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The Good DogFrom the creator of Blue's Clues Discovering that sometimes you have to be a little bad to be very good Tako the puppy makes a brave choice in this adventure tale and proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes When 8 year ol I received this book from Netgalleycom and the publisher in exchange for an honest review The publisher was also kind enough to provide a hard cover copy of the book so I could better discuss the illustrations and uality of the book All opinions of the book are my ownI want to preface this by saying although in the past I haven't reviewed many children's books on my blog I have reviewed several on goodreads and on netgalleycom I appreciate children's literature as someone who is becoming an Elementary School teacher and as a aunt cousin and hopefully future parentThat being said when I read the description of this story I was than excited to jump into the story What is better than the creator of of televisions most beloved dogs writing a children's book with an adorable dog as its protagonistI didn't know how much I would love our little dog Tako in this tale Not only is this lengthy children's story beautifully illustrated and written it also contains some valuable lessons for children to take away from the storyI can see why a longer children's book might turn people away from this tale but it is actually very action packed and easy accessible A children with early reading skills could even read this independently without issue and take away a complex yet accessible lesson This story opens children's eyes to the hard decisions of doing what is right and knowing when something that might have been the wrong choice before can become the best choice based on the situation you are in at the timeThis is an important lesson for children and I think one that is approached gracefully and with easy by the authorAnother aspect of the story I enjoyed was the fact that Tako was a rescue puppy He was found in a pile of boxes among the trash and I found that to be heart warming Ricky Lee swoops him up in his arms bundles him up in his jacket and provides him with a good home That also is a great lesson to represent in a children's storyOverall I found the story rich the illustrations enchanting and the hardcover edition of the book very high uality The pages are thick and glossy the image is printed on the dust jacket and the book itself which I think it perfect for a children's book and couldn't have asked for a better read

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The Good Dog doc ☆ Hardcover read å todd kessler ✓ ➩ [Ebook] ➤ The Good Dog By Todd Kessler ➵ – From the creator of Blue's Clues Discovering that sometimes you have to be a little bad to be very good Tako the puppy makes a brave choice in this adventure tale and proves thaD Ricky Lee finds a puppy on the side of the road he takes him home and names him Tako Ricky’s mom and dad agree to let Tako stay under one condition he must be a good dog who always follows the rules or it’s off to the pound I was intrigued by The Good Dog by Todd Kessler Like many educators I choose and recommend books that I think will engage my students Todd Kessler creator of Blue’s Clues had my attention when he proposed the idea that young children will attend a story a long story if it is well written and engaging I have always believed that to be true one on one I read chapter books to my own children as young as four years old I decided to test Mr Kessler’s theory in a classroom setting with two groups of pre kindergarten aged students Could they attend to the story sitting side by side filtering out the natural distractions of their friend’s suirming a probable trip to the potty uestions and comments and vastly different attention spans? They didFirst I read The Good Dog through silently prior to reading it to the students and thought it was ok not a book I would rush out and recommend to everyone but ok I was afraid the kids wouldn’t be able to follow the plot twists of the mean baker and the good dog solving the crime I underestimated our studentsThe first group I read with was very engaged They asked a lot of uestions made predictions shared anecdotal stories relating to the story and followed along to the very end The second group of students were uieter throughout the story They were able to appropriately answer any uestions related to the story I asked throughout the reading making it apparent they were comprehending the story The second group asked me to read it again when I finishedThe Good Dog is a wonderful reminder that a good book is always worth reading and children deserve good booksSheila Purdin DirectorThe Schiff Preschool of Temple Emanu ElAtlanta Georgia

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He goes Tako wants than anything to be a good dog and stay with Ricky but when the Lees open Happy Family Bakery and a competing store owner sets out to sabotage the shop Tako has to break the rules to protect Ricky and his fami There are two stories going on in this book both of which in my opinion are not really appropriate for the children this is directed towards The first story is that of a dog whom a boy finds as a stray puppy and brings home which is nice but then the boy's parents say that if the dog is bad he will be sent to the pound which is depicted as an evil nasty place I think the emphasis on being good without taking any excuses for bad behavior into account along with the inaccurate depiction of the dog pound are not appropriate for young children The second story is of a large processed food bakery that makes tasteless sweets that people eat because there are no better options that is then threatened by competition from a small family owned bakery that makes delicious sweets This is the family that takes in the dog The evil processed food factory owner tries to make his old tasteless sweets look prettier without actually making them any better and when that fails he takes bugs and mice from his own factory and puts them into the family owned bakery to sabotage it I don't really see that as an appropriate topic for first graders either The book is an overly long picture book and while the reading level is about right for first and second graders and it is well written I think it might be easier for kids to read if it were divided into chapters The illustrations are very well done and are my favorite part of the book I received this book free to review from Netgalley