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CHARACTERS Liberty or Death The Soldier Chronicles #1 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Liberty or Death The Soldier Chronicles #1 ✩ Author David Cook – It is May 1798 and Ireland is a country at war One hundred thousand peasants have riseY fighting where at the walled town of New Ross he discovers a new horrorIn the desperate battle for peace Lorn must survive for the sake of Ireland's futureLiberty or Death is an authentic historical story set against the brutal backdrop of Ireland's Great Rebellion the first novella in The Soldier Chronicles seri. Liberty or Death was probably one of the rare books that are as far from my usual genre as ever However I was instantly drawn to its detailed historical description and the realistic writing style Lovers of historical fiction and war will adore this book Brilliant

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It is May and Death The PDF #200 Ireland is a country at war One hundred thousand peasants have risen up against the Crown to the tales of men women and children butchered as traitors It is whispered that the feared and despised ghosts of Oliver Cromwell’s New Model army have returned seeking bloodshed and no one. A New Voice“Liberty or Death” the debut novella of David Cook is a tour de force a superb struggle through the battles of the Irish troubles of 1798 David re creates Georgian Ireland vividly weaving the hero Lorn’s mission to bring Colonel Black a maverick brutal monster who kills for pleasure to justice into a wealth of period detail and description Fast moving and bloody this is an adventure that is not for the faint hearted David has a wonderful style and “Liberty or Death” left this reader wanting much of his writing Brilliantly characterized you feel for both sides of the hostilities the conflicted loyalties of the men whose heritage was Irish yet fought for the BritishIf you want to know about the period then “Liberty or Death” is an excellent place to start It may leave you with uestions about the causes of the struggles and confound some of your entrenched opinions I look forward to David’s further books in which I expect to avidly read Lorn’s further adventures against his nemesis the French spy and agitator De Marin David is a new voice in the historical genre and should be snapped up fast by a main stream publisher While not comparing their styles if you love Bernard Cornwell then you will be pleased to find an excellent alternative in David Cook


Liberty or Death The Soldier Chronicles #1Is safeMajor Lorn Mullone a man forged by war and torn by past failures is sent by the government to apprehend Colonel Black a dangerous and shadowy figure who is harming the fragile peace talks with his own murderous retributionIn Liberty or MOBI #181 a race against time Lorn must journey across a country riven b. Bloody Bill Anderson in a red coatI read Cook's collection of short stories BATTLE SCARS which led me to try this novella of the Irish rebellion or fight for liberty during the Napoleonic wars Mr Cook is a both a good writer and a good story teller His writing is full of historical detail and descriptions of people and places Even in the medium of a novella he is able to develop his characters enough to make them interesting In addition to the story of men and women in battle there is also a manhunt and a mystery I was planning to offer some criticism of a character drawing a bead on and shooting a rebel with a smooth bore cavalry carbine On a whim I did a little research and found that with properly sized balls modern shooters have found the Brown Bess from which the carbine was derived to be accurate against man sized targets at 50 yards The inaccuracy of the Brown Bess appears to be based upon two factors The British army did not teach or emphasize individual marksmanship and they used undersized balls for speed of reloading