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The Bar Code Tattoo Point Thriller free read ✓ 6 ✓ [Read] ➪ The Bar Code Tattoo Point Thriller By Suzanne Weyn – The bar code tattoo Everybody's getting it It will make your life easier they say It will hook you in It will become your identityBut what if you say no What if you don't want to become T if you say no What if you don't want to become a code For Kayla this one choice changes everything She becomes an outcast in her high school Dangerous things. The United States government has been taken over by Global 1 – they basically own everything imaginable – technology medicine food politicians Global 1 is trying to enact a law that reuires everyone over the age of 17 to get a bar code tattoo The tattoo is supposed to make everything easier because it keeps all of the information about a person in one place – ID bank account credit medical history everything Lots of people love the tattoo because it makes transactions so easy and fast but the tattoo has some unexpected conseuences as well For instance Kayla’s father commits suicide soon after he gets his tattoo Kayla weeks away from being 17 and being reuired to get her own tattoo is left wondering why her dad killed himself over a bar code Kayla ends up joining a group of protesters around her age who are fighting the bar coding of America They publish a zine on the dangers of the bar code and speculate on just what information might be encoded in it More and people are experiencing the effects of barcoding – both positive and negative – and it becomes obvious that Global 1 is hiding something about the tattoos Kayla stumbles upon it when she is able to access the encrypted file that contains the data stored in her father’s bar code That’s when she learns that people’s DNA is stored in their files That might not seem like it’s very important but the information buried in the genetic code is being used by others to favor certain individuals over others – those that have good genes are the ones who receive promotions medical benefits awards opportunities etc Those that have bad genes find themselves passed over ignored overlooked and in some cases exterminated This was a lot like the movie Gattaca If you don’t have the right genes you can’t really aspire to do anything meaningful Measurements of your ability don’t have any meaning if you can’t present a flawless genetic profile No one wants youThis raises a lot of really good uestions about sharing personal data and information and how it could go awry I’m sure that some of this already goes on People keep saying over and over that you don’t need to worry if you have nothing to hide but why does the government need to have access to this information and what will they do with it There are some really scary possibilities With genetics you might not even know what you’re hiding Even importantly is it ethical morally right to deny people access to care or medical attention based on their genes And what about having a governing body that hasn’t been chosen by its people but rather by its monetary power base that makes these decisions for people To eliminate the weak in favor of the strong the feeble minded in favor of the intelligent etc It’s taking selection out of the hands of nature How much do we do this already The implications are fascinating to think about This was not a great piece of literature It was easy to read didn’t use a lot of challenging words and moved really uickly Its strengths are the ideas that it sets out to examine – the ‘what if’ is tru

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Code Tattoo ePUB #180 The bar code tattoo Everybody's getting it It will make your life easier they say It will hook you in It will become your identityBut wha. There are multiple problems with this book first being the overall flow of the story there wasn't one Usually you'll have a build up to a climax but this book is lacking that rather it has many small disappointing peaks Just when you think the main character is going to have to fend for herself and show her inner strength someone appears to rescue her The big let down in that is that friends from the beginning of the book reappear at 'just the right time' which took away any shred of realism hard to come by in a YA work of fiction so I hope you understand my meaningThe writing style itself made this book difficult to read The author at the beginning seemed to repeat and reword sentences; almost like a school student trying to get a word count in a book report I realize the book is MEANT for young adults but it felt like it was written BY a young adult She used phrases such as final level banged out and astral which may fit the stereotypical futuristic story they grated on my nerves It felt like the author was watching a lot of the Jetsons during this writing Entirely to forcedTeachers sometimes tell a student to write what you know and it seems to have been used here but ruined with so many themes Paranormal plot twists government conspiracies GMOs modern technology run amok It felt like she was reaching to grab so many different genres and readers that the story and characters didn't get enough depth I also disliked the 'secret love affair' that crops up between the main character and the predictable dark brooding male lead at the beginning He is dating another girl and our main character tolerates him dating another womanMore frustrating than the damsel in distress behavior that I see so much of is this one A terrible example for young girls There were uestionable behaviors that fit the circumstances and in context are easy to dismiss but yet another weak female who the author tries to portray as stronga waste I think the only part of the book I actually enjoyed was the short news articles inserted after the previous mentioned little peaks in the story The flashbacks or should that be flash forwardsIt's been uite awhile since I've read a book I disliked THIS much It immediately went into my pile to add on paperback swap Curiosity and the desire to write my first review is what kept me reading it otherwise it was not a page turner by any stretch By the last uarter of the book I had a hard time finishing it Normally a book like this would be a one day read it took three days

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The Bar Code Tattoo Point ThrillerHappen to her family There's no option but to run The Bar PDF or for her lifeIndividuality vs conformityIdentity vs accessFreedom vs controlThe bar code tatto. Cute What an adorable attempt at a dystopian novel That's hours of my life that I'll never get back