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S skin He didn’t like what he saw in the mirror It didn’t match how he felt inside As a shifter he was stuck with the body he had Surgery wasn’t an option for him But Erdwin found a way to accept himself by embracing the part of herself that felt like her true nature She struggled with it but with her family’s support she became Edie the young lady she was meant to be She stopped worrying about her. I love Edie I love Rolly This book focus on Edie a transgender shifter formerly known as Erdwin in earlier books It seems like I waited a long time for this book Edie really impressed me I was expecting the sweet proper girl persona to go on for the whole book The same with Rolly's noble self denying suitor But boy they really surprised me The sex scenes were off the hookIf this book had ended with Chapter Sixteen I would have given it five stars The plotting after that is pretty bad though Obstacles that ought to be insurmountable just in terms of simple logistics intercontinental transport of shifters are like nothing Siberia is represented as no exotic than a cold winter's day in west Texas Because the whole greater pack is involved in this volume remember that Bradford has written three different series with these shifters there's way too many characters for me to try to keep straight I eventually went from wait which character is that again to I don't even care any Anyway there were great scenes but the book suffers from Bradford trying to introduce all these plot twists I'm sure they'll have significance for the overall series but they make for an unsatisfying single novel and yes I have read 58 of her books at this point

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Heart Spotless #4Parts and concentrated on her heartWhen Rolly a powerful shaman moves back home to the pack Edie is transfixed He makes her nervous and arouses her But what would a man like him think of a woman liker herEdie’s about to find out and she will have to be stronger than ever to help fight off a threat to her pack to her mate and to her family Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of light BDSM and fisti. Bailey Bradford's Heart is the fourth book in the Spotless series about a group of wereshifters While I enjoyed the story itself I often got lost along the way as to who was who since the book seems to reference many events from both previous books in the series and related series by Bradford That said Heart presents a rather uniue take on transgender persons and how they feel about themselves framed within the context of shifter culture The transitions from one gender related pronoun to the other are smoothly presented and seamless often causing me to go back and reread in order to keep up with the story situations However the book honestly was too long and could have ended much earlier than it did plus I was often lost as to which character was which and how they were related to other characters I suspect my confusion had much to do with the fact that I've not read the previous books in the series the blurb for this one intrigued me too much and overrode my natural inclination not to hop into the middle of a series or any of the other shifter series books by Bailey Bradford Still overall it's a good read featuring a uniue character in Edie Review copy received from Pride PublishingTotally Bound Publishing Group

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Heart Spotless #4 characters Û eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Heart Spotless #4 Author Bailey Bradford – Dcmdirect.co.uk Rolly has waited ten years to claim his mate Now the wait is over and he’s coming home Rolly has waited patiently for his mate When he first met Erdwin the boy was stilRolly has waited ten years to claim his mate Now the wait is over and he’s coming home Rolly has waited patiently for his mate When he first met Erdwin the boy was still a child Rolly felt nothing but compassion for him back then but Erdwin came of age five years ago and Rolly’s stayed out of his life in order to give Erdwin Heart Spotless PDFEPUB or time to experience life Erdwin never fit right in hi. Heart is perhaps the most heartwarming of the four stories as the MC’s face a different type of challenge when learning about themselves and their mate bond Edie formerly Erdwin is one of Solomon’s sisters and transgender which is not easy under the best of circumstances but even less so when you are shifter and have the self healing powers that come with that Rolly a powerful shaman is completely in love with his mate and accepts her for who she is The only thing that I thought a little strange is that he appears to be adamant about being gay while his one true mate is a woman though stuck in a male body Certainly their story shows the importance of love and acceptance There’s no room for stereotypes or toxic masculinity when it comes to Rolly and Edie We get to see of Edie’s younger siblings too most especially Rhea and I can’t wait to see how her path will go as it doesn’t promise to be very easy either