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Natural Selection A Novel summary » 108 ¼ [PDF] ✐ Natural Selection A Novel By Dave Freedman – Monsters aren't real Are they Well aren't dinosaurs sharks and crocodiles all really monsters Yes In fact evolution made every single one of them So could evolution make another monster Today A monste Monsters aren't rMonsters aren't real Are they Well aren't dinosaurs sharks and crocodiles all really monsters Yes In fact evolution made every single one of them So could evolution make ano. I read a lot of books A lot Even before I began reviewing them I always had a book in my hand or in my bag True crime is among my preferred genres I don't scare or get freaked out easily Natural Selection scared me More than once I found myself actually speaking to a character saying No Don't go there or No Don't touch it If I could have continued reading with my hands over my eyes I think I would have Natural Selection is a cyclone of crazy action biological discoveries and academia and a very well thought out what if involving nature that rivals Jaws It's a fast paced and gripping horror story involving flying predators imagine Jaws in the air if you will I was utterly obsessed and I loved it I have no idea whether or not the science that Mr Freedman mentions is factual or even plausible and frankly it's irrelevant because the story is just so damn good It will make you really wonder what exactly lives in the deepest depths of the ocean or the furthest corners of the forests that we know nothing about and when and if those unknown species will choose to make their presence known to us and how they will do it Read Natural Selection and this thought will give you chills Oftentimes books like this will have fairly expendable and tertiary characters much like watching a slasher film I can usually pick them out uickly dubbing them Victim because their presence will be limited and their only real role is to be fodder for the villainantagonist Natural Selection has a strong and solid cast of characters ones that are all relevant to the story and some that you will genuinely care about Worrying about their fates and having them pitted against methodical killers make this book a real nail biter Has Hollywood heard of this book yet It would be a fantastical summer blockbuster Until that time though get yourself to your local bookseller and pick up a copy of this book You won't regret it Well done Mr Freedman I look forward to your future efforts Please please please write like Natural SelectionReview Copyright © Psychotic State Book Reviews

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Since Jurassic Park Natural Selection introduces a phenomenally dangerous new species of predator that is forced out of its world and intoman's for a violent first encounte. Natural Selection is a great science fiction thriller that combines imaginative ideas with a believable plot At first the possibility that giant manarays could learn to fly and kill humans seemed improbable and uite silly to me But the book elaborates scientific theory and proof supporting this science fiction fantasy It core explanation is through evolution manarays that harbored in the depths of the ocean become cunning predators A disease forces them out of the depths and as a result they begin to adapt to their new enviornment Using a muscle undulation found in pterodactyles the manarays develop a way to fly to find the food they need After which the worlds most dangerous predator is born

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Natural Selection A NovelTher monster Today A monster that is smarter deadly and unlike any other to have evolved in the history of this planet Weaving together science and thriller in a way notseen. This was a very good and exciting book I love books like this monsters against mankind or at least some members of mankindI thought the plot moved very uickly and the ending oh my gosh the ending talk about your nail biterI would love to see this book made into a movie the giant manta rays would be fantastic I've always thought rays were kind of creepy anyway especially when you see their undersidesAnyway I did really enjoy the story it seemed to be well researched I only had a problem with a couple of the characters but really when I'm reading a book like this I don't care as much about the character development as I do about the thrills and chills and believe me there were alot of themI read on the back flap of the book that this is the author's first novel I'm going to check to see if he has written any like this I really hope so and if he hasn't yet I hope he will write some adventure books like this one