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Just One NightA hot body will only take him so far Theo Cooper just wants to find his place in life but despite his outer veneer of confidence he’s filled with doubts about whether he can truly find happiness A homophobic father and an ex fiancé who likes to sleep around have shaken his faith in himself Walking in on his ex in bed with Theo’s replacement is the last straw and now Theo is ready to do whatever it will take to scrape together the cash for a new place to live Self doubt Just One eBook #245. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Theo has just had an awful break up with a complete jerk He is floating through anger sadness and fear as he tries to figure out what he is going to do now that he has to find a place of his own He has no ualms about playing the field Elliot is a super shy IT guy who prefers video games to personal interaction Although he would love to be with someone his nerves always took over and he never had an opportunity to meet someone or have any kind of physical relationshipTheo's very rich friend Brianna offers him money to help her other good friend Elliot get comfortable and to give him a night he won’t forget The majority of the story takes place in that one night together and we see the connection the guys forge They are HOT together Things get unhappyugly when Elliot finds out the truth about how they get together but I found Elliot to be a real likable character I was happy to see him come out of his shell and find happiness I enjoyed this story and getting to know Theo and Elliot The epilogue was fabulous

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Just One Night Free download ↠ 5 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Just One Night Author Sebastian Carter – Dcmdirect.co.uk A hot body will only take him so far Theo Cooper just wants to find his place in life but despite his outer veneer of confidence he’s filled with doubts about whether he can truly find happiness A h A hot body will only takeKeeps holding him back Elliot James is too shy too smart and too socially awkward to do anything about his desire to meet a man So far his best friend wealthy socialite Brianna LaFontaine is the only person he’s had the courage to come out to Despite her best efforts to push him out of his comfort zone which is behind a computer screen he has successfully avoided any chance of finding love When a mutual friend pushes them together Brianna cares about her friends and when Theo won’t take the. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair reviewI fell in love with Theo Cooper as I watched ok readbut it felt like I was watching his ex DouchebagI mean Reid treat him with such contempt and disregard He held his head up and handled himself with grace even as he was slowly losing it inside for so many reasons not the least of which was why he seemed to be so unlovable and where he was going to be living now that Reid had replaced him with Larryok Lane He decides to talk it out with his college friend Brianna LaFontaine a rich socialite who might have a solution to Theo's woes Oh look I rhymedunintentionallyAnd Elliot Cooperwelldon't get me started on that sweet little ball of adorable Ok you talked me into it Elliot's job is in the IT department of the company he works for is an amazing gamer who is playing around at creating his own game at home and who is so socially awkward that he has reached his mid 20's and is still a virgin He sees people in successful relationships all aarouund him and wants nothing than one of his own as well But everytime he has attempted to talk to another man he might be interested in throughout his life his anxiety spiked at an intense level leaving him unable to function So yeah not a booming social life for the lovable young man Brianna an old friend of his thinks she might have a solution to Elliot's woes See a pattern here by chance What follows is a completely irrisistible story of two men who individually feel as if they might never find that someone who makes them happy each for very diffferent reasonsThrow in 5000 and an unexpected love connection and you have the makings of a brilliant book I plan to read everything this author has to offer

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Money she offers to get him out of his financial mess she comes up with a simple proposition help shy Elliot break out of his nervous shell to experience one night of passion and Theo can name his price It’s the answer to Theo’s money problems and an easy way for some fast cash But one night brings both men than they expect and leads both to wonder Is it possible to fall in love after Just One Night Just One Night is a steamy gay romance with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers. 35 rounded up because it was cute Nothing very new or different but the writing was easy and the characters were likeable Extra credit for not making the female into a brainless wretch or an evil villian I stumbled over this on KU and it was a pleasant surprise