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DOWNLOAD Ä Thrax Angelbound Origins #4 Æ [Read] ➪ Thrax Angelbound Origins #4 Author Christina Bauer – Myla Lewis has married Prince Lincoln and now they're expecting All the after realms rejoice Myla should be happy too but she has a serious problem The day after their honeymoon ended Myla's real husb Myla Lewis The Magicorum a series of modern fairy tales with sass action and romance Beholder where a medieval farm girl discovers necromancy and true love Dimension Drift a dystopian adventure with science snark and hot aliens. ARC received from Netgalley for reviewChristina Bauer is such a great author and I've enjoyed each book in her Angelbound series whole heartedly But Thrax has a bit something than I'm used to from her Laughs and witty liners are always a given but I actually got a bit emotional at the end Her writing and her ability to weave you right into the setting is so on point I felt like I was right there with Mila Lincoln basking in their joysighAll in all this was a great book and I give it 4 very enthusiastic shimmering stars ☆☆☆☆


Myla Lewis has married Prince Lincoln and now they're expecting All the after realms rejoice Myla should be happy too but she has a serious problem The Thrax Angelbound eBook #9734 day after their honeymoon ended Myla. And they lived happily ever afterhuh Isn’t that the line used at the end of a royal romantic tale when the crown prince marries his one true love Clearly that wasn’t the story of Lincoln and Myla’s wedding and it doesn’t look like Christina Bauer is about to give these two a break just yet This time evil is coming at them and manages to take Lincoln from Myla’s loving snarky sarcastic demon arms and replace him with a flimsy imposter or twoand really who was stupid enough to mess with Myla pregnant Myla must go the human realm but can she find and free Lincoln before it is too late Hmm baby on the way Evil Lincoln stalking her and spreading lies and the real Lincoln probably being tortured look out world Myla is a woman on a mission and she doesn’t plan on losing this race against timeTHRAX by Christina Bauer certainly has ramped up the plot twists and tangles and once again there is a huge personal growth thing going on with Myla that stops just short of being too much Another fantastic read that kept my imagination working overtime Ms Bauer knows how to create characters that you get comfortable enough with to disagree with roll your eyes at and situations that are over the top fantasy crazy Hey if I wanted to read believable dry facts I would read an encyclopedia I received an ARC edition from Monster House Books in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Angelbound Origins Book 4Publisher Monster House Books LLC September 26 2017Publication Date September 26 2017Genre Paranormal FantasyPrint Length 300 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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Thrax Angelbound Origins #4's real husband disappeared The man who's sharing her bed is an imposterAngelbound Origins Angelbound Scala Acca Thrax The Dark Lands The Brutal Time Armageddon uasi Redux AuilaAlso From Christina Bauer Fairy Tales of. Reviewed on Behalf of Book AddictliveAngelbound starts as Myla and Lincoln are on their last night of their Honeymoon when Lincoln is whisked away by black magic by an evil Thrax called EthanI was looking forward to this book and it didn’t disappoint Action packed from start to finish Most of the action taking place on earth at La Guardia Airport My god he was so evil with all the black magicMyla was minus Lincoln for most of the book we also saw a mature Myla thinking before killing It was nice to see Cissy and Zeke always there when Myla needs them Myla is a suburb character I just love her snark and internal monologuesLincoln and Myla have grown into their roles as King and ueen of the Thrax I loved the whole book and couldn’t put it down much to the annoyance of my husband This Series goes from strength to strength with the characters growing with this superb SeriesI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest exchange