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Ancillary JusticeEn un planeta helado y remoto una soldado llamada Bre se está acercando al cumplimiento de su misión En el pasado Bre era Justicia de Toren una crucero d. Ann Leckie's series drops us right into a universe both familiar and terrifyingly different It may take you a while to understand what is going on because many of your assumptions about point of view will be stripped away This is because the main character Bre is an ancillary a human body that has been 'slaved' to the artificial intelligence of a giant spaceship in this case Justice of Torren In the empire called the Radch each spaceship is sentient crewed by legions of ancillaries who are all connected to the same central mind Because of this Bre can be in a thousand places at once watching events unfold all across the surface of a planet wherever her soldiers are stationed or on the ship orbiting aboveWhere do ancillaries come from The Radch is a military empire It exists by annexing other star systems and enslaving huge swaths of the native population putting them in cryogenic storage until those bodies are needed their old minds wiped away and reprogrammed as part of a ship's AI If that sounds horrifying it is but Bre knows no other life until a terrible event separates her from her mothership which is destroyed in hyperspace leaving Bre alone the last remnant of Justice of Torren An ancillary is not considered to be human but now Bre must find her way through space hiding and pretending until she can find a way to discover the truth about how her ship was destroyed and take revenge on the person she blames who happens to be the leader of the empireThere are three books in the Radch series and I read them all one after the other Once you are sucked into this world you don't want to leave Another really cool thing about the world which Leckie creates the Radch do not pay attention to gender Gender exists but their language does not even include words for 'he' or 'she' Because of this all characters are labeled 'she' and you can't really be sure nor does it really matter what gender they are Bre struggles whenever she is in another non Radch culture since she has to look for subtle clues and remember not to insult males by calling them female and vice versa I just loved this I found the second two books a bit slow moving than the first but that was okay By that time the story was a drama I cared about and the Radch are all about taking time observing propriety and having tea You have to accept them on their own terms at their own pace If you are looking for a brave and terrifying new world to immerse yourself in definitely give this series a go

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Acto de traición la ha hecho pedazos y solo cuenta con un único y frágil cuerpo humano numerosas preguntas sin responder y un ardiente deseo de venganz. Things I liked about ANCILLARY JUSTICE a list Everyone is she not everyone is actually she The protagonist is a SPACESHIP There is a scene where a space station is mad at the protagonist and the space station throws a tantrum and a spaceship who likes the protagonist is like “omg space station is such a jerk” and it is super cute omg A spaceship with FEELINGS People are hostile and angry at each other but then they become friends and then they are super LOYAL AND DEVOTED The spaceships are basically like dragons in Pern only they are spaceships Protagonist is one of those super stoic characters who have a lot of feelings but refuse to admit it I love that kind of character Semi soul bonded spaceships It’s about an evil empire that’s trying to stop being uite so evil it is told from the POV of someone from the evil empire but you get a lot about the perspectives of the people and places that have been invaded and colonised by the evil empire The different cultures in the book are well fleshed out and feel like different cultures I particularly liked the evil empire religion though I didn’t get the sartorial conventions gloves It is structured so that alternating chapters recount two storylines — one about a mystery that happened in the past and one about the mystery of what is happening in the future — and I like stories that have a mystery at each end of the stick STOIC SPACESHIPS WHO SING SONGS

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Ancillary Justice free read º 6 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✎ Ancillary Justice ☂ Ann Leckie – En un planeta helado y remoto una soldado llamada Bre se está acercando al cumplimiento de su misión En el pasado Bre era Justicia de Toren una crucero de batalla colosal con una inteligencia artifi En un planeta helado y remoto unE batalla colosal con una inteligencia artificial ue conectaba a miles de soldados ue servían al Radch el imperio ue había conuistado la galaxia Ahora un. I'm almost wanting to give this five stars because I LOVED it but the first section of the book is very confusing in some ways by choice and I think that could put some people off so there you go 4 12 stars haThis is a great sci fi adventure following a character who is not man nor woman and don't even try to figure it out that's the confusing part But the character is fomerly HUNDREDS of people and a spaceship All at once Yeah ok once you can wrap that around your head it's SO GOOD this book How the author accomplishes the changes of POV when someone is than one person is beyond me It was deftly handled And the plot is gripping and interesting the other characters flawed but fascinating and I was angry when the book came to a close because I wanted the next one SO BAD Like I said the whole gender thing was confusing the lack and confusion of the main character about said subject I understand it's a big idea and concept that is clever and uniue but I'm not sure I followed it entirely A re read would help And maybe I'm just so weighted in NEEDING a gender for characters that I couldn't back up and relax about it Who knows Anyway definitely a great book makes sci fi character based and great world building Highly recc