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Lotus AUTHOR Lijia Zhang characters ✓ 107 ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Lotus Author Lijia Zhang – Dcmdirect.co.uk Inspired by the secret life of the author’s grandmother Lotus follows a young woman torn between past traditions and modern desires―as she carves out a life for herself in China’s “City of Sin Inspired bErved at times defiant Lotus is different from the other streetwalkers Her striking eyes glow under Shenzhen’s neon lights capturing the attention of Funny Eye Family Treasure and a slew of other demanding clients determined to make Lotus their property Choosing between wealthy powerful and dangerous men is no easy feat but it is a surprising offer from Binbing a soft spoken and humble photojournalist that presents the biggest challenge Is Lotus willing to fall in love Is she capable o. I have strange pet peeves when it comes to writing There are certain turns of phrases that when used demand being expanded upon The one that rings clearest and earliest in this book is “There was something about ” It doesn’t matter what it is what you are waxing on about when those words are written I demand that you try and pin down that something You might not when but if you are going to put some emotional weight into a moment you need to try and make it poetry to show the reader why it works for the character In Lotus this never happens Instead the entire book reads something like a rushed draft of something that is both pointless and charmless It is the contemporary story of a female prostitute supposedly influenced by the deathbed confession of Zhang’s grandmother about having been a prostitute during Mao’s Great Revolution It doesn’t seem like it should be hard to build characters from inspiration like that but here I can’t even name one except perhaps the photographer who I frankly feel like he got the short end of the stick in the novelCharacter pasts are explained clumsily through paragraphs injected into the narrative sometimes because there is about to be a call back to that thing we had no previous awareness of and sometimes just because reasons I guess And I might be able to forgive that if the writing was better but it’s not It’s serviceable and as flat as the Midwestern plains There is no heaviness no moments of shock curiosity or interest to be found anywhere in itThere was a moment a single fractious moment where I thought hoped that the book was going to touch on something powerful In that moment where Lotus is finally able to walk away from being a prostitute and attempt to find a sense of normalcy in the world she left her rural past to pursue There could be drama deep reservoirs of doubt internal monologues arguments symbolismNope Lotus pretty much just acts the grateful rescued woman until Zhang appears to writer herself into a corner At which point she sends Lotus off to a Buddhist monastery for all of thirteen minutes her friends comes and say “Hi” and suddenly she an awaken feminist ready to find her destiny even if it means fighting the goddamn patriarchy That’s it That’s how it happensThere is no physical moment of romantic or societal pressure to act as trigger just some prostitutes and some prayer beads I’m not sure how long into the writing process that Zhang decided that the crux of Lotus’s awakening needed to be both empty and religious but it was will forever be the wrong callThis doesn’t work None of it works

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F itInspired by the deathbed revelation that the author’s grandmother had been sold to a brothel in her youthLotus offers compelling insight into China’s bustling underground world and reveals the surprising strength found in those confronted with impossible choices Written with compassion and vivid prose and packed with characters you won’t soon forget Lijia Zhang's Lotus examines what it means to be an individual in a society that praises restraint in and obedience from its women. I'm hoping the author writes a second book because her writing style makes me want to read Although the subject matter is very raunchy it's never approved of by the narrator This book could be compared and contrasted with Mingmei Yip's Peach Blossom Pavillion

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Lotus AUTHOR Lijia ZhaInspired by the secret life of the author’s grandmother Lotus follows a young woman torn between past traditions and modern desires―as she carves out a life for herself in China’s “City of Sins”“Standing outside the Moonflower Massage Parlor with three other girls Lotus flashed her red smile at every passing man She leaned against the glass front of the parlor one leg bent like a crane's Luring in the clients with sweet and oily words consumed a surprising amount of energyRes. I was warily excited about Lotus by Lijia Zhang when I first began It’s a piece of historical fiction about a prostitute named Lotus who is trying to support her family back home and a photographer named Bing recording the story of migrant sex workers I was excited then slowly but surely disappointed with some high points by the end of the novel I was sent a copy of this novel by the publisher in exchange for an honest review I have to admit I wasn’t pleased by the twists and turns this book tookThis book had a lot of potential Zhang embraces the historical fiction novel While she sometimes adds in somewhat annoyingly direct sentences of explanation for the reader I thought that for the most part she did an excellent job of using Chinese phraseology and twisting in the history through her characters’ storylines without it being awkward Her imagery was good from her descriptions of food to curling smoke and characters’ movements Bing and Lotus both had the potential to be intriguing complex characters and the exploration of the migrant worker and sex worker experience was fascinating and detailed I think we can track my many problems with the novel by following along in the awkward Goodreads summary of Lotus that I had hoped wouldn’t be uite accurate For example “Her striking eyes catch the attention of many but Lotus weighs her options between becoming the concubine of a savvy migrant worker or a professional girlfriend to a rich and powerful playboy Or she may choose the kind and decent Hu Binbing a photojournalist reporting on China’s underground sex trade—who has a hidden past of his own” It reads like a YA love triangle not the story of a sex worker trying to support her family particularly her younger brother who wants to go to university any way she can It begins there but actually unfortunately does go where the blurb suggests That worker is stable the playboy makes her orgasm and Bing is cute and her friend although the first time he approaches her she’s horrified because she wanted them to just be friends Worth noting The entire book I thought that their love was forced and ugly Not to mention that Bing lies constantly to Lotus and almost never encounters conseuences while Lotus apologizes often for things that aren’t nearly as much her fault “Is Lotus willing to fall in love” asks the blurb “Is she capable of it” I honestly don’t care I wish so much that this novel ended the way it began Lotus and Bing as friends Lotus trying to escape a job that’s dangerous while continuing to support her family Despite the argument that this book ends in some sort of independence for Lotus most of the book is spent with Lotus deciding which man she’ll lean on for assistance Then there’s this “She’s different than the other streetwalkers—reserved even defiant Lotus holds her secrets behind her red smile” Ugh Honestly Again it begins with Lotus as a complex normal person Bing sees her as the golden hearted prostitute the one he can save Unfortunately that’s sort of what happens Lotus becomes this symbol of purity wearing white children associated moving closer to Buddhism She becomes alienated from the other prostitutes This book had a chance to really benefit from the interesting and distinct female characters that Zhang creates Yet instead it dovetails into a lot of woman hate Lotus vs Bing’s ex wife Lotus vs Bing’s ex lover Bing vs her cousin And then there’s the other thing Her “secrets” TW Sexual assault So about halfway through the book Lotus thinks in her head about the shame of losing her virginity when drugged and raped and how that’s how she ending up entering the sex worker world But I was confused Earlier in the novel I read that she had sex with someone in the factory earlier in her life than that Oh well I let it go Then late in the book she admits to Bing that she was never raped sigh and that she lost her virginity earlier I know and that she entered the sex worker business willingly and apparently should apologize to Bing for that And Bing accepts and thinks to himself that he had already doubted her story What I was disappointed with every part of this storylineI read the blurb and was worried about this book I read the first 150 pages and was actually really excited It looked like the novel wasn’t following the implications of the blurbs after all And then it dissolved It’s a shame because there’s a lot of good novel in there in the historical fiction in the stories of Bing and Lotus’s pasts in the lives of the sex workers and how they all got to this point in their lives But it just got lost