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جد حنا  ن أبوقُصي الراشدي  ماجده علي علي علي  هادي إبراهيم  أريج محمد  محمد مصطفي كمالزينة  ثامر السلموني  م محمد خضر  Rana waleed  مروه Parfum Die Geschichte eBook #180 جمال  هشام حسني شمس الحياة  الياس سعديمنصور التميميلا تنسوهم بدعوة صالحة في ظهر الغي?. I'd like to make something very clear with my review of this book I normally don't go overboard with the whole the movie vs the book argument because I'm not interested in making people's decisions for them even though I'm strongly opinionated about the subject But this is a case where I have to speak out Süskind has created here a work of literary art in prose and I take that seriously I admire lots of books but I wouldn't say this about any old novel The movie Perfume makes an utter mockery of this artwork its incredible language even in translation and its profoundly disturbing character The movie is to this book what a smudge of dirt is to a brilliant glowing star The movie not only fails to capture the depth and profundity of the prose but also of its uniue darkness and unsettling moral bleakness Perfume's central character in many ways its only character is far beyond some simplistic good or evil Rather he is utterly disconnected from humanity He lacks a fundamental concept of agency in other people who are essentially conveyors or producers of smells and nothing He kills not with any idea of transgression but simply as he would break an object in order to smell it In this he is far terrifying than any serial killer or other contrived evil character and the story of his incredible and absurd life leaves one with a deep darkness that takes a long time to dissipate after the novel is closed and shelved or passed onThe movie as I saw it conveyed none of this existentially disturbing character but merely his salient features; ie his uncanny ability to smell and dissect smells and even then can't possibly describe what he senses with the book's vividness and detail In short viewers are left with a paltry thin gruel that denigrates and shames the original book and its author

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Das Parfum Die Geschichte eines Mördersنبذة النيل والفراتضمن حدود Die Geschichte PDFEPUB #187 القرن الثامن عشر وفي مناخه يروي الكاتب قصة رجل غريب الأطوار ينتمي إلى أكثر كائنات تلك الحقبة نبوغاً وشناعة وعبقرية، تجلت في عالم الروائح الزائل ومكان الرواية غرنوبل تلك المدينة التي سكنها الوحش قاتل الفت?. Because sometimes you just have to read about an 17th century perfumer who may or may not be the Anti Christ and goes on a killing spree before starting aa giant omnisexual fuckfest and being voluntarily cannabilized Ah literature That's why I read you the class The class

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Das Parfum Die Geschichte eines Mörders Read & Download ☆ 104 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➹ Das Parfum Die Geschichte eines Mörders Author Patrick Süskind – Dcmdirect.co.uk نبذة النيل والفراتضمن حدود القرن الثامن عشر وفي مناخه يروي الكاتب قصة ر?ات، والتي أدت بحياة خمس وعشرين فتاة كان هو ذاك الرجل بطل الرواية يروي الروائي تلك الحكاية بجد Das Parfum PDF من الحذر والترقب في انتظار القبض على هذا المجرم وإعدامهقال ﷻ اقْرَأْ العلق قام بعمل أستثنائيawakeelقام بهذا العمل الشجاع كلَّ مند طارق التميمي  ما. In 18th Century France a baby is born who lacks any scent He does however have a deep and strong survival urge Although he is treated as a pariah by many for his condition he possesses a parallel condition a heightened sensitivity to aroma It is his uest to experience life through smell and he does so He is also a cold hearted sociopath who seizes opportunities where he can to advance his particular desires It ends badly for him but that is a good thing The author This is a very interesting book I was rapt Until I was done it was an unhappy thing to have to put it down unfinished due to interruptions like work sleep and eating Thankfully I was able to complete it Perfume is an odd story perhaps but also very interesting providing some payload in depictions of 18th Century Europe and information about aroma in general and perfumery in particular Much recommended but not for all tastes