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New information from We Have Your Daughter has been revealed Here is some of it The Family As a top reporter in Denver Paula Woodward was one of the few who had access to the Ramsey attorneys and We Have Kindle thus the family One of the prevailing uestions in most of the television specials is about the bowl of pineapple on the kitchen table with Burke and Patsy’s fingerprints on the bowl That pineapple has been linked to JonBenét’s death on some television broadcasts because of a reference in the autopsy to JonBenét having “fragments like pineapple” in her stomach For than a year after the murder the pineapple theory behind her death was talked about But when Boulder police finally had the material in her stomach tested at the University of Colorado in Boulder in October of they found out two months later in December that the material was pineapple plus grapes grape skins and cherries That is food similar to that found in a fruit cocktail What does that mean This is the type of exclusive and factual information you will find in We Have Your Daughter that allows you to challenge preconceived theories In Woodward interviewed Burke Ramsey specifically for her book • Burke discussed his family and the chaos s This book is information overload everything you ever wanted to know about the JonBenet Ramsey case We Have Your Daughter is an in dept and unbiased look at the case It doesn't solve the case but you get a better understanding of why it remains unsolved The Police Botched The Case continue to botch it by not investigating any suspects who are not the Ramsey's The cops decided day one the parents did it didn't look for any other suspects I don't know who did it I doubt I ever will A must read for True Crime addicts people who are interested in the Ramsey case

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We Have Your DaughterOrter Paula Woodward reviewed portions of thousands of police reports and documents for her book Here are some highlights of her findings which she includes in the book all of which affected the investigation and the public’s view of the family Exclusive The police report from the Boulder Police Officer who was FIRST to arrive on scene the morning of December– before JonBenét’s body was found and why he didn’t find it Exclusive In the police report from the BPD Detective who stayed on scene until JonBenét’s body was found – Paula lists some discrepancies in that report Exclusive Paula discovered what she calls a “deliberate campaign of disinformation” by law enforcement based on information she received from her sources She also cites issues with the media coverage with outlets reporting information without verifying it Woodward says much of the information and “anonymous leaks” reported were untrue and has all had an effect on the investigation She cites several examples Exclusive Paula found found that Boulder police withheld the results of the DNA tests that excluded the Ramsey family from both the Boulder district attorney and the public The evidence that was submitted as DNA excluded the Ramsey I think Paula Woodward did an excellent job writing this book having given detail into JonBenet and who she was in her short life and John and Patsy's real emotional state and reactions to her kidnappingdeath instead of the edited stuff the media put out over the years making them appear uncaring so to speak Paula allows the reader to gain perspective into the case and into the lives of the Ramsey family with some clear cut information to allow the reader to see the case from a different angle That being said one thing that remains consistent across the board of this investigation is that whomever it is doing their articlebookinvestigation 'picks and chooses' what they will leave out for the readers or maintains focus on only the evidence which follows their theory Although Paula gives much detail in this book with adding in some of the police reports and other details of the time lines and discoveries there are still things that are left out For instance Burke while he remains 'under the umbrella of suspicion' especially in regards to the recent docu series of the re investigation by a team of forensic pathologists investigators and scientists nothing was mentioned of who he really was as a child or some of the things he's done Like the fact that he smeared feces in JonBenets bedroom on a box of chocolates or could possibly have some sort of autismAspergers There was no mention in the autopsy of grapes and cherries in her stomach which Paula added in this book only the remnants of pineapple was mentioned in the autopsy There was no mention of JonBenet's pillow being left in the kitchen which seems like a good indication that she did come downstairs sometime that nightjust a few examples There's sooooo much that doesn't makes sense in this entire case too many missing pieces of the puzzle and way too many theories of what happened If the theory of Burke being involved is correct its not so far fetched to believe this is a possibility as we have seen that children can do heinous acts And if there was an intruder the ransom note just flat out doesn't make sense Regardless of what happened I do believe that Patsy and John were devastated over the loss of their daughter and it's sad that this case still remains unsolved with only uestions left unanswered

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kindle ´ We Have Your Daughter Ý 530 pages Î ➳ [Reading] ➶ We Have Your Daughter By Paula Woodward ➩ – New information from We Have Your Daughter has been revealed Here is some of it The Family As a top reporter in Denver Paula Woodward was one of the few who had access to the Ramsey Urrounding the case Woodward has obtained a Boulder Social Services Evaluation of the Child about Burke Ramsey that states “From the interview it is clear that Burke was not a witness to JonBenét’s death” That raises doubts about those who believe Burke was involved in his sister’s death and again reinforces the information Woodward has researched and uncovered • In an interview with Burke Ramsey from he talks about his mom and how she taught him he could be optimistic or pessimistic about all the tragedies in their family She chose positive for herself and so did he both believing it was important to find joy in each day • After Patsy Ramsey was diagnosed again with cancer in she began sharing private conversations with Paula in and This information was to be used after she died • John Ramsey gave Paula access to his personal journal as well as access to JonBenét’s personal drawings and photos The Handwriting Test Results Handwriting is another key controversial part of this investigation and story Paula has information and findings that show issues with how Boulder Police handled this aspect of the investigation She discusses the results of the handwriting Exclusive Reports Documents Investigative Rep This book is not going to help solve the case of who killed Jon Benet but it lays out all of the evidence and facts for the reader to consider Interestingly enough much of what I thought I knew about the case turns out to be wrong I always thought for sure the Ramseys were in on the killing and now not so much If you are at all interested in the case you'll want to check this out It's not a thrilling page turner but the evidence and backstory presented is pretty interesting and there's no real spin by the author which is nice