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Download Ù Fruitful Discipleship 107 ó ➵ [Read] ➱ Fruitful Discipleship By Sherry A. Weddell ➿ – As faith filled Catholics we are called to go out and spreaad the good news of the Gospel build up the Church and fuel its mission We are supernaturally empowered by God to do this through the charism As fN about each charism what they are and how discipleship unleashes these powerful gifts to produce fruit that lasts. This is a surprise So much information linking one's spiritual talents to practical examples in both current day and throughout church history I particularly appreciated the nonjudgmental scholarship afforded to the gifts of the charismata and having these alongside the mainstream spiritual gifts Most highly recommended

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Fuel its mission We are supernaturally empowered by God to do this through the charisms we receive at Baptism Lear. Amazing Beyond intentional discipleship this book really digs into the fruits of the Holy Spirit active in one’s life The main focus is on the charisms and their detailed explanations not to be confused with the gifts fruits of the Holy Spirit If you are baptized you have at least one charism a gift to be “given away” in order to build up the kingdom of God However these can only manifest out of a lived actual relationship with Christ which is rooted in a committed prayer life In addition the author stresses the link between holiness and mission Can’t grow in one without the other

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Fruitful DiscipleshipAs faith filled Catholics we are called to go out and spreaad the good news of the Gospel build up the Church and. For every one of us the fruit we bear has a profound impact on our personal maturation and holiness as disciples in Christ But your fruit also increases the evangelical capacity of the whole Church her love and ability to bear witness to Christ The mission and compassion of the whole Church is fueled by your fruit Today’s “nones” and “former Catholics” are seldom interested in our insider debates but are really intrigued and moved by the fruit that Christians bear The fruit we bear “reveals” the presence and the love of God Our fruit builds powerful bridges of spiritual trust and rouses spiritual curiosityThere is someone out there right now who is waiting for what you have been given to give and their life their spiritual and personal destiny hangs in the balance You may not have met them yet They may not even have been born yet but in God’s providence you are the one It matters that you say 'yes' Sherry Weddell Fruitful Discipleship Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the WorldWhat does FRUITFUL discipleship look like How do we become fruitful disciples What's at stake if we do not bear fruit What are individual charisms and what role do they play in the mission of the Church How do individual charisms work together with hierarchical ecclesialordained and founding religious orders charisms How do we discern charisms How can we move from maintenance oriented busy ness to fruitful disciple and apostle makingSherry Weddell's new book is out and it is a compelling read It is well researched and grounded in Catholic teaching teaching that is known and understood by too few in the Church But the greatest value to evangelisers and would be evangelisers is that this book contains treasure that is borne of solid PRAXIS it contains not only sound Catholic teaching and theology but also the fruit of over two decades of pastoral practice particularly in the area of the formation of lay apostles by Sherry Weddell and her collaborators in the Catherine of Siena Institute wwwsienaorg This is a book that could start amazing discussions between both ordained and lay and a must read for anyone interested in learning about how to discern their charisms and personal vocation or to help others discern theirs There is also a powerful chapter at the end of the book that talks about what parish culture is why it matters and what an outward facing missional parish spiritual culture looks like and what it can do In Weddell's first published book Forming Intentional Disciples The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus there is a chapter titled We Don't Know What Normal Is which described how most Catholics are so used to a sub discipleship spiritual culture that we don't know what normal fruit bearing discipleship actually looks like In Fruitful Discipleship the entire book is filled with awe inspiring stories and examples of the amazing fruits that mature intentional discipleship bears in the Holy Spirit Reading it was a galvanising experience for me as I was personally reminded of the power that Christ has promised to and will realise in the humblest of his disciples to do no less than transform the world together though his goodness beauty and truthSherry Weddell writes from a primarily American context but the truths and principles contained in this relatively pithy and concise volume are universal and will surely speak to every reader who is desirous of becoming and forming other fruitful disciples of Christ in the Church and the world