed was the light effortless feel of the writing and dialog The dialog always felt natural both to the period and to the characters My only uibble with this story was that the pov switched a little randomly often from one paragraph to the next