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The Eyes of Heisenberg characters ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù [BOOKS] ✸ The Eyes of Heisenberg By Frank Herbert – A New World in EmbryoPublic Law 10927 was clear and direct Parents were permitted to watch the genetic alterations of their gametes by skilled surgeons only no one ever reuested itWhDecisions threatened to be catastrophicFor never before had anyone dared defy the Rulers' decrees and if They found out it was well known that the price of disobedience was the extermination of the human ra. Not very good A dystopia ruled by a class of Overmen ageless and genetically perfect comes across resistance when a chance embryo has the possibility to escape their control Cyborgs and an underground group of parents try to stay one step ahead of themIt's a dull and abstract book The embryo serves as a Mcguffin and the characters are bland and not particularly likable The ending is a cop out with no real foreshadowing The theme is okay and deserves a better book it's the idea that in any closed and unnatural situation something works to shake it up be it Heisenburg's Uncertainity Principle acting through nature or God But the book fails to deliver and if anything it's ultimate solution will seem like a slice of hell to pregnant women and silly to boot

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Nd Harvey Durant decided to invoke the Law when Dr Potter did not rearrange the most unusual genetic structure of their future son barely an embryo growing in the State's special vat the conseuences of these. Frank Herbert best know for his Dune books also wrote uite a few others of which this is one And I must say a damn good one it isFrank envisions a world of genetic manipulation is this book a world governed by Optimen mortals who have been gene manipulated to the point of living forever almost Virtually lost from their vocabulary are words like death killing murder and violence They just don’t happen any in this sterile controlled worldUnder the Optimen are the Folk lesser gene manipulated mortals who only live hundreds of years Poor them The society is well thought out creepy in the extreme and of course you just know it is not going to last What perfect society ever doesThis novel tells the tale of some Folk wishing to procreate on their own and underground resistence to the overseers the Optimen who grand breeding licenses to those worthy And the womb of woman is no longer used to raise children; that job is left to vats All people in the cities are fed a constant mixture of gas gas which renders them sterile and infertile just in case any viable humans are in the population and get the funny notion of procreating on their own outside the Optimen’s controlAnd the creepiest of all Any gamete which is found to be viable a normal reproduction capable human during the artificial procedures to join sperm and egg is exterminated because it would ruin the world order if it ever escaped But the underground is fighting for just that and they may soon winCyborgs also play a pivotal roll in this society and they also have plans of their ownNow all of this may seem old hat especially if you have been watching the Discovery or the Space channel the last decade or so but remember this was written back in 1966 After reading this book I can safely say Herbert is a master storytellerI recommend this book for its ideas plot suspense hell pure entertainmentTwo sterile thumbs upThis is what great classic science fiction is all about

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The Eyes of HeisenbergA New World in EmbryoPublic Law was clear and direct Parents were permitted to watch the genetic alterations of their gametes by skilled surgeons only no one ever reuested itWhen Lizbeth The Eyes MOBI #181 a. The Eyes of Heisenberg is a fascinating glimpse at a world where reliance on genetics has become the sole principle of human survival and embryos are carefully cut to a specific mold to ensure that randomization is not a factor Earth is ruled by a class of superhumans that have forgotten how to live and are only concerned with their eternal survivalThe book is weak in some areas and strong in others The premise is good; the story at times is lacking Herbert's character development is hit and miss Some are blatantly cliche the protective father the caring mother the calculating cyborg Others break out of the mold Svengaard at first an unlikable simpleton goes from an unassuming surgeon to one who cares about life and what life means to others Calapine one of the Optimen the ruling class finds out what it truly means to be human and that in all of her centuries of being alive she has never truly livedThe plot is a bit slow at parts and Herbert perhaps over utilizes technical terms especially during medical procedures Looking past this the book is above average and also provides Herbert fans with a glimpse at many factors of Dune Many themes that appear in Dune are explored in The Eyes of Heisenberg immortality reliance on pharmaceuticals and an apathetic ruling class Perhaps the most obvious theme is of the dopplegangers and their parallels the gholas in Dune The character Max who has lived through many lifetimes can be seen as a primitive archetype for Duncan IdahoI would recommend this book to any Herbert fan and any science fiction fan that likes speculative fiction It's a splendid read