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Text Å The Princess and the Pony Ï Kate Beaton RINCESS But when the day arrives she doesn't uite get the horse of her dreamsFrom the artist behind the comic phenomenon Hark A Vagrant The Prince That was cute and funny The pony made me smile

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The Princess and the Pony Reader é 40 pages Download Î Kate beaton è ❴Ebook❵ ➠ The Princess and the Pony Author Kate Beaton – Princess Pinecone knows exactly what she wants for her birthday this year A BIG horse A STRONG horse A horse fit for a WARRIOR PRINCE Ss and The Princess PDFEPUBthe Pony is a laugh out loud story of brave warriors big surprises and falling in love with one unforgettable little po The Princess and the Pony is a picture book; a fun tale for tiny tots with a mischievous sense of humour The story is about a petite and pugnacious poppet Princess Pinecone who lives in a kingdom of vaguely Viking warriors All her friends get great warrior presents such as shields amulets helmets with horns on Things to win battles with So Princess Pinecone desperately wants that sort of birthday present too Instead though she's always given cosy sweaters This time she makes sure that everyone knows what she really wants for her birthday a big strong fast perfect warrior's horse And everyone listens and everybody does their bestThey get her a horse of sorts but it's too small and definitely too fat It's a roly poly pony round as a barrel It's rather odd looking in fact and has an unfortunate and embarrassing problem when it gets too excitedPrincess Pinecone is determined to make her pony into warrior material training it up for the great battle And when the day arrives both she and her diminutive pony proudly stand up against Otto the Awful the meanest warrior of allWhat happens next surprises them all and Princess Pinecone is flabbergasted flummoxed floored Everyone ends up happy and having their own fluffy sweaters in this heart warming story of cuddles cuteness friendship and shall I whisper it Or give you a clue The author Jack Vance memorably said Nothing is conspicuous than a farting princess But a pony with this problem doesn't easily escape attention either The Princess and the Pony was written and illustrated in 2015 by Kate Beaton the Canadian artist behind the popular web comic Hark A Vagrant which topped the New York Times bestseller list in 2011 Kate Beaton's drawing style is similar to manga with flat use of colour and occasional pattern Her work has a comic feel with simplified characters and expressions And you can forget any stereotyping Black princesses have been rare in picture book princesses up to now so this princess and her heroic friends are a welcome development in the field Little children who sueal with delight at anything rude love toilet humour and comics may well love this book too

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The Princess and the PonyPrincess Pinecone knows exactly and the PDF #9734 what she wants for her birthday this year A BIG horse A STRONG horse A horse fit for a WARRIOR P But you can't say no to a birthday present so she took the little pony to her room where it ate things it shouldn't have and farted too muchOkaySo a cutie little princess named Pinecone who is just very adorable lives in a world full of warriors She wants to be a fierce warrior too But she is just a little cuddle muffinShe asks for a strong war horse for her birthday but instead she receives an obese little pony who is stupid Needless to say she is not happyIn the end the warriors are completely smitten with the cute pony and they all start doing things like wearing cozy sweaters and having snugglesTHE BAD The pony's farting is a thing I do not enjoy fart jokes Children might but I'm just not a fan I'm not really sure what message is being sent hereYou can't be a warrior because you're female Obviously not There are many female warriors in the bookYou can't be a warrior because you're a child Maybe Although Pinecone is not barred from the brawls and seems to be treated just like everyone else Is she a child Perhaps she's just an extremely short adultWhat's the message Cute things can't fight and should wear fluffy sweaters and be cuddled I don't knowTHE GOOD The illustrations are wonderful especially the battle scene The battle scene is very intricate and there is so much to look at and take in The illustrations are fun and enjoyable and attractive The book is full of cuteness If you like cuteness there's plenty of cutenessTl;dr Meh I expected a little bit out of this book with all the hype it's been getting