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Vixen in Velvet Free read ´ 4 ñ ❴Ebook❵ ➧ Vixen in Velvet Author Fern Michaels – She embarked on a life of deception and unexpected passion Aristocratic breeding and virtue could not save beautiful and adventurous Tori Rawlings from a repugnant marriage To escape her betrothed she She embarked on a life of deEtrothed she exchanged identities with a tavern wench Vixen in PDFEPUB or and found herself in league with a band of brigands and at the mercy of Scarblade the most notorious highwayman in. Abandon brains all ye who pick up this bookThere are some books which are so bad that there are considered good On the other hand there are books which are so bad that they cannot even be considered to be ridiculous absurd stupid idiotic completely brainless and totally unreadableNevertheless we waste many of our precious moments going through such books hoping against hope that there is possibly some redeeming feature or some justifiable reason why the author wrote itThis book comes in this categoryFern Michaels spent about six months writing this book I think she then got it published by a vanity publisher because no good publishing house would publish such drivel That B grade publishing house who could not afford a proofreader or an editor published this book It took me 20 minutes to understand that this book was definitely not like the curate's egg good in partsOne copy was sold It was left by an exasperated reader on her passenger's seat when she got off at her station As I was the next lucky passenger to grab that seat and there was still two hours for me to reach my destination I decided what the heck let us read this authorAttention – idiot alertWe do not know who is the idiot here The author who thought this story up when she was high on Ritalin There must be some justification for the premises of this story Or perhaps she takes us for credulous idiots who think that any of these characters in this absurd novel are remotely amusingOr is it the editor who does not know the difference between wiggle and wriggle The heroine wiggles out of her dress The only wiggling of which I know was done by two little ducks in the Walt Disney Aristocats So how does chapter 1 start –Family going back after some entertainment to their home in a carriage at night Father is totally poverty stricken – his lands have been confiscated by the crown – that is why he has decided to sell his daughter to one of his cronies a confirmed LechThe female is 23 years old blonde and green eyed Interesting how she has not managed to get married yet even though she is so beautiful and of good blood But wait she is an idiot It is explained away on page 15 she makes statements without thinking because there is the devil in her mouthHUHH This is how our line of talk goes – “this is the 18th century Husbands do not hit their wives” Alas they do even in the 21st centuryThen there is this cousin who is a parasite living on his uncle’s bounty His name is Granger Lipid He is the son of Sir Lipid and I presume Lady Lipid Lucky she does not have cousins named Fairbanks Gas Flynn Liuid Ladd Solid or any other Hollywood ian name followed by a chemicalbiological termHis conversation is also very entertaining There is a highway man out here He is very handsome His face is marked with S He is called Scarsword So how did that particular highwayman get his scar The writer explains that he was dallying with an Austrian aristocrat’s wife and stood there allowing himself to get a Heidelberg scar in a duel fought with the irate husband So we have two pages of women like to be robbed by him They want to be robbed by him They let it be known in certain uarters that they want to be robbed by him and he comes and robs them a second time All this information is supposed to be entertaining talk for the ladies while travelingThe heroine who is named Victoria immediately turns her cat yellow eyes hey were not they green in the first page to her cousin and begins I want to be robbed I would like to be robbed I need to be rob

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She embarked on a life of deception and unexpected passion Aristocratic breeding and virtue could not save beautiful and adventurous Tori Rawlings from a repugnant marriage To escape her b. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI got this book in an omnibus of Fern Michaels's two earlier works called FATE FORTUNE which contains both VIXEN IN VELVET and WHITEFIREVIXEN IN VELVET is a story about a girl named Tori who is engaged to be married to a much much older man Being a firebrand she is naturally not happy about this and spends the weeks leading up to her wedding sulking and pouting and trying to figure a way to get out of it Help comes unexpectedly in the form of her maid who tells her a story of a tavern wench nearby who could easily pass as her doppelganger Enlisting the help of her cousin Granger Tori goes to the tavern and persuades the girl whose name is Dolly to take her place at the wedding and let her live the free and completely problem less life of a tavern wench in her steadDolly agrees to this one sided bargain and Tori realizes how screwed she is when all the men at the tavern try to harass her she's living in a scummy apartment with the rent unpaid and she actually has to work hard on an empty stomach Her cousin was supposed to come see her and help her but he flaked and just when you think it can't get any worse it turns out that Dolly was lovers with a feared highwayman named Scarblade who decides to pay Tori a visitScarblade called such because of an S shaped wound on his face is actually using his money to gather funding for the colonists during the Revolutionary War He's not actually that terrifying and is a great hit with the ladies who apparently sometimes actually want him to rob him just so he'll paw through their clothing lol He met Tori when she was young and he was robbing her family and she was struck by his free and imposing spirit and she's just as struck by him a second timeAlso unexpected bonus for this era he doesn't rape her I'm not sure if that's because this book was rewritten for a discerning modern audience in the new Kindle edition and maybe there was rape in the earlier editions published in the 1970s but in the edition published in VIXEN IN VELVET at least Scarblade is a perfect gentleman and doesn't take advantage of her WooI wanted to like this book I wasn't prepared for the tone which is unexpectedly comical Tori's shenanigans had me smiling in the beginning of the book I think the problem is that this book wants to have the dark and dangerous high stakes adventures of its grim predecessors but doesn't fully commit So when Scarblade gets imprisoned and Tori has to seduce a disgusting guard for example you never really fear for the characters as you might in a book where the author is a gleeful sadist because the light tone of the novel makes you know that nothing bad will happen Tori is also an exhausting heroine and eventually her antics got oldHonestly VIXEN IN VELVET is a bodice ripper for people who don't like bodice rippers If you want the vibe of a bodice ripper without any of the horror or rape this is a book for you I thought it was kind of boring but I do appreciate that this will work for some people who aren't me2 to 25 stars

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Vixen in VelvetEnglandVixen In Velvet is vintage Fern Michaels an unforgettable novel of a young woman's surrender to excitement darker than she'd ever imagined and a love passionate than she'd ever kno. She’s pulling the wool over someone’s eyes but it just might be her ownI’d never read anything by Fern Michaels before I picked up this copy of Vixen in Velvet I will certainly read by this author I enjoyed the author’s style and the characters were interesting too I couldn’t put the book down I have to state right away this book was published in 1976 and does show a bit of it’s age There is the occasional head hopping which could be a tad jarring but not terribleTori wants to be in a marriage of love not convenience I get it She wants to be loved and not by someone who essentially bought her She’s headstrong and sometimes almost too much for her own good I liked her willingness to get into trouble and to put in work Then there’s Scarblade Honestly he’s a pill but he could’ve been worse I rather liked him The attraction happened rather fast but it’s romance and I liked itIf you want a book that’s original then this is the one for you