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Ncreasingly ‘invisible’ and moving at a high rate of speed they can have a second chance at creating the life they’ve always wantedThe global problems we face cannot be solved by the same minds and people who created them and today’s world demands the ability to see the future and prepare for what lies aheadprepare for the opportunities as well as the challengesLike it or not we are all involved in the greatest evolutionary event in human history The Industrial Age is over and the Information Age continues to accelerat. Although I would not follow about 95% of his advice I usually enjoy reading Robert Kiyosaki's books I usually enjoy the different perspective he has and he writes in an entertaining way This book however is simply a rehash of his previous books an ad for his other products including his previous books and a personal memoir that borders narcissism There is very little substance that the reader can learn or use The best money advice I could give would be to avoid buying this book so you'll be 1795 ahead Don't waste your time by checking it out from the library like I did either Your time could be used for something much worthwhile

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Second ChanceE The visible agents of change have become invisibleand harder to see And the future belongs to those who can train their minds use the past to see the future and take the steps to create the positive change they want to see in their lives Second Chance is a guide to understanding how the past will shape the future and how you can use Information Age tools and insights to create a fresh start This book is a guide to facing head on the dangers of the crises around us and steps and tips for seizing the opportunities they present. Another of my walking the dogs audiobook I have read several of Kiyosaki's Rich Dad books in the past This is geared toward folks who lost a lot during the 2007 Great Recession Honestly it did not go over much new material from his other books If you've read any of his books you're probably already been exposed to 80 90% of the material presented here The author uses repetition very often to stress the important points So be prepared to hear the same thing over and over

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Free download Second Chance 107 ☆ ➽ [Download] ✤ Second Chance By Robert T. Kiyosaki ➲ – Few would argue with the fact that on many fronts we are a world in crisis And there are two sides to every crisis be it a leadership crisis an economic crisis an education crisis or a moral crisis Th Few would argue with the fFew would argue with the fact that on many fronts we are a world in crisis And there are two sides to every crisis be it a leadership crisis an economic crisis an education crisis or a moral crisis The two side to crisis are danger and opportunityRobert Kiyosaki’s new book Second Chancefor Your Money and Your Life uses the lessons from the past and a brutal assessment of the present to prepare readers to see –and seize– the futureIf readers can train their minds to see what their eyes cannot in a world that is becoming i. SECOND CHANCE is similar to some of the author’s prior books Like RICH DAD POOR DAD this book draws a lot of comparisons between the two main influences in his life—his well educated dad who followed the traditional academic route or the street wise dad who made a lot of money The author uotes extensively from CASHFLOW UADRANT Most people do not truly understand the difference between assets and liabilities nor do they understand the tax advantages to owning your own business “Employees and self employed people work for money; business owner owners and investors work for assets” The vast majority of people are not well educated in a financial sense Even though there’s lots of information out there most people don't know how to use it “Without financial education a person cannot convert that information into knowledge” Further Robert continues the banking system is rigged against the middle class “The money system is designed to keep people poor not to make them rich The monetary system is designed to keep people working hard for money” The author bases his thinking on the writings of R Buckminster Fuller Robert attended a philanthropic lecture by Dr Fuller in 1981 He admits he did not go to this lecture for any altruistic purpose; instead he really was out there to figure out how to get rich He explains that “Bucky was actually a boring speaker So instead of falling asleep sitting in the audience he volunteered to work the camera Then as he was looking through the eyepiece he had a vision “A gentle wave of energy went through me I could feel my heart open and I begin to cry They weren't tears of sadness or pain but tears of gratitude for this man's courage to do what he had been doing for years guiding and teaching and looking into the future” And so the author embraced the teachings of Dr Fuller and based his whole philosophy of life on his writings In particular Dr Fuller believed that the world is based on critical “generalized principles Fuller wrote that humanity is at a critical stage in the evolutionary process Will humans embrace generosity or will they become ensnared in greedAnd so the Rich Dad Company was founded on one of these generalized principles discovered by the author “The people I serve the effective I become” The author wants people to have another chance at money and life uoting Dr Fuller “The Great Spirit wants all humans to be rich” Against those striving to succeed the rich and powerful are scheming to steal the wealth of the middle class via the banking systemAs in prior books the author repeats his assertion that America is on the brink of a huge financial catastrophe; a giant crash will occur around 2016 and so he cautions about investments in stocks bonds mutual funds and savings “I'd be very suspicious of anything that's printed on paper “The author wraps up SECOND CHANCE with these three uestions1 Rather than look for a job look for problems that need solving2 Rather than work hard for money work hard to serve people3 Rather than ask god for help find ways you can help god The author speaks at length about the imminent collapse of the financial system; however his reasoning seems weak at times For example when discussing laws passed by one recent president he admits that he is using “a rumor” about him Then he concludfes that this new law “virtually guaranteed the bankruptcy of the United States” Similarly in many places the author uotes extensively from Wikipedia as though an internet website is a definitive referenceNevertheless SECOND CHANCE is a fascinating book covering a lot than just investment advice The first part of the book reads very much like an autobiography Robert explains his philosophy and his spiritual approach to life The last two parts of SECOND CHANCE present advice similar to the CASHFLOW UADARANT One very interesting tidbit of information is that RICH DAD POOR DAD actually began as a brochure for marketing the CASHFLOW game