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Note to Self On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits characters æ 107 È [KINDLE] ✽ Note to Self On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits By Samara OShea – Keeping a journal is easy Keeping a life altering soul enlightening journal however is not At its beSelf On Kindle #214 Keeping a journal is easy Keeping a life altering soul enlightening journal however is Note to PDFEPUB or not At its best journaling can be among the most transformative of experiences but you to Self On Epub #221 can only get there by learning how to express yourself fully and openly Enter Samara to Self On Keeping a MOBI #181 O'Shea O'Shea charmed readers with her elegant and witty to Self On Keeping a MOBI #181 For the Love of Letters Now in Note to Self she's back to guide us through the fun effective and revelatory process of journaling Along the way selections from O'Shea's own journals demonstrate what a journal should be a tool to. I bought the Kindle version of this book because it's only 395 I thought it would read like many other books on journaling but it turned out to be better than I thought O'Shea takes journal writing pretty seriously but her book is not just about using the journaling for spiritual and healing purposes It's about using the journal as your personal friend your mental processor and your personal confessor I appreciate how she shares entries from her own journals and addresses taboo subjects sex and adultery that are typically not addressed in other journaling books or workshops Part of her book's content is based on her experiences as a teen and young woman in her twenties learning about herself and using her journal similarly to how other famous journal keepers like Anne Frank Tennessee Williams Joyce Carol Oats and Annis Nin who wrote honestly and frankly about her sexual affairs and life have O’Shea includes sample entries from these journal keepers but it’s difficult to tell if she read them as she was growing up or if she read and referenced their books for purposes of writing her own book Nevertheless some of the excerpts from published journals are good models for journal writing O'Shea recommends for her readers to Pull out your journal and be brutally painfully overwhelmingly and cathartically honest with yourself Her advice is similar to what Nin wrote about keeping her journal I'm going to write the absolute truth in my journal because reality deserves to be described in the vilest termsSome readers will find O'Shea's journal entries about her sex life a bit titillating and it is but I think what she shares is a good example how important it is to use your journal for writing honestly about what's going in your life and to confess to yourself thoughts and experiences that you might not share with anyone else That's how personal journaling can be most useful and better than what you write in your public blog O'Shea says it best Writing makes everything real without putting your actions on paper it's easier to live in denial Much of what O'Shea says about journaling has also been addressed in other similar books but what also sets her book apart is her writing skills Her use of metaphor irony and analogies make her writing entertaining to read O'Shea has the voice of a professional magazine writer and blogger She takes her craft seriously and she writes about topics and issues that many writers avoid at least in mainstream media I would like to make use of analogy in my writing which I think would make it interesting to read I don't share a lot of experiences with O'Shea but I do appreciate how she has learned the power of writing and using it as a form of expression

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Access inner strengths uncover unknown passions face uncertain realities and get to the center of self To help create an effective journal O'Shea provides multiple suggestions and exercises including Write in a stream of consciousness Forget everything you ever learned about writing and just write Let it all out the good bad mad angry boring and ugly Ask yourself uestions What do I want to change about myself What would I never change about myself Copy uotes Other people's words can help you figure out where you are in life or where you'd like to be It takes time Don't lose faith if you don't immediately feel better after writing in your journal Think of ea. Only made it to page 32 before I gave up It just felt obnoxiously self absorbed to me in a way I couldn't relate to at all

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Note to Self On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous PursuitsCh entry as part of a collection that will eventually reveal its meaning to you O'Shea's own journal entries reveal alternately moving edgy and hilarious stories from throughout her life as she hits the party scene in New York poses naked as an aspiring model stands by as her boyfriend discovers an infidelity by you guessed it reading her journal and There are also fascinating journal entries of notorious diarists such as John Wilkes Booth Anais Nin and Sylvia Plath p tribute to the healing and reflective power of the written word Note to Self demonstrates that sometimes being completely honest with yourself is the most dangerous and rewarding pursuit of all. I have kept journals and diaries on and off my whole life so when I saw this little volume at my local library I decided to see what it had to say In the end it didn't have much to say to me though a younger reader might find it useful There are some uotes I liked like this one We write to taste life twice in the moment and in retrospection Anais Nin I liked that and I was interested in her comments on other writers who also kept journals or notebooks like Anne Frank Samuel Pepys Tennessee Williams Lewis Carroll Thomas Paine Louisa May Alcott and the previously mentioned Nin Other than those bits I wasn't particularly interested in her suggestions for journaling topics or the excerpts from her journals which mostly dealt with her love life