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Thursday's Children Read Ð 109 ò [Read] ➵ Thursday's Children Author Nicci French – Two crimes generations apart Twenty years ago teenager Frieda Klein was brutally attacked in her own home No one believed her not the police not her mother not her friends She left town trained as a p Two crimes generations apart Twenty yeTwo crimes generations apart Twenty years ago teenager Frieda Klein was brutally attacked in her own home No one believed her not the police not her mother not her friends She left town trained as a psychologist and never went backN. Thursday’s Child by Nicci French is a 2014 Penguin publication This fourth installment in the Frieda Klein British mystery procedural is a bit of a departure from the previous chapters Frieda is approached by an old schoolmate asking for help with her teenage daughter who has stopped eating and has become withdrawn Frieda agrees to an initial consultation and manages to draw the young woman out When it is revealed the girl had been raped and her mother did not believe her Frieda experiences a shocking moment of déjà vu when the girl reveals what the rapist said to her This prompts Frieda to return to her hometown in hopes of drawing out the rapist but other complications arise when she visits her mother for the first time in a long while and when Frieda makes some startling decisions regarding her personal life The subject of rape is one I find difficult to read period Although this book doesn’t go into graphic details the reaction of parents friends police officers and men in general is enough to boil the blood and is both disturbing and emotional watching the victims suffer this way But sadly this is most likely a accurate depiction than I want to believe But the thing about this story is how the characters we have come to know suddenly changed or were not in the picture at all and I kind of missed that element Frieda is the lead investigator in this story and gets little help at all from her inspector friend She is the one pounding the pavement doing interviews and trying to gather evidence even DNA evidence which was pretty far fetched Frieda’s personality does not lend itself well to this role and it becomes obvious to those who may be involved what she is up to which of course puts her in danger The other thing I couldn’t wrap my brain around was the relationship with Frieda’s mother and the way Frieda behaved to some recurring characters that just did not make sense and how some characters underwent lobotomies Seriously they changed so completely I couldn’t understand it But the story is not without merit Although it drags in places the way everything wrapped up in the end is unexpected and left me feeling conflicted and a little confused about Frieda’s future and perhaps a little concerned as well But the ending was chilling and disturbing and had me wanting to immediately dive into the fifth installment which I hope to do very soon This is a very different setup and I’m not sure I wish for Frieda to continue playing lead detective but overall it turned out okay The beginning and ending is strong enough to override much of what happened in the middle but this is not the best book of the series in my opinion Hopefully 'Friday on My Mind' will be back on track 3 stars

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Ieda returns to the darkness she fled To the small town which refused to help her and which hides a terrible secret Because someone at the reunion knows what happenedAnd they'll stop at nothing to prevent Frieda discovering the trut. When psychotherapist Frieda Klein agrees to see Becky the daughter of an old school friend from her home town she doesn't expect to be reminded of a violent incident that occurred to her when she was sixteen just before she left home She hasn't been back in 23 years but returns to see her mother who is dying and to see if she can find out who harmed her all those years ago and may also be responsible for the present day attack on BeckyAs usual Frieda's friends and colleagues rally round to support her as she travels back in time to put together a picture of where everyone was and what they were doing on the night when she was attacked Many people are understandably resentful of her enuiries and her direct manner upsets uite a few but she continues to unravel the events to hunt down the offender An enjoyable episode with uite a few twists and turns before the guilty person is revealed

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Thursday's ChildrenOw an old classmate has shown up She wants help with her daughter who claims to have been attacked at home An attack eerily similar to the one on Frieda No one else believes the girl's storyNow with a school reunion in the offing Fr. This is the fourth installment in the Frieda Klein mysteries series and unfortunately one I found a bit on the weak side The story is engaging and I found it interesting enough but my issue was with Frieda as a protagonist She was always very cold which makes me think being a therapist is not he right profession but in this book I found her uite unlikable and stupidly reckless It also really bothered me the way she treated her friends and family as though they were all a nuisance to her except when she needed them I have to say the supporting characters are the highlight of these books and it is for them that I keep returning to them I also found the ending to be rather weak and her actions to be bordering on suicidal though she insists that she does not need any therapy herselfAll in all not terrible but not as good as Waiting for Wednesday the prior book in the seriesFind reviews and bookish fun at