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My True TypeIt is hard to overstate the value and importance of knowing who you are After My True PDF all who you understand yourself to be your sense of self and identity influences everything it is the compass we use to navigate life Your personality type is an integral part of who you are Knowing and understanding your type eg INFP can bring confidence and direction in your life's path But like countless others you may be unsure of your true type perhaps feeling “stuck in the middle” between two or three typesMy True Type was carefully researched and written to address these issues It will euip you with the knowledge and skills reuired t. It took me a long time to read this book but you have to be in a certain frame of mind to absorb information it's a difficult place to get to than novel reading at least for meI've always loved Myers Briggs objections be damned and wrote a 30 page paper for my undergrad History of Psych class on Jungian personality typing I can't begin to say I've memorized all the info from this book even in a broad format but I took a lot of notes and hopefully can look over things again sometime the book I got from the library It was nice to examine the functions which is something I hadn't really looked into before It was also fun to do the clarifier uizzes at the back though I've known my type for years and years and always get the same result ISTJ I love doing uestionnaires and examining myself for the uestions they ask

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F each of the personality preferences and functions • Identification of and explanations for common “mistypings” eg introverts mistyping as extraverts etc• Clear explanations of type theory including the nuts and bolts of the functional stack and how the preferences link up with the functionsThe book also addresses a number of “freuently asked uestions” such as• Can my personality type change over time• Is it possible to be an “x type” to have no true preference at all eg ExFP• Are some types or functions “right brained” or “left brained”• How does gender affect personality type especially T F differenc. Very helpful in helping me understand some things about the MBTI I was uncertain about

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My True Type review õ 3 Ý ❰Read❯ ➪ My True Type Author A.J. Drenth – It is hard to overstate the value and importance of knowing who you are After all who you understand yourself to be your sense of self and identity influences everything; it is the compass we use to It is hard to overstate the value and importanO clarify and better understand your personality type preferences and functions If you really want to know yourself better and gain clarity in your life this book is for you Some of its main features include• Type Clarifier Assessment This brand new personality inventory is composed of two parts Part I is designed to clarify your personality preferences E I S N T F J P while Part II focuses on clarifying your functions Se Si Ne Ni Te Ti Fe Fi Instructions are then provided for integrating these results in order to identify your true type • Numerous tips and strategies for identifying and clarifying your type• In depth analyses o. Finally know my type I have taken the MBTI at least 10 times over the past 30 years I have received results as diverse as INFP and ENFJ None of the explanations and descriptions have ever rung true with me Until now After studying the functions I understand myself I took a comprehensive test to confirm what I discovered while studying I am an ENFP Thank you