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Im New Here Mobi à 32 pages Download ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Im New Here Author Anne Sibley O'Brien – Maria is from Guatemala Jin is from Korea and Fatima is from Somalia All three are new to their American elementary school and each has trouble speaking writing and sharing ideas in English Through se E in their new school without losing a sense of their home country language Im New MOBI #181 and identity Young readers from all backgrounds will appreciate this touching story about the assimilation of three immigrant students in a supportive school community Anne Sibley O'Brien is one of the founders of I'm Your Neig Text to WorldThis book will be awesome for not only new students in general but also for international students It shows students different children of different backgrounds trying to adapt to their new life as well as connecting to their peers Even though the new children in the book have a severe language barrier with their classmates they still try to find ways to connect One way to connect will be finding something that they might have in common as in a favorite toy or a favorite center to play in By doing so allows them to create their own language of communication I think it is very important to teach children to not only accept everyone but to also be open to everyone's background and this book is an great example for that

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Hbor an organization that promotes children's literature featuring new arrival cultures As the rate of immigration to the United States increases topics related to immigration are increasingly important in the classroom and home I'm New Here demonstrates how our global community can work together and build a home for al This book showed the life of three students from their perspective They each had a different challenges whether it was adjusting to the language or the American culture itself The three started off feeling uncomfortable but learned to love the new life in AmericaThe reason I chose this for my text set is to add cultural variety when speaking of immigrant children There are people who come from all around the world to create a new home here in America It's such a hard adjustment for them to embrace a completely different cultureI gave it 3 stars because I don't think it was very interesting It does offer a great deal of insight behind the three cultures shown from the three individuals It can start a conversation about the languages and cultures those children were coming from It's age appropriate and children are able to understand the story because it's simple but it doesn't have a rich plot There was no climax or big problem the book seemed very monotone to me The problem in the book was that the three students felt challenges and the resolution was seen as them embracing this new lifestyle It has realistic characters and it even shows the setting of where they used to live The illustrations enhanced the story It was interesting to see their culture in the drawings and I think that's what will really capture the children's attention What I loved most about this book was its diversity It represented different cultures exposing children to multiple perspectives as well as the main characters' values There weren't any negative stereotypes portrayed The characters portrayed real emotions within the text making it relatable to students Their lifestyles and speech are genuine The author connected to the story because she had to move to South Korea and she realized how people from other countries might feel when they come to America It's a good read I would just like a richer plot

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Im New HereMaria is from Guatemala Jin is from Korea and Fatima is from Somalia All three are new to their American elementary school and each has trouble speaking writing and sharing ideas in English Through self determination and with encouragement from their peers and teachers the students learn to feel confident and comfortabl Popularityappeal rating 3uality rating 4In a one sentence nutshellMay not be the most popular book but it's an important one because of how it explains what it feels like to be new to a country where you don't speak the language Will hopefully inspire empathy and compassion for new students especially those where English is not their first language