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summary Brown Is the New White How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority 108 ☆ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Brown Is the New White How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority By Steve Phillips ➮ – Despite the abundDespite the abundant evidence from the New PDF #202 Obama's victories proving that the US population has fundamentally changed many progressives and Democrats continue to waste millions of dollars chasing white swing voters Explosive population growth of people Brown Is ePUB #220 of color in America over the past fifty years has laid the foundation for a new American majo. A good thorough and useful book but it needs a serious post 2016 update In a way it was prescient that Republicans can count people of color too I just don't think demographics are going to shift as much as predicted because as recent research shows a lot of latinos asians etc vote Republican and also within a few generations they stop even identifying as people of color So I guess I am not all that hopeful about just waiting for a majority minority nation The progressives need to actually present a vision instead of just taking the black and brown vote for granted which is what they have done

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Nal politics for thirty years Steve Phillips has had a front row seat to these extraordinary political changes A civil rights lawyer and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress Phillips draws on his extensive political experience to unveil exactly how people of color and progressive whites add up to a new majority and what this means for US politics and policy. Finished 17052020Genre non fictionRating CConclusionWell researchedbut as another reader mentionedthis is all pre Trump and it felt datedStats based books are best read soon after publication

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Brown Is the New White How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American MajorityRity consisting of progressive people of color and progressive whites These two groups make up percent of Is the New PDF #10003 all eligible voters in America right now and that majority is growing larger every day Failing to properly appreciate this reality progressives are at risk of missing this moment in history and losing A leader Is the New White How PDFEPUBin natio. The devastating electoral loss in 2016 has been dissected numerous times and the media narrative that has taken hold is that Hilary Clinton lost because she did not court enough white working class voters As a result Democratic leaders and op ed writers have been almost singularly focused on how to win back this group of voters But in this post 2016 update to his book Mr Phillips makes a compelling argument that it was the Democrat’s failure to court voters of color to come to the polls the same voters of color who delivered the White House Barack Obama twice and have been the backbone of the Democratic Party since the 1960s that lost the election for Clinton On top of that Mr Phillips also makes the compelling argument that the future of the Progressive movement in America runs through the ever increasing number of voters of color and not the ever shrinking number of white votersUsing demographic information from the most recent presidential elections and even further back at times as well as recent census data Mr Phillips shows how critical voters of color are to the future success of the progressive movement and how the movement’s calls for addressing the wrongs of America’s past can have a strong appeal to voters of color and progressive whites Indeed time and again Mr Phillips shows how the number of voters of color who stayed at home on Election Day in 2016 far outstrips Pres Trump’s vote margins in key Midwest states and beyond Using that information Mr Phillips calls for significant investment by the Democratic Party and Progressives into engaging voters of color long term investing in communities of color and recruiting persons of color into volunteer and leadership positions throughout the country He also argues that Progressives need to stop worrying about what the shrinking number of white swing voters will think about a particular policy and instead aggressively court voters of color with a bold Progressive platform While this book was updated before the 2018 midterm election and well before the recent reanimation of the Black Lives Matter movement it seems to me that Mr Phillips’ analysis is right on the money for how Democrats won the House of Representatives in 2018 how the country and Progressives in particular can begin the long process of making social justice attainable by investing long term in communities of color and what the roadmap to victory looks like in 2020My only gripe about this book is Mr Phillips’ policy chapter As one of the longest chapters in this book Mr Phillips tries to show how Progressive’s policy positions dovetail nicely with the New American Majority of progressive voters of color However he doesn’t point to any specific policies just generalities about how different policy areas are important to Progressives and different demographic groups It’s almost as if Mr Phillips is implying that readers should already know what are some specific policy proposals in those areas I am familiar with some of them but not all of them and some readers may know even less So some details in this section would’ve been nice That said this book is not a strictly policy oriented book so I understand why he did not devote too many details to this sectionMr Phillips’ analysis is stunning and should be read by all Progressives in this country I just hope political leaders in the Democratic Party and the Progressive movement take Mr Phillips’ recommendations to heart before the November election and before it is too late