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Download ´ The Inconvenient Pet Alien Slave Masters #5 109 · ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ The Inconvenient Pet Alien Slave Masters #5 Author Samantha Cayto – When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute conuering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slavesWen a Travian cadet onWen consider what they do in the privacy of Dax’s uarters a form of duty and no But the intensity of the pleasure and the emotions they share is impossible to ignore They each must overcome their pasts and prejudices to form a real bond Within the bucolic settlement however sinister forces are at work and they threaten to destroy Wen and Dax’s Inconvenient Pet Alien Slave Masters ePUB #220 budding relationship Reader Advisory This book contains sex scenes of both non consensual and dubious consent as well as scenes of violence abuse and torture. Book Author The Inconvenient Pet by Samantha CaytoRating 45 starsI’ve read this series right from the start and each time I pick it up wondering how the author will make me fall in love with the characters and the harsh brutal environment they live in once again and each time she does it ten fold The Travians are a species that hold customs the humans find brutal and cruel which they are They take human boys as sex slaves claiming with them through sex and owning them through brute force Sometimes the Travian is cruel and abusive even for Travian standards and sometimes a bond grows so strong the human and alien do not want to part The Travian’s have no need for the planet that the humans are occupying but they are determined to get rid of them all the same Now with a Travian rebellion on the rise they now have their own internal issues to deal with and fast Most of the stories have taken place nearly completely on the Travian ships The last book gave us a look deeper into the rebellion that has taken root and this one brings us even deeper I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to see this one was not The setting on a dust bowl of a planet was completely different from the previous stories as well as the dynamic between the humans and aliens being subverted Because this time it was the Travian cadet who is considered a runt Wen that was the captive of the human Commander Jonathan Dax A man of imposing size and strength nothing compared to one of the aliens but strong enough that Wen feels safer with him once he is caught then someone of his own kindThis one also takes a different route from the others with the dubcon and noncon that were in the previous ones which I loved but I have to say the complete turnaround from those stories to this one gave it a fresh appeal that I completely loved Since Wen is Travian he doesn’t see being taken as Dax’s boy as a bad thing or the sexual bond that needs to happen to cement his loyalty to Dax He understands the custom so he gives himself freely to his new master I thought the mistrust between these two felt realistic and a cause really for a lot of the issue since the mistrust runs not just on an individual level but toward each species as a whole That one is one aspect of this story that I love watching change with each book and each couple slowly changing the minds of those around them I cannot wait to read the next one to see how this rebellion among the Travian’s plays out and how the human may or may not help stop it in it’s tracksI received a copy of this book through

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RestJonathan Dax is a first generation space child from New World Colony One Against his better judgment he has become the liaison for the Inconvenient Pet Alien Slave Masters ePUB #220 settlement He doesn’t trust Travians including the fetching youth who kneels before him begging to become his ‘boy’ The idea of becoming anyone’s master is repugnant He hates the way Travians have claimed human boys as ‘pets’ and is loath to mimic their ways Inconvenient Pet Alien Kindle #210 Yet he cannot deny that Wen appeals to himAt first both Dax and. Best CoupleAwe I didn't want this one to end Dax and Wen are my favorite couple of this series I want to see of their lives together I'm so happy Wen got his HEA after what he went through with his last Master in book 2

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The Inconvenient Pet Alien Slave Masters #5When a Pet Alien ePUB #8608 distant planet’s ownership is in dispute conuering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slavesWen a Travian cadet on his first mission stumbles upon a secret settlement of humans and Travians on New World Colony Seven Affable by nature he’s still recovering emotionally from his traitorous lover’s near fatal beating When faced with the terrible decision to put himself back in the control of a powerful male he chooses the imposing human The Inconvenient MOBI #181 male who raises both his fear and his inte. 375 ⭐This in my opinion was by far the best book of the series so farIt was interesting as the author spun it around so the human was the master and Wen great to see him again became the boyIt was great to see Joel’s Travian friend Wen back again after the abuse he suffered in Joel’s book He still carries the internal scars from that time and doesn’t trust many malesI liked that he chose to become the boy for Dax and that through it all he understood that the Travian’s were stronger and could hurt the humans in the settlementI also like that he brought with him his moral compass He didn’t blame anyone for his predicament other than himself and when needed he wanted to protect the humans and the females of the colonyI thought Dax and his internal struggle with what was happening was good to see especially considering he was so critical of the Travian’s keeping the other boysI’d love to see how Wen goes in the human settlement and I hope that the guys can protect him