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Review Ç Patience ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ ➾ [Download] ➾ Patience By John Coates ➳ – Jeune naïve jolie et satisfaite de son existence uotidienne Patience a été pendant sept ans une épouse soumise et une mère de famille parfaite Tout cela sans jamais éprouver le moindre plaisiR avec son époux tenir son rôle d'épouse le jour et d'amante la nuit pendant ue lui même vaue à ses occupations Si seulement tout cela ne la condamnait pas au Péché Si elle veut vivre pleinement cet amour naissant et passionnel Patience devra affronter mille difficultés et de terribles – mais réjouissants – affres de conscience. No summary of the plot of this book can give even an inkling of its charm Patience is a strict Catholic who has produced 3 daughters in less than 7 years of marriage to Edward an older man chosen for her by her mother even though he is not a Catholic The novel starts when Patience's repressed brother Lionel informs her that Edward has a mistress On the rebound from this shattering revelation Patience sleeps with a penniless musician Philip with whom she has her first orgasm ever Discovering all at once what love and sex are all about Patience decides to get rid of Edward and make a life with Philip a daunting prospect for an observing Catholic However when ransacking Edward's desk for evidence of his affair she finds proof that his first wife is still alive Therefore although Edward was legally divorced when he married her in the eyes of the Catholic Church he should not have married her There is never any doubt of where this fairytale is going of course Patience finds true happiness after managing to push Edward in the arms of his mistress without him suspecting that she has a lover of her own What makes this novel utterly delightful to read is the author's lightness of touch Patience's sexual awakening and gradual reconciliation of her religion with her newly gained agency are described with gentle humor Patience gets wise to the ways of men without losing anything of her sweetness and innocence in the best sense of the word In the end although she reassesses a number of the tenets of her religion she keeps her faith in a loving God intact Deceptively simple and in an odd way timeless

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Es menus de la semaine la sortie au parc avec ses trois adorables filles Mais un jour deux événements viennent bouleverser sa vie alors u'elle apprend ue son mari entretient une liaison Patience rencontre le beau Philip et ne tarde pas à découvrir les joies de la chair dans une fulgurante révélation ue faire Ne pourrait elle s'arrange. The subtitle is A Proper Girl Improperly in Love so I obviously loved this

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PatienceJeune naïve jolie et satisfaite de son existence uotidienne Patience a été pendant sept ans une épouse soumise et une mère de famille parfaite Tout cela sans jamais éprouver le moindre plaisir physiue Subissant le devoir conjugal en bonne catholiue et avec le sourire s'il vous plaît Patience passe le temps en pensant à autre chose l. Patience 28 years old and already the mother of three daughters is an obedient and submissive wife in the upper middle English style She defers to her husband Edward and Nanny and has a generalised well being due mostly to her own beauty and wealth her happiness in her small children and an ability to take pleasure in small things She rarely has a serious or analytical thought and is or less wafting through life when she stumbles upon evidence that her husband Edward not only has a mistress but even inconveniently a first wife who is still alive As Patience is a practicing Catholic the presence of this wife seems to indicate that her own marriage is invalid When Patience falls in love with Philip a concert pianist the situation devolves into a bit of a muddle Having just experienced love and lust for the first time Patience is both losing her innocence and becoming worldly in the sense of managing men Sin and the strictures of the Catholic churchThe tone of this novel is drawing room comedy light arch satirical The protagonist is a bird brained well brought up girl who is perhaps not as dumb as she seems It all moves along at a fast clip and was hugely readable but didn't make much of an impression on me Perhaps I read it in the wrong mood but it just seemed a bit silly