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Download The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Reader ↠ 1456 pages ↠ Bill watterson Ò ➵ The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Read ➼ Author Bill Watterson – Box Set | Book One | Book Two | Book Three Calvin and Hobbes is unuestionably one of the most popular comic strEd in than 2400 newspapers when Bill Watterson retired on January 1 1996 The entire body of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons published in a truly noteworthy tribute to this singular cartoon in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Composed o I finished this some time ago but I wanted to mark it here as one of the highlights of the year I consider Calvin and Hobbes my dear friends and I hope they are still having fun someplace with a lot of snow I don't have a kid of my own but if I did I would surely buy this for his shelves I borrowed mine from the Library

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Box Set | Book One | Book Two | Book Three Calvin and Hobbes is unuestionably one of the most popular comic strips of all time The imaginative world of a boy and his real only to him tiger was first syndicated in 1985 and appear I'm a Calvin and Hobbes fan from way back so this set has been on my radar for uite a while After a few years of having this on my wish list my wife finally got it for me for Christmas It was worth the waitAs everyone knows Calvin is a six year old boy whose best friend is his stuffed tiger Hobbes This book collects every Calvin and Hobbes strip The dailies are in black and white and the Sunday strips are in color as nature and Bill Watterson intended Dates accompany each strip noting when it was originally printedThe presentation is great The pages are heavy duty and slick built to last The colors are vibrant but not overdone looking like the Sunday strips would have originally looked if not printed on the cheapest newsprint imaginable The Sunday strips are shuffled slightly so they don't interrupt the flow of longer arcs like the propeller beanie or the many camping trips The individual volumes lay flat for easy reading The dimensions are slightly larger than the omnibuses for the 1990s Honestly six or eight volumes would probably make for easier reading but this set is pretty damn impressiveAs for the content it's as magical as it ever was On one level it's a look back at the unbridled imagination and enthusiasm that goes with being six years old and having the world at your disposal On another level it's a realistic sometimes cynical look at the world through the eyes of a childI read a little than half of this material before Bill Watterson went on the first of his two sabbaticals which is a shame because the strip truly plateaued once he came back The Sunday strips busted free of the usual shackles and Watterson had a lot leeway to experiment Watterson's art is simplistic at times partly because of the Peanuts influence but it's fun to watch the look of the strip evolve as he got comfortable with it The tweaks were so gradual that most people didn't notice but it's readily apparent when flipping through the first few strips and then the last fewWatterson gets a lot of credit for going out on top and not milking the cash cow that was Calvin and Hobbes until the udders became infected and gangrenous Calvin and Hobbes were never used to sell insurance for instance and Watterson never earned a dime on the sticker of Calvin peeing on various things that we see everywhere The strip may have gotten a little cynical toward the end if anything but was still the best thing in the funny pagesIt took a couple weeks for me to chew through this and it'll be a while before I pick it up again what with an infant in the house and all Still I have to wonder what the strip would be like today what with global warming social media and all the rest of the stuff that has transpired since Watterson called it uits in 1995The best comic strip of the modern era is still the best comic strip of the modern era Five out of five stars

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The Complete Calvin and HobbesF three hardcover four color volumes in a sturdy slipcase this New York Times best selling edition includes all Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that ever appeared in syndication This is the treasure that all Calvin and Hobbes fans se if there was a better part of my childhood than reading these these comics i honestly can't think of it these stretched my brain as a kid never pandered to his audience i learned so many words and references from these i specifically remember looking up transmogrify kafka and phlegm in my mom's giant dictionary and later on laughing when i learned about the philosophers calvin and hobbesreading these is probably a big part of how i ended up being the kind of person who would enjoy a site like this i was talking to a friend the other night for several hours and somehow it came up at some point that we shared all the major points of our personality and we both attributed those aspects to having read these they make you the kind of person who's not just willing to accept things without uestioning themthe way watterson taps into the different sides of his brain to make all these different characters is so obvious and endearing that it's no wonder he never leaves his house these days for fear of being mobbed by adoring fans i never realized it until much recently but these books also taught me that it's possible not to sell out the story of watterson being approached for huge marketing deals and turning every one of them down is really inspiring i know personally i'd buy any official calvin and hobbes merchandise i could get my hands on even now but the fact that none exists is truly great in its way please please please read calvin and hobbes you can borrow my copy