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review Male Medusa Caught in Coils Otherkind Kink Male Medusa #1 × eBook or Kindle ePUB é ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Male Medusa Caught in Coils Otherkind Kink Male Medusa #1 Author Stella Inox – Warning Contains extremely explicit content not suitable for anyone bTeaches her of lust and how to love This is not your average bed time story For lovers of hot twisted male characters myth magic and folklore this is an adult Medusa Caught in MOBI #9734 legend with a twist The start to the Male Medusa series this supernatural story is not for the faint hearted If you're a fan of paranormal erotic romance and have a thing for serpents than this one is for youExcerptShe rather thought she might be still be dreaming or hallucinatingThe first thing to really capture her attention was his eyes The irises were so deep and vivid a green that could only be considered emeraldsThose eyes were showcased by a face that was an epiphany He looked a like a fallen angel He had Medusa Caught in Coils Otherkind PDFEPUB or the bone structure of a male G model and the lips of a porn star He was watching her curiously head cockedShe blinked hard and looked closer What she'd initially thought to. Stella Inox’s “Male Medusa Caught in Coils” is a sprawling century spanning sexy read about a rarity among beasts the Male Gorgon Inox makes good use of the Gorgon’s natural tendencies and abilities from mesmerizing gaze to snakes to toxin and the MM scenes and MF scenes are both hot We did feel that the second male lover a peasant who the main character beds with for the human’s whole life was glossed over when it could have been interestingly fleshed out and there were a couple moments where body parts were referred to as “bowels” which turned us off but these uirks were uickly overridden by the hot slithering heat of the story 6 of 8 tentacles and 4 of 5 stars

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Warning Contains extremely explicit content not suitable for Caught in PDF #8608 anyone below years of ageHe's an anomaly belonging to a forgotten world A myth Cast out and bound in enchantments by his own kind he lingers adrift and forgotten in a hidden cavern wiling away the eons Crossing paths with humans over the years he is both feared and desired his bite bringing addiction and ecstasy or death Knowing much of loneliness little of kindness and nothing of women the only male Gorgon in history has a surprise in store for him when his Male Medusa eBook #234 dark haired destiny lands at his feetWhen the roof of a concealed cave collapses underneath the feet of Amelia an archeological researcher seeking the lost temple of a snake god she doesn't expect to be rescued by a gorgon a male medusa Ancient and powerful Serpen is nothing like she could ever have imagined As she teaches him of kindness and respect he. So short it's hard to come up with a fully fleshed out review Needless to say it was short and kinky and I was disappointed the next chapter isn't available yet The closest comparison I can think of is Sholto from the Merry Gentry series when Merry uit getting sueamish about his extra bits Wish we could subscribe to new books being release by an author As good as this was it's not long enough or impactful enough to make me remember to check back for new books All those slots in my brain are filled up with full length novels Oh well Maybe I'll trip over this again sometime Not a complete story by the way Which seems to be happening and lately to my eternal disappointment Only Leto can get away with infinite #soon teases

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Male Medusa Caught in Coils Otherkind Kink Male Medusa #1Be dreadlocks were actually snakes They weren't toy snakes either They were twisting against one another looking at her just as curiously as he was That couldn't be right She closed her eyes pressing the lids hard together Then she opened them againNope she'd been right the first time They were definitely snakes Maybe she was feverish and imagining thingsShe untangled her hand from the blanket and reached out grasping the snake that swung the closest to her It was warm and writhed gently in her hand It was a bright green lightening to a pale cream on its underbelly and rather than fight her grip it coiled around her wrist forked tongue flicking and tasting her skin gently It sprang from his temple and would be long to enough to touch the back of his knee when he stood It felt pretty damn real to herShe wasn't hallucinatingIt was realHE was real A fresh novelnovella from the newest monster erotica style Autho. Too short