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The Will of God is the Word of God Book · 216 pages Download ½ James macdonald à ★ The Will of God is the Word of God PDF / Epub ✪ Author James MacDonald – Is God's will top secret? When it comes to God’s will you may live in fear that He is holding Thor and pastor James MacDonald finds historic misunderstandings among Christians   •           Can you ever be sure about what God wants you to do? •           What if you discover you’ve been doing something other First sentence Do You wonder about God’s will for your life personally? Do you ponder specific decisions you need to make and if they are in line with God’s will? It might reassure you to know that most believers freuently wrestle with God’s will for their lives Welcome to the puzzle partyPremiseplot Ever been confused about the will of God? Or confused about what God's will for your life is? James MacDonald has some good news to share with you He explores misconceptions about the will of God how Christians have perceived and applied this concept of doing being finding seeking discovering God's Will His argument is simple yet profoundThe will of God IS the Word of God The Word of God IS the will of God Each IS true And that discovery leads to a glorious experience of freedom for every Christ follower You no longer need to worry and wonder about the minute details of life If you are increasingly the person God wants you to be then you can be confident you are living the fullest and most joyful life possible That in the end encapsulates for you personally what the will of God actually ISandStated simply the will of God IS about who you are The will of God IS about your sanctification that refining process in which you are conformed and into the image of Christ JesusWhen we are increasingly the people God wants us to be then we can be confident we are where God wants us to be and with whom God wants us to be In other words your character traits spiritual priorities and manner of living—what Christians have for twenty centuries called “holiness”—this is the will of GodThroughout the book MacDonald's focus is on God on the Bible and on the importance of obeying the revealed will of God found within the Word The book is practical and packed with advice on how to understand and apply the Word of GodMy thoughts I liked this one very much I still prefer I think John MacArthur's glorious little book on the subject It is concise perhaps But this is a solid straightforward practical book on the subject I agreed with much of what MacDonald has to say

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Than His will? •           If you somehow stepped out of God’s will at some point can you ever get back on track or is your situation hopeless?   Are you in God’s will now?  Is a confident answer to that uestion ever possible Not simply a theological and theoretical examination of what the will of God is this book offers practical applications in real life scenarios for discerning and carrying out God's sovereign will James Macdonald writes with clarity and simplicity that is approachable and still deep enough to satisfy the serious disciple

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The Will of God is the Word of God Is God's will top secret? When it comes to God’s will you may live in fear that He is holding out on you somehow Yet the Bible clearly reveals God’s will for your life You only need to listen   When it comes to discovering God’s will au In the first part of the book James MacDonald presents a series of uestions that seem as though they have obvious answers He then sets out to systematically dismantle our false beliefs about the will of God The overall message of this book is simple God's will for us is found in the Word Using scripture MacDonald explains the will of God in easy to understand terms He dives into the concept of sanctification as he describes God's sovereign will God's moral will and God's individual will Sanctification is the lifelong process in which Christ followers are refined and increasingly conformed to the behavior pattern of Jesus Christ God’s sovereign will encompasses His planned purposes and the power to bring them about; God’s moral will relates to the human behavior He prescribes in His Word; God's individual will is complicated This is the concept that God allows us to make our own choices and decisions He knows we will make bad choices sometimes We must learn from our mistakes and seek Him in all we do Every decision we make should be tested against the scriptures MacDonald highlights scripture that is often misuoted or taken out of context This common problem will lead to misunderstanding and false teaching God's will is not carried out when we misuse the scriptures He will not be glorified If God wants you to do something He will reveal it to you in a very obvious way MacDonald also presents practical uestions to determine if teachings are true and if you are following the will of God Each chapter ends with a prayer that directly reflects the theme of that chapter I found this book to be very interesting and helpful in explaining God's will In essence MacDonald delves into the concept of compatibilism which is the view that God's sovereignty is mutually compatible with human freedom and responsibility The differing views on this subject stem from the teachings of John Calvin and Jacob Arminius but that is a whole other topic altogether I recommend this book to all Christians as we seek to live according to God's will as laid out in the scriptures I received this as a free ARC from BH Publishing Group on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review