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reader Ù The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Euiano ↠ Paperback Ó [Read] ➲ The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Euiano Author Olaudah Equiano – Widely admired for its vivid accounts of the slave trade Olaudah Euiano's autobiography the fiRvised by Euiano in 1789 Robert J Allison's introduction which places Euiano's narrative in the context of the Atlantic slave trade has been revised and updated to reflect the heated controversy surrounding Euiano's birthplace as well as the latest scholarship on Atlantic history and the history of slavery Improved I will not in any way dispute the importance of Euiano and his narrative; he is a brilliant example of a black Atlantic figure providing an insightful and remarkably verifiable account of the black experience amid a predominantly white society and a powerful polemic for the abolitionist causeBut my god is it a slow read Anything even vaguely autobiographical can be difficult to rate; it’s somebody’s life after all But that does not make it impervious to criticism Euiano’s language lacks economy and heart – and for anyone poised to attack me with the specious argument that the time period sanctions such hideous writing then I recommend you read anything by Mary Wortley Montagu who published incredibly elegant and moving travel narratives about seventy years earlier The Interesting Narrative is superlative if you are looking into the concept of double consciousness as defined by W E B Du Bois Euiano exists on the boundary between African and British identities being at once both and fully neither He is deeply affected by how readily others define him as African despite his efforts to acculturate to British standards That being said I won’t comment on the disputed authenticity of Euiano’s African heritage documents having been unearthed as naming Virginia his place of birth Whilst this makes his account of the Middle Passage far less powerful it is clear that we are underestimating his literary merit if he did in fact invent an African identity so convincinglyImportant but agonisingly dull

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Widely admired for its vivid accounts of the slave trade Olaudah Euiano's autobiography the first slave narrative to attract a significant readership reveals many aspects of the eighteenth century Western world through the experiences of one individual The second edition reproduces the original London printing supe My wife was so excited when she found out I was reading this because she says she now knows the worst possible answer to What are you into? I'm pretty into 18th century slave narratives It's a good thing I'm already married she says Worst Tinder profile everAnyway so I'm pretty into 18th century slave narratives specifically this one book the first major slave narrative which was a ginormous success when it was published in 1789 going to eight editions and remaining continuously in print for a century and helping to bring about the end of slavery in Britain I'm also into 19th century slave narrativesAnd Olaudah Euiano's story has it all Slavery Naval warfare Shipwreck Arctic exploration It's so action packed that it feels wildly improbable but Euiano was a public figure a leading abolitionist and most of his story is thoroughly documented There's some pedantic debate about whether he was born in Africa or South Carolina The book begins in Africa and follows his capture and passage to the Indies The rest of it definitely happenedThe unfortunate thing is that it's wildly boring Euiano has a fascinating story but he's a horrendous storyteller Here's a storyJust as our ship was under sail I went down under the cabin to do some business and had a lighted candle in my hand which in my hurry without thinking I held in a barrel of gunpowder It remained in the powder until it was near catching fire when fortunately I observed itThat's incredible right? I'm almost impressed at his ability to make such a great story that boring Wait 'til he starts talking about God it's direSo this is sort of the Castle of Otranto of slave narratives it's an inventor of the genre and responsible for codifying many of its rules but in itself it's not great literature As slave narratives became a popular genre in the 19th century they followed Euiano's three act blueprint The horrors of slavery are described There is a dramatic escape The author becomes a productive member of societyThe details here are uniue mostly due to Euiano's extensive naval career but the basic arc is in place More gifted writers notably Frederick Douglass Harriet Jacobs and Solomon Northup would make better literature with it in the coming century Olaudah Euiano's book is important but not terrifically well told; I can only really recommend it if say you're already pretty into 18th century slave narratives

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The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah EuianoPedagogical features include contemporary illustrations with expanded captions and a map showing Euiano's travels in greater detail Helpful footnotes provide guidance throughout the eighteenth century text and a chronology and an up to date bibliography aid students in their study of this thought provoking narrati Now that was indeed an interesting narrative The narrative may have been written in the language of the times but even that had a hard time making this one boring From slavery to freedom to various sea voyages England to America to the Arctic to Africa and back again and disasters just barely escaping with his life and freedom Definitely one we should have read in school