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Shameless Free read ´ 100 ¼ ➵ [Reading] ➷ Shameless By Nina Lemay ➪ – Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MR4SM3OGirls like me don’t get happy endingsI know what I am At worst a cliché at best a cautionary tale I put an international borde Librarian's note This is an alternate coveLibrarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BMRSMOGirls like me don’t get happy endingsI know what I am At worst a cliché at best a cautionary tale I put an international border between me and my past only to wind up working in a low end titty bar Even my excuse is as lame as it gets I’m paying for college getting my art degr. This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books35 STARSI’ve been struggling with how to rate this on one hand I liked it it was an okay book but then again it was nothing special it didn’t leave me feeling anything in particular The story follows Hannah who’s an American art student in Canada In her free time she works as a stripper to pay for school She also meets Emmanuel who turns out to be her Photography professor That’s what the blurb says but to me this was a story about Hannah and the problems she has with herself and her identity I mean I liked her in the beginning I really did but oh boy did she then start to annoy me That’s my main problem with this book – I couldn’t connect with the protagonist at all She ran away from home but as we all know you can’t run away from yourself She starts working as a stripper when she obviously has issues with that Throughout the novel I felt like that was a big part of who she was like she labeled herself as such I think the author should have made her likeable so we could actually see what Emmanuel saw in her why did he like her Further the taboo relationship which didn’t really feel taboo even though the age difference is perfect 11 years That is mostly because I felt the obstacles to their relationship came from within; not from Emmanuel being her teacher but from Hannah and her inability to let someone in and to trust She had issues with herself which I felt she didn’t fully resolve by end of the novelMoreover I could compare this with other teacherstudent romances I’d read but I won’t be doing that Generally such books can divided into 2 categories romantic ones where MCs are actually in love and end up together and the abusive ones where it’s mainly about lust and those don’t end up so well And Shameless falls into the first category In conclusion this is a 3 star read for me it was simply okay nothing particularly memorable about it; although I really liked the writing style and I think the author has potential and I’ll be definitely reading Nina Lemay again

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Ee from Montreal’s most prestigious school Although some days it becomes confusing am I just a student who moonlights as a stripper or a stripper who masuerades as a studentBut the inevitable happens and my two lives collide And now there’s one other person who knows both the uiet antisocial Hannah and the sensual shameless Alicia One person w. All right here goesFirst thanks to the author who graciously provided me with the review copy after I approached her Normally I don’t do stuff like this but when I saw the blurb I couldn’t resistSHAMELESS didn’t disappoint Five gorgeous emotional beautifully written stars And for five stars five reasons why I adored this book One Hannah Stripping was logical for me One fall day last year I just bought some cheap high heels and a bra and panties set from the discount rack at the lingerie outlet and showed up at my first club I didn’t get coerced into it there was no moral dilemma no lying awake at night being tormented by my downfall It was in a way unavoidable I’ve rarely encountered a character like her It’s hard to write stripper characters without falling into generalizations and clichés Not that Hannah was flawless in that regard A couple of things made me go tsk tsk view spoilerShe lives in a rundown apartment with a hole in the ceiling despite making thousands of dollars a week Really And I hoped through the whole book there wouldn’t be a sexual abuse background even though it was heavily hinted there might be In the end it turned out all right different from what I expected no evil uncles or date raping jocks at least hide spoiler

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ShamelessHo keeps my secretHe’s beautiful he’s sophisticated He comes from the other side of life the one where I’m not wanted or accepted But he calls me la petite Américaine and his hot hot hands on my skin promise me things I long ago gave up onThe problem He teaches my Classic Photography class This is a standalone novel no series no cliffhanger. Received this book for honest review I don't even know where to start Usually if someone tells the story about a young adult stripping to support herself I am instantly grossed out No slut shaming I think i just have a hard time imaginign myself doing itI loved the love story wrapped up in the dirty bits and the confusion between being strippercollege student Its very real you want to hold your breath to see if she gets the happy ending she deserves Nina you are a gift This story sucked me in i found myself trying to put myself in each characeters position And thats what makes the boko work when the reader imagines what life would be like as one of the characters I refuse to tell plot because I dont want to be that reviewer that gives you the good bits 45 STARS Thanks Nina I look forward to reading from you