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Summary Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost Story 107 ã ➽ [Reading] ➿ Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost Story By Mary Downing Hahn ➲ – A family secret is at the root of Mary Downing Hahn's story of supernatural events in Maine Ali 13 is eager to spend her vacation with Aunt Dulcie helping to Rl who drowned under mysterious circumstances when Claire and Dark and Epub #217 and Dulcie were kids At first Ali thinks Sissy is just trying to scare her with a ghost story but soon she discovers the real reason why Sissy is so angry she is the ghost of Teresa and blames Claire and Dulcie for her death  . Ali is invited to spend the summer at the family’s old cottage up in Maine watching her four year old niece Emma for her aunt Dulcie But Ali’s mom is dead against it saying the lake is too dangerous and that it’s a dark and rainy place to have a miserable summer She refuses to talk about her own childhood there or who the third girl in the old photo Ali finds of her mom and Dulcie as kids at the lake But Dulcie and Ali wear her down and Ali goes off to Maine where she finds her mother was right The weather is rainy cold and depressing But worse than that is Sissy a local girl who influences Emma into bratty and risky behavior Sissy hints that she knows all about the girl in the photo and what happened years ago that no one else will talk about but Ali doesn’t trust her Creepy and very dark the atmosphere of dread in this book seems to poison the behavior of the characters Elements such as an old doll and mossy tombstones heighten the tension along the way to the inevitable conclusion You may not have fun reading this but you will get chills

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A family secret is at the root of Mary Dark and eBook #10003 Downing Hahn's story of supernatural events in Maine Ali is eager to spend her vacation with Aunt Dulcie helping to care for her little niece Emma in the lake house where Dulcie and Claire Ali's mother spent summers Claire who is phobic about wat. “The lake's deepand darkand dangerous” You can find this review and all of my other reviews at Novel Descent Thanks for the supportI originally rated this three stars but after rowing it over in my mind I had to drop this one down to one star There was some very problematic issues with the characters and there was one sentence in the book that made my mouth drop due to racism Deep and Dark and Dangerous is about a young girl who is 13 who goes to stay with her aunt and her little cousin for the summer at a family summer home Her aunt and her siblings haven't been to the house since they were little and they avoid all uestions about why they won't go to the house As soon as they arrive at the summer home another young girl named Sissy starts turning up out of nowhere and wanting to play This puts the girls in numerous awkward or dangerous situations not to mention their moods change when they are around her Ok I might as well address the elephant in the room right away Was this book racist Well I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a racist book but I would say there was a very good example of casual racism within it At one point the girls are playing on the beach and Sissy comes up behind them the girls remark how they did not hear her coming Her response is and I uote I sneaked up on you I'm as uiet as an Indian It was on page 76 in my edition incase you want to look at it for yourselfNow let's get into why this is so problematic Obviously the comment in itself is pretty racist referring to the idea that Indians are sneaky Next there is NO reason for the comment This is probably the biggest issue about this The character is not racist there is no signs other than that one throw a way comment that they are racist There is nothing about race in the book and it had nothing to do with anything that was going on Do I think the author was racist I really can't answer that uestion because I haven't read enough of her work and in the other book I read I didn't particularly notice anything When I first read the sentence that I'm referring to I kind of slowly stopped and thought there is no way I just read that So I read it over a few times looked for some way that I could explain away the racism then I shrugged and figured that this must be a book of its era I guessed this book to be written maybe in the 50s 70s at the latest It read like an older book and the cover suggested it as well so I checked the year Wrong again it was published in 2007 bangs head on desk How it got past the editors I'll never know There is just no excuse in the year 2007 to have such stereotypical racism in a book I personally would have an issue allowing children I know to read this without proper context It is normalizing racism Not a good thing in my book I know some people may roll their eyes at the amount of content I'm writing on this but I think it's important that we talk about these things when we see them Another huge issue with this book is the characters None of them are particularly likeable The protagonist isn't awful but there's nothing special about her the little girl she babysits for is one of the most annoying children I have read about in a long time and Sissy the mysterious girl is just a complete monster of a character not in a good way The adults are harsh and when they have their tender moments it's still hard not to think of them as complete batshit crazy morons I just couldn't get on board with any of them Is there anything really positive about this book I thought I liked it at first but I realized I liked the feeling of it It felt like an older story and it gave me a cozy feeling I was letting a lot of things slide because of that I did read Mary Downing Hahn' known book Wait Till Helen Comes and enjoyed it much I will read of her books and hope that I do not come into these issues again I can't in my right mind recommend a book like this though

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Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost StoryEr is Deep and Kindle dead set against her going but is forced to agree The vacation by the lake turns unpleasant when Ali and Emma meet a mean spiteful kid named Sissy Emma idolizes and imitates Sissy becoming bratty and hostile and accepting Sissy's dangerous dares Sissy keeps talking about Teresa a gi. blechso here is this book in a nutshellclaire no you can't go to the beach house it's bad water is bad everything is bad ouch my head hurtsali mom you're like soooo over protectivepete ali you can godulcie ali you will serve as my 13yr old au pair all summer in return you will have all your emotional needs ignored and i will have all the time in the world to paint creepy pictures of the lake in my studioemma i'm lonelysissy i'm cold and lonely and dead come play with me forever and ever and everali aunt dulcie is there something you want to tell usdulcie no you ingrate how dare youali guess i'll go read To Kill a Mockingbirdsissy bury me or elseali i think we should do what she says but first let me yell at her like i'm 7 and storm off like i'm 17dulcie you rotten brat how dare you emma i'm lonelysissy i just want a friend and a funeral is that too much to ask oh hey a canoeali umi really think we should tell someone about this deep dark secret you've been harboring for decadesdulcie fine i'll call the police and the newspapers and my lawyer and your mothersissy yay i'm finally freedulcie yay i'm finally freeclaire yay i'm finally freeemma i'm still lonelyblechthere's virtually no mystery the adults are all one dimensional the children are barely 2 d and most of the characters are just so whiny or awful to like what's up with parents being completely irrational and horrible people in these books troubled sure that's forgivable but irrevocably broken and cruel is problematic