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CHARACTERS ´ Asimov's Science Fiction July 2016 Ù [BOOKS] ✯ Asimov's Science Fiction July 2016 ✹ Sheila Williams – CONTENTSNovelettesTen Poems for the Mossums One for the Man by Suzanne PalmerProject Entropy by Dominica PhetteplaceNobody Like Josh by Robert ThurstonLost Mind by Will McIntoshShort SCONTENTSNovelettesTen Poems Fiction July Kindle #211 for the Mossums One for the Man by Suzanne PalmerProject Entropy by Dominica PhetteplaceNobody Like Josh by Robert ThurstonLost Mind by Will McIntoshShort StoriesFiltered by Leah CypessMasked by Rich Asimov's Science M. Webs Mary Anne Mohanraj The setting harks back to Golden Age sci fi the colony world where happy settlers set up the euivalent of picket fences and neighbors sit down and have a glass of wine together after dinner as they watch the children play after a hard day of 'doing their part'Except all the settlers aren't so happy Resentment and prejudice are sweeping through this world and are about to come to a head with violent riots As the story opens one neighbor begs another to hide them from the mob The reaction to this plea is the jumping off point to flash back and expose a welter of domestic dissatisfaction and personal secretsThe end is sadly believable

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OBI #181 LarsonThe Savior Virus by Jack SkillingsteadWebs by Mary Anne MohanrajPoetryCenotaph Moon by Robert BorskiChimpans and Humanzees by John Philip JohnsonIt Came from Outer Space by David G TurnerAmong the Ruins by A Science Fiction July MOBI #243 E AshDepartmentsE. A fair issue that was worth readingProject Entropy by Dominica Phetteplace —The 4th story Phetteplace has written in this near future world for Asimov's this year last issue it was Project Symmetry The series is really growing on me This story is told from the point of view of Antoinette Bel's friend rather than Bel herself In the previous installment Antoinette's experimental AI chip was removed and she finds herself lonely adjusting to life without her constant companion And we learn about the circumstances of the AI's removal and besides Clearly Phetteplace has a longer game in mind for this story The series is also slowly refining its worldview of a San Francisco that's only for the wealthy 1% with the rest banished to the suburbs” unless they prove really useful as servants to the wealthy Solid storytelling with flawed but entertaining characters and a promise of to come which I'm looking forward to Lost Mind by Will McIntosh —This story starts with a weird premise that could almost be classified as absurd To avoid Alzheimer's a woman has her brain transferred into a device while it's still fully functional But such an operation is illegal in the US so they get it done in India In the process of smuggling his wife's brain back into the US she gets stolen Hunt ensues Hard to take the premise seriously though McIntosh tries Filtered by Leah Cypess —In the near future every news story we read is subject to filtering to be sure it suits our interests A reporter really wants to get a story out we never figure out what that story is but the filters are all powerful obstacles Interesting premise but ultimately the story punts The Savior Virus by Jack Skillingstead —A genetic scientist working on government weapons thinks that eliminating religion will eliminate war so he engineers a disease that removes the brain's desire to invent God and his afterlife Turns out doesn't really solve the problem as he discovers in a very personal way Masked by Rich Larson —A weird future in which everyone has a Face which includes physical appearance and social network presence A friend has been forced out of the zeitgeist by a computer virus and all her friends feel sorry for her The writing does its best to get in the way of the story 12Ten Poems for the Mossums One for the Man by Suzanne PalmerA reclusive explorer takes up residence on a new planet living technology free and exploring the local fauna and flora which turned out to be interesting than originally imagined Decent story was worth the read Nobody like Josh by Robert Thurston —Probably because Josh is an alien the friendly crash landed type The small town is keeping Josh's presence a secret Narrated over most of the lifetime our protagonist who goes from Josh's schoolmate to school superintendent the theme of this story is we are all aliens in our own way I'm not so big on allegory without an interesting plot to back it up

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Asimov's Science Fiction July 2016Ditorial The Dell Magazines Award by Sheila WilliamsReflections Persons from Porlock by Robert SilverbergOn Books by Paul Di FilippoSF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S Strauss Asimov's Science Fiction JulyVol No Whole No Sheila Williams editorCover art by Maurizio Manzie. This was a good edition of the monthly digest with 8 stories for the month as well as various editorialscolumns book reviews and poems What struck me as I read through these is that several felt like they had a better story to tell but it wasn't there The idea was better than the telling There are a couple of weak stories but also several better ones to balance these out No real favorite for me among the stories although I would probably say Looking for Josh by Robert Thurston if pushed A story about an alien stranded on earth and the town where he lived his life but the story is really about a man who grew up around Josh Oddly 7 of the 8 primary authors have their name on the cover Thurston does not One of the 4 poems I really liked Chimpans and Humanzees by John Philip Johnson Filtered by Leah Cypess was especially frustrating as I thought perhaps something profound was going to show up as it deals with a near future facebook type world where the feed is all important and a reporter wants to get a story through the filters to a wide audience Looked promising until it rolled over and went to sleep with no appreciable conclusion that I could detect The reader never even gets a clue what this important story was sheesh I did also like the last story LostMind by Will McIntosh It's a future tech story where a man searches for the stolen pieces of a chess set that contain his wife's lost mind Sounds strange but it was well told