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Download kindle é Vampyrrhic Þ Ð Simon Clark ¾ [Epub] ❧ Vampyrrhic Author Simon Clark – In a small isolated town people are affected by a condition that leaves them in a coma unless they consume blood Then a terminally ill man plans an act of vengeance to set the dead against the livingLiving so that the whole world might experience the misery the townspeople have endured for yea This is by no means a bad book The writing is interesting The concept is pretty cool The execution is where it kind of falls apart I say falls apart because it doesn't do anything to really hold your interest Sure it gives us some action every once in a while it gives us mystery and suspense and the like But there's no payoff For me there was nothing to really keep me interested like oh god he killed off such and such let me keep reading to know the conseuence There wasn't any of that When our first non core cast member dies it really is interesting But it didn't affect the story until far into the halfway mark too far from when it originally occurred When it happened to again to another it felt used up and then again All the while we have boring main characters slightly dimensional but for the most part flat as can be They're relegated to kismet and automatically knowing what we must be doing etc etc instead of actually figuring out the world for themselves And it's like I said there was just no pay off whatsoever I was bored halfway through and forced myself to finish it and even the ending feltflat anti climatic just uncaring All of the above than likelyBut like i said it's not a bad book but it just didn't do anything for me Maybe it'll be different for others For as much as i had a problem with it I just can't bring myself to give it lower than three stars Though it very much on the low scale of three stars

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Ey consume blood Then a terminally ill man plans an act of vengeance to set the dead against the I see like a lot of the other reviewers I bought this book solely based on the cover Like everyone else I expected cheesy hilarity but instead was insanely engrossed in this book Might even be better than Salem's Lot Very nice twist on the vampire book which with the sole exception of Salem's Lot and Salem's Lot inspiration EC Horror comics I've always found to be very boring Clark takes it in a different angle by having the vampires be tied into Norse legends and ancient magic Which shockingly works Also cliffhangers galore Makes the book near impossible to put down since someone is always trapped in an elevator headed to a basement full of snarling bald vampires this seems to happen every other chapter too I now have a new reason to be nervous in elevators At first I wasn't 100% unboard with past lives and psychic abilities and magic because I almost always hate plot twists like this but it works I actually cared about the characters and the transformation of the tattoed up pyschotic gangsters who risks everything to protect the somewhat bumbling doctor protagonist was amazingly enough believable I now want to read all his other books and I will

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VampyrrhicIn a small isolated town people are affected by a condition that leaves them in a coma unless th A surprisingly uniue vampire romp I expected a cheesy horror offering based on the cover but the story was involved than random neck nibbling beheadings and demented evil creatures luring young maidens into their evil lairs These vamps are tied into ancient Norse Lore old magic old family ties apocalyptic past bargains made not to mention sewer systems Leppington has gone back to his hometown with little memory of it Once there he finds his family line has certain family ties into the old town and legend Staying at a hotel he meets a group of intriguing characters who become wrapped up the weird town's historySimon Clark used a slow pace to entrance me There are some genuinely creepy parts to keep the blood freezing or pumping whatever the occasion especially a bathroom attack and elevator trip The vampire child helps keep the creep vibe flowing It's not particularly gory but it doesn't shy away there's even a vampire blow job scene that may make some men sueamishA book for any horror fan to try but be warned a star was shaved since sometimes the 'slow enchanting pace' became sluggish I liked the characterization and how they tied into the story but it wouldn't have hurt to add another dimension or two to the main players