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characters Wake of the Wahoo ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Â ❴Download❵ ➵ Wake of the Wahoo Author Forest J. Sterling – From Pearl Harbor to her last and fatal voyage—the heroic story of America’s most daring World War II submarine as told by the only surviving member of the cCrew and captain and the ship they lived and died for“Many will remember the newspaper stories during World War II and the photo of Wahoo with a broomstick tied to her periscope signifying a clean sweepBut here is the full story from the yeoman who made all the patrolsexcept the last one” Medal of Honor winner Captain E B Fluckey U. A classic written in the 1960s by the sub's Yeoman it tells of 3 war patrols on the Navy's most successful submarine It gives great insight into the stress and boredom of underway time at sea and other than the 1940s dialog is very relevant to today's navyCAPT Morton's techniues probably wouldn't work in today's navy but are creative and really boosted morale The passages on getting depth charged and the effects of combat on the crew's psyche are uite vivid as well Highly recommended

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Ipe Wake of Epubout an entire enemy convoy single handed In her short months of life she managed an incredible killsJust minutes before leaving Midway for her last and fatal patrol her Chief Yeoman Forest Sterling was transferred to other dutyThe result is this book Sterling’s fantastic yet completely authentic account of a remarkable. Sterling served on the USS Wahoo for several of her patrols in the waters off Japan He was transferred off 45 minutes before the boat sailed off for its final and fatal patrol This is his tribute to the men that he served with and the battles that they foughtWhy I started this book I've been on a World War II submarine kick for a while and this is a first hand account of what they did saw and sailedWhy I finished it Written in the vernacular of the Navy and the 1940s it took a while for me to get into the rhythm but once there the adventure grabbed me I'm still shaking my head in wonder at all the men who served in such tight uarters in such dangerous waters

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Wake of the WahooFrom Pearl Harbor to her last and fatal voyage the heroic story of America’s most daring World War II submarine as told by the only surviving member of the crewThe USS Wahoo was the most successful submarine in the World War II Pacific fleet She was the first to penetrate an enemy harbor and sink a Japanese ship She was the first to w. Great story of of submarine warfare in WW2 I think this and Gene Fluckey's Thunder Below are extremely well written accounts on the effectiveness of the Submarine force Sterling's account is special because the other famous books are written by officers; which is a very different point of view The Wahoo's captain Mush Morton is still remembered today and his cribbage board still sails in the oldest submarine in the US fleet US submarines began the war in the Pacific before US production could create enough carriers They had 16% of Navy Personnel and sunk Japanese tonnage than all other forces combined They accomplished this despite broken torpedoes and superior technology on Japanese submarines They sustained higher mortality rates than any other communities in either theatre of WW2 than the Marines in the South Pacific or the Army on the Western front Any comprehensive Pacific WW2 history that doesn't spend significant time on this small community communities is inadeuate