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Venus wa Kataomoi Summary Ü 104 Ú [PDF] ✓ Venus wa Kataomoi By Yuki Nakaji – College A time for new friends and new loves — and getting confused about which is which It seems like Suzuna is on track to land Fukami the guy of her dreams But when she meets his best friend and College A time for new friends and new lovesTo take a second look at the whole situation She's about to discover that love can come with some unexpected competiti. Sometimes it's nice to fall into the oh so simple world of romance manga and this was a great find I like the tangled relationships the beautiful drawings and the cute scenarios Unfortunately I almost never pick up the second volume in a series because manga are really hard for me to find in my area but I think I'll make an effort for this one and read the lot even if I have to order them online or get my sister to keep a look out for me Cute and if you're a fan of other animemanga such as Ouran or Fruits Basket this one is definitely for you

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College A time for new friends and new loves and getting confused about which is which It seems like Suzuna is on tr. Note This review is for the whole series Volumes 1 12 Venus wa Kataomoi is probably one of the most cheerful and heartwarming stories I've ever read and it's a series that deserves to be read enjoyed and treasured by many The basic premise is simple but the execution is flawless Nakaji Yuki has managed to combine lovely art with a cast of wonderful characters that will make you laugh and cry with them as they find love and success in lifeThe story follows Ashihara Suzuna as she enters university and meets a group of new friends in Hinako Fukami Eichi and later Yuki It's probably obvious from the title of the manga that a key theme is going to be love but I think another one that is even central here is friendship The bond that forms between Suzuna and her friends is one of the best things about this story; they support each other through thick and thin and even when they find romance with their respective counterparts their circle of friends only grow I loved that Suzuna and Eichi also started off as friendly teasing and lightly bickering rivals in love forming a really solid friendship before it graduates to mutual affection It's really rather sweet and makes the developments that much believable As for their journeys through university to realizing their dreams I found it both realistic and inspiring It really rang true for me as someone who's also going through the same process of discovering my interests and making difficult decisions about future careersWhat can I say about this great cast ensemble Even the supporting characters were awesome; I can honestly say that there wasn't a single character in this series that I disliked At first glance Suzuna may appear to be your usual shoujo heroine; incredibly cute with a slightly ditzy and clumsy side But she's also uite strong and not in the stereotypical tough female way Her strength is in her naturally sunny disposition positive attitude and compassion Suzuna's cheerful acceptance of people is what endeared her to Eichi and Yuki in the first place and it's probably one of the first times I haven't been at all surprised that a shoujo heroine has a number of suitors She deserves every one of them As for Eichi he's sweet natured and adorable with that mild jealous streak of his while Yuki's constant bickering with Suzuna was a great deal of fun It's doubly hilarious that both Eichi and Yuki were originally her love rivals later converted into her loyal followers Eichi and Suzuna made an awesome pair; I loved every bit of their developing romance and they're one of the few shoujo manga couples that I can honestly see working outThe most refreshing thing about these characters was their willingness to voice what they felt openly and if they weren't ready to put something into words they at least made an attempt to show it through actions One previous commenter pointed out that the characters are always chirpy but read a little further and you'll realize that they have just the same problems people experience romantic insecurities misunderstandings with family and even tragedies in their past The difference with Suzuna Co is that they face their problems head on they don't keep everything pent up forever and add to misunderstandings They pick themselves right up and move onAs for the art I found it uite lovely Don't let the cover image put you off; Nakaji Yuki's art is clean simple and very pretty Since this is an older manga it is a bit dated at the beginning but the steady improvement over the volumes is evident and any inconsistencies at the beginning is ironed outAll in all Venus wa Kataomoi is a truly charming series that is a joy to read and it's a real shame that it's so underrated I don't regret having bought the whole series one bit because it has so much reread value It'll be fun to revisit with the cast every so often

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Venus wa KataomoiAck to land Fukami the guy of her dreams But when she meets his best friend and her new neighbour Eichi Suzuna's forced. This turned out to be a very interesting series I have all the published volumes but was very disappointed that it got dropped Would love to know how this one ends but so far its not been scanlated to the end Really liked this one