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read kindle ↠ Junas Jar Ò ✓ jane bahk Ý [Reading] ➸ Junas Jar Author Jane Bahk – Juna and her best friend Hector have many adventures together and they love to collect things in empty kimchi jars Then one day Hector unexpectedly moves away without having a chance to say good bye J Juna aIend What Juna finds is that adventure and new friends can be found in the most unexpected places Coupled with dreamy watercolor illustrations by Felicia Hoshino Juna's Jar is a heartwarming and whimsical tale about the power of the imaginatio Source 2015 AsianPacific American Awards for Literature ’s Jar is a fictional story about Juna who is Korean American Juna and her friend Hector go on adventures and use Juna’s empty kimchi jars to collect rocks and insects Hector moves away and Juna uses her kimchi jar and imagination to help her cope with missing her friend She goes on adventures—swimming deep into the ocean and to underwater caves swinging through the trees of the rain forest and flying through the city on a giant cricket’s back—in search of Hector She is finally able to let go and make a new friend The watercolor illustrations are detailed and dreamlike clearly depicting Juna’s emotions and imagination This picture book incorporates cross racial friendship and aspects of the Korean and Hispanic cultures the main character Juna the use of chopsticks and kimchi jar Hector is Hispanic and lives with his abuelita While there are multicultural aspects the story is universal which makes it easy for all children to relate and make personal connections It is a heartwarming story about both new and ending friendships that primary students would enjoy reading

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Ill on go on adventures with her Determined to find Hector Juna turns to her special kimchi jar for help each night She plunges into the depths of the ocean swings on vines through the jungle and flies through the night sky in search of her fr There are aspects of the books that seem like magical realism but the core story is a child missing her friend and learning to make peace with that and make new friends

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Junas JarJuna and her best friend Hector have many adventures together and they love to collect things in empty kimchi jars Then one day Hector unexpectedly moves away without having a chance to say good bye Juna is heartbroken and left to wonder who w Juna’s Jar is a picture book about a story between two best friends Juna and Hector who are from different cultural backgrounds Juna is of Korean background as made apparent by her collection of kimchi jars and how she addresses her big brother in Korean Hector is of Hispanic or Latino background as made apparent by how his grandma is referred to as “Abuelita” and greeting others using “Hola” The two friends love going on adventures with Juna’s kimchi jars They find items to put in Juna’s Jar One day Hector unexpectedly moves away without saying goodbye This left Juna feeling sad and lonely Her big brother steps in and helps Juna find new items to put in her jar Using her imagination Juna goes on adventures with the new items in her jar each time she looks for Hector and hopes to find him The vibrant and detailed illustrations along with the words in the text capture the two children’s cultural backgrounds The text uses the Korean word “Oppa” to address Juna’s big brother It also uses the word “Abuelita” to address Hector’s grandma The definitions of these words are indicated in the beginning of the book to help readers better understand the story The illustrations portray Juna as a Korean or Korean American girl who likes to eat kimchi Her brother uses chopsticks when eating and takes Juna to Koreatown to purchase items The illustration of Hector does not make it apparent that he is Hispanic or Latino However Juna addresses his grandma as “Abuelita” and Abuelita replies back by saying “Hola” which makes it apparent The illustration of grandma’s house has a sign saying “Bienvenidas” which is “Welcome” in Spanish Although using kimchi to indicate Juna is Korean can seem stereotypical it is not offensive because of the other details that are included to describe Juna’s cultural background Juna’s Jar is the winner of the 2015 16 AsianPacific American Awards for Literature It is told in a third person’s point of view It addresses the themes of friendship and imagination with the help of characters from diverse backgrounds The themes age of characters plot and illustrations in the text indicate it is appropriate for primary grades It can be used as a read aloud or shared reading text when talking about friendship and comparing and contrasting between two characters’ experiences