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The Gatekeepers How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë [EPUB] ✼ The Gatekeepers How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency By Chris Whipple – uniue fraternity In doing so he revises our Gatekeepers How the White House MOBI #181 understanding of presidential history showing us how James Baker's expert managing of the White House the press and Capitol Hill paved the way for the Reagan Revolution and conversely how Watergate the Ira War and even the bungled Obamacare rollout might have been prevented by a effective chiefFilled with shrewd analysis and never before reported details The Gatekeepers offers an essential portrait of the toughest job in Washingto. Awesome I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Whipple created an accounting of the White House Chiefs of Staff from Nixon through Obama The successful and the not so successful The successful ones were given the authority to actually control the fire hose of information coming into the President And to prevent the people who attempted to go around them to reach the President with what they thought were uniue and special needs Similar to the military a lieutenant does not jump the chain of command and go directly to the general he goes through channels Otherwise the General President would be overwhelmed with opinions and subject to following the most influential talker regardless of facts As I finished reading this book I was left with a feeling of awe in how well some of the Chief of Staffs could herd cats successfully It takes a real talent I read a lot of political history books and this one ranks up there with the best It fills in a lot of holes and explains a lot of actions that I wondered about in my reading of presidential memoirs Highly recommended

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Y decide who is allowed to see the president negotiate Gatekeepers How the PDF #9734 with Congress to push POTUS's agenda and most crucially enjoy unparalleled access to the leader of the free world Each chief can make or break an administration and each president reveals himself by the chief he picksThrough extensive intimate interviews with all seventeen living chiefs and Gatekeepers How the White House MOBI #181 two former presidents award winning journalist and producer Chris Whipple pulls back the curtain on thi. I loved this book because of its inside look into one of the most powerful and most difficult positions in the world the White House Chief of Staff Chris Whipple is an excellent journalist and in his hands this book reads like a fascinating documentary He interviews all 17 living Chiefs of Staff and throughout the book I found myself turning to my husband and saying Did you know and Listen to this This is probably one of the first books that I've ever read aloud parts to him because it was so fascinating and full of newsworthy information and some juicy tidbits that was simply new to me If you enjoy reading about American politics and Presidents or if you just enjoy watching the West Wing you'll definitely want to read this well written book I predict that The Gatekeepers will win some literary honors for non fiction in 2017 and will definitely be included on the best of year end lists Many thanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me to read an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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The Gatekeepers How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every PresidencyThe first in depth How the MOBI #240 behind the scenes look at the White House Chiefs of Staff whose actions and inactions have defined the course of our countryWhat do Dick Cheney and Rahm Emanuel have in common Aside from polarizing personalities both served as chief of staff The Gatekeepers eBook #8608 to the president of the United States as did Donald Rumsfeld Leon Panetta and a relative handful of others The chiefs of staff often referred to as the gatekeepers wield tremendous power in Washington and beyond the. This is a fantastic book on American politics covering nearly 50 years of US presidents and their White House chiefs of staffI was keen to pick up The Gatekeepers after seeing it referenced in a news story when Reince Priebus Donald Trump's chief of staff was fired in July The book explains why the role of White House chief of staff is so important and has fascinating stories from the administrations of Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan George H W Bush Bill Clinton George W Bush and Barack Obama When I started reading this book I didn't expect to get as engrossed in it as I did The stories were so interesting that I raced through it in two days amazed at how our political history continues to repeat itself Some of the players involved were so arrogant and egotistical that it damaged the administration; other times the president himself was so disorganized that even a disciplined chief of staff couldn't keep order After finishing this book I better understand how difficult that staff position really is and why it's considered such a powerful postWhile reading I freuently paused to marvel at how connected everyone is in Washington — it really is its own little world with the same people sticking around for decades So it shouldn't be a surprise that the young up and comers in the Ford administration two fellas by the names of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld later became such huge players in the GW Bush administration One of the biggest shocks I had reading this book was seeing Cheney described as a pleasant humble guy in the '70s Surprising right Cheney was so despised and controlling during the GWB years that several people in the book commented on how much he had changed Sidenote I was also shocked by how presidents and their chiefs kept making the same mistakes often despite warnings from previous administrations and of hearing the same names pop up over and over again that I could have put on a tinfoil hat and run around shrieking WAKE UP PEOPLE EVERYTHING'S CONNECTEDThere are so many great stories from recent history in The Gatekeepers that I highly recommend it to anyone interested in American politics I'd also recommend it as a guide to managers often for examples of what NOT to do Favorite uotesYou have to be the person that says no You've got to be the son of a bitch who basically tells somebody what the president can't tell him — Leon Panetta chief of staff to Bill ClintonSomebody's got to be in charge Somebody's got to be the go to guy who can go into the Oval Office and deliver a very tough message to the president You can't do that if you got eight or nine guys sitting around saying 'Well you go tell him' — Dick Cheney chief of staff to Gerald FordA great president can get away with a mediocre chief of staff; a mediocre president can't possibly — Robert Reich