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W the natural to Believe How eBook #180 world through a microscope through a telescope or through our contact to Believe How to Understand MOBI #181 lensesAt the heart of the book is Hahn's examination of the ten keys to the kingdom the characteristics of the Church clearly evident in the Scriptures As the story of creation discloses the world is a house that has a Father a palace where the king is really present God created the cosmos to be a kingdom and that kingdom is the universal Church fully revealed by Jesus Christ. Dr Hahn is a late life convert to Roman Catholicism after spending much of his life as a Presbyterian and a ministerHis approach is accessible and at the same time scholarly His style is admirable for a theologian and writer of apologetics It is a wonderful book for newbies and cradle Catholics He is thought provoking and comforting; a rare mix these days After reading a number of the prior reviews by self proclaimed atheists I wondered if we read the same volume Faith is said to be a gift an unearned grace offered to all and accepted by some It was curious to read the barely concealed rage in some of the reviews I suppose that should be expected Standards of proof are as variable as the individual reuiring it If your frame of reference blinds you to the possibilities that exist in the universe Then this is not the book for for you

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Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic FaithThis book unravels mysteries corrects Believe How MOBI #243 misunderstandings and offers thoughtful straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faithBestselling author Scott Hahn a convert to Catholicism has experienced the doubts that so often drive discussions about God and the Church In the years before his conversion he was first a nonbeliever and then an anti Catholic clergymanIn REASONS TO BELIEVE he explains the how and why of the Catholic faith drawing from Scripture his own struggles and tho. I'm an atheist daughter to two devout Catholics My parents fear for my soul and my mother asked me to read this Since I don’t believe in the divinity of the Bible I couldn’t get through parts 2 and 3 other than the very final Chapter Those sections are like reading fan commentary about the Lord of the Rings Star Wars Star Trek or many of the other topics of passionate leisure discourse If you haven't gotten lost in the mystery you don't get anything out of itI thought it was a very poor piece of work Scott Hahn did not provide any uniue additions to the already poor arguments for faith He did not do any non religious source research for any of his assertions This is important because he claims it's emperically verifiable The cosmos seems to have been designed so that it might be perceived by humankind In actuality most are based on downright myths Much like Mere Christianity he appealed to the emotion of the faithful But unlike CS Lewis he appears to actually believe he has a substantive argument for faith based on empirical evidence Most were laughable attempts based on arguments previously made by men smarter than he which weren't successful eitherFor example is his argument that atheism is a new concept p31 Actually Buddhism is an atheist belief system The majority of Buddhists do not believe in a diety There are some small sects that believe that Buddha was a diety but most do not Buddhism dates back to between 6th and 4th century BCEThis book confirmed to me that religion is the opium of the people It doesn’t take much for a religious book to inspire the faithful Anything that makes us think we are better in the eyes of our gods No need to think critically when the writer is clearly inspired by our god If it makes us feel righteous it must be divinely inspiredAs a side note I get very angry about the faithfulls’ attempts to alter the definition of law They mention the law of gravity and believe then can then take ‘law’ in a scientific context and apply it to morality as a law that god gave themA law in science started out as a hypothesis published to the world after significant experimentation and work It then progresses to a theory and later to a law as thousands of scientists perform experiments designed to DISPROVE the hypothesistheory After centuries of experiments testing Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation we are unable to disprove it within it's boundaries of applicability This means that we can safely conclude that Newton’s law of universal gravitation is not disobeyable which makes it a LAW Unlike believers’ ‘natural law’ you can’t choose to break these laws They aren’t punishable because they aren’t even breakable Really try to comprehend that And stop trying to hijack and mutilate the terms of science to serve your recruitment needs

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Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith Summary  108 ¹ ✽ Reasons to Believe How to Understand Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith kindle Epub ❁ Author Scott Hahn – This book unravels mysteries corrects misunderstandings Se of other converts as well as from everyday Reasons to ePUB #220 life and even natural science Hahn shows that reason and revelation nature and the supernatural are not opposed to one another rather they offer complementary evidence that God exists But He doesn't merely exist He is someone and He has a personality a personal style that is discernible and knowable Hahn leads readers to see that God created the universe with a purpose and a form a form that can be found in the Book of Genesis and that is there when we vie. Phew Finally finished My mother gave this to me years ago in an attempt to try to bring me back to the fold I promised her I would read it and after 20 false starts and forcing myself to read it in 5 10 pages chunks I finally finished the darn bookScott Hahn thinks that God in general and Catholicism specifically can be reasoned through apologetics He only spends one chapter on the existence of God and then the subseuent chapters on why Catholicism is correct than other non Catholic Christian religions The majority of the book was spent on the all Christians has bits of the truth Catholics just have the most bits notionThe book is really intended for Catholic believers to be armed to defend their faith against non Catholic uestioners aka My mom should be the one reading it in preparation for conversations with meedit I gave it 2 stars but I'm going to downgrade it It was hard to read too