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Last Stop on Market Street kindle á eBook 9780399257742 Free ↠ dcmdirect õ [Download] ✤ Last Stop on Market Street By Matt de la Pena – Every Sunday after church CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town But today CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friendN is met with an encouraging answer from grandma who helps him see the beauty and Stop on Market ePUB #9734 fun in their routine and the world around th Beautiful Profound Colorful And AliveThis bookthis book is poetry I loved itLast Stop on Market Street tells the story of a little boy CJ and his Nana riding the bus We meet and experience personalities sounds and smells right along with CJ and his grandmother We see the world out the window on the bus and in the people we meet From raindrops to music to butterflies to graffiti CJ asks and wonders about it all as he makes his way through the city “Why” this and “How come” that And his Nana has an answer –perfect answers filled with compassion and grace and love every time Pure love”How come it’s always so dirty over here”She smiled and pointed to the sky“Sometimes when you’re surrounded by dirt CJ you’re a better witness for what’s beautiful”These words and pictures are a celebration of life’s little gems Simple pleasures and wonders are captured in colorful pictures and lively words Words that bring the bus ride to life The bus “sighed” and “sagged” and “lurched” CJ skipped ducked and looked Really looked and listened And you will tooThis beautiful story will inspire you to look and listen to the people and places around you To find the beauty around you Never forget to look for the wonder and beauty in you in the people around you and the world I needed a reminder actually Highly recommended

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Every Sunday after church on Market PDF #8608 CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town But today CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friend So I should be honest and say that this review isn't really about this book as much as it is about my disappointment in the Newbery committee's decision This is a nice picture book and it represents all of the underrepresented groups that we're all looking to see in literature for kids It's a sweet earnest thing Maybe a little didactic for my taste The book takes on a big difficult idea And it handles it pretty nicely For a picture book For four year olds Up to eight if you go by the publisher's marketing materials I am a huge believer in the importance of picture books and for the great ones I don't think there's any limit to the top of the age range I'm not prepared to go that far for this one But REALLY Newbery committee Really The most distinguished contribution to literature for children out of all the books of 2015 ok subject to residency reuirements etc If we want to investigate ideas of community and diversity if we want to find beauty in our surroundings no matter the difficulties we have to overcome certainly we can allow attention than a picture book affords And textual complexity maybe While the Caldecott for Hugo Cabret was a surprise that made sense to me this book just doesn't do what I need a Newbery book to do It doesn't challenge readers to engage with characters or ideas in a profound or extended way Obviously this is all only my opinion but it seems to me that the committee missed an opportunity here

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Last Stop on Market StreetColby Why doesn’t he have an iPod like Last Stop PDFEPUBthe boys on the bus How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town Each uestio A bit to didactic for my taste but it is undeniably a great tool to encourage many conversations with your child about how diverse people are My son was endlessly fascinated by the guy covered in tattoos